Monday, September 23, 2013

L'Oreal NEW Hydrafresh Range

L'oreal NEW Hydra Fresh
Go beyond hydration with French Grape Seed Extract
Get Watery-Bouncy skin that Glows!

Thank you L'oreal for sponsoring me with the NEW Hydrafresh range. It came just at the right time when I need it the most! I've been in and out of the sun over the past few days due to filming. All that harmful UV has done nothing but made my skin look dull and lifeless, not to mention, really dry!

Well, with the NEW Hydrafresh range that is infused with miraculous French Grape Seed extract, I don't have to worry too much about dry, dull and lifeless skin anymore! In fact, after using the Hydrafresh range over the past few days, I've really seen improvements in the condition of my skin. It is better than that has ever been before!
Firstly, I think it is essential for everyone to know the huge benefits of the French Grape Seed extract! 
(FYI, they're extracted from the finest grapes that are cultivated in Languedoc, France)
1) Research has shown that Grape Seed extract is a type of highly effective anti-oxidant that fights against free radicals. Its anti-oxidation abilities is 50X that of Vitamin E and 20X that of Vitamin C. It can prevent damage and skin dullness from harmful radicals occurring as result of oxidation. This protects skin's radiance and glow! Which I am certain is what everyone wants.

2) It also helps to stimulate collagen production which improves skin's elasticity for soft, smooth and supple complexion. 

Apart from the French Grape Seed Extract, the Hydrafresh range also contains Double Hyaluronic Acid and French Vosges Spa Water. These ingredients help to lock moisture from the inside out for intense hydration and the Spa Water enriches your skin with 16 minerals to strengthen skin's moisture barrier, keeping skin supple.

Now, let me show you how I've been getting my
Watery-Bouncy skin that glows!!! hehehe
Here's your sneak preview of L'oreal NEW Hydrafresh range!
The Hydrafresh range is available in the following forms (L to R):
Cleanser, Spa Water, Mask-In Lotion, Supreme Emulsion
Let us begin with the basics :)
Everyone knows that cleansing your skin every night after a hectic day out in the city is essential right?
I can't imagine my life without coming home to a good cleanser and guess what? I've been using L'oreal facial wash/cleansers all my life! In fact, my whole family does. HAHA

So I wasn't surprise with how good the Hydrafresh Hydrating Refreshing Creamy Foam was!
It comes in a 125ml tube (which is relatively bigger then my usual 100ml L'oreal face wash). What I absolutely love about this cleanser is how smooth and creamy it was. It just literally glided onto my skin and washing it off, weirdly, felt very enjoyable. hahaha. It gave my skin a very velvety touch and my skin instantly felt more hydrated and nourished without that "tight" feeling. Smells SUPER GOOD too!

Moving on to the next product in the Hydrafresh range!
Its the Hydrafresh Hydrating Softening Spa Water.
If you're wondering what this is for, its actually the Hydrafresh range's toner!! :)
The amazing thing about the Spa Water is that comes out of the bottle in a gel-like formula and only breaks into water the moment you start spreading it. If you're looking for a product to soften your skin that has been dried up from the UV rays like myself, the Spa Water will give you everything you need!!! It is packed with 16 minerals to strengthen skin's moisture barrier function. This product gave me super soft skin! hehehe. Once again, the smell is amazing. I apply this onto my neck too!

The Hydrafresh Hydration + Antiox Active Mask-In Lotion!
This is the STAR PRODUCT of the Hydrafresh range! And I am gonna tell you why I couldn't agree more. Firstly, I think all of you are aware that I DO NOT do facials, neither do I really apply any masks on my face on a regular basis. But THIS product changed everything. I've been using the Hydrafresh Mask-In Lotion over the past few days and it has become a part of my MUST DO every-night-before-I-sleep routine. 

This 3 In 1 Lotion can be used as a toner, essence or mask. I swear by this lotion, its almost like magic. Get fully hydrated skin simply by cleansing your skin with the Hydrafresh cleanser, followed by Spa Water, this amazing Mask-In Lotion and end it off with the Supreme Emulsion, which I will talk more about later.

Using this product would be like using a mask everyday! THIS IS NOW MY MUST HAVE MASK!! 

Here's how I do it! :)
You can pour the Mask-In Lotion (approximately 20-cent coin size) onto your palms and press the lotion into your skin gently using your fingers.


You can do it the alternate way for intense hydration. (The way I do it)
Simply soak a cotton pad with the lotion, separate cotton pad into 2 and place them onto your face like a mask! (Allow my pictures to do the talking :)
I leave the "mask" on for a few minutes. Any leftover traces of make up get picked up along the way as well! How miraculous!! With whatever's left behind on my skin, I gently use my fingers to dab it further into my skin. This really boosts my skin's hydration in just a few minutes without feeling the slightest bit greasy!
Just look at how glowing, fresh and healthy my skin looks! Without any special facial treatments. Just the miracle Mask-In essence lotion :) SO HAPPY!!!!

Last but least, the final step of the Hydrafresh range!!
The Hydrafresh Hydration +Antiox Active Supreme Emulsion 
First of all, can I just say how much I LOVE THE PACKAGING! hehehehehhe
I love the shiny Lilac metallic container. Really makes me look forward to just touching the bottle every night cause it just feels very exquisite. Anyway, if you're wondering what the Supreme Emulsion is, its actually a moisturizer :)

I have mentioned before that I LOVE water-based moisturizers. It is especially good for people with oily-combination skin like myself. Keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated without making it oily or greasy, also it feels really light. And this Hydrafresh Supreme Emulsion does just that!! It is refreshing as water, light as lotion and rich as moisture! There isn't a better way to end your daily skincare routine then with L'oreal Hydrafresh Supreme Emulsion^^
Ending close-up picture of my skin :p
Now, I have Watery-Bouncy skin that Glows!! What do you guys think? ;)
(No make up here btw, except for my brows^^)
Look out for the Hydrafresh range, which is already in stores! You can find them at leading retailers including Watsons, Guardian, SASA, selected Department store, major supermarkets and hypermarkets :)

Thanks again L'Oreal :)
And thank you all for reading!

P.S. I really mean every single word I said in this post about the Hydrafresh range! They're really good.



  1. great review, i'm sucked into getting the toner and mask-in lotion!

    1. Thank you for reading! That's great :) I LOVE THE MASK-IN LOTION. Hope you will too!

  2. ah... because of your review, im so excited to try the products out!
    btw where did you get that white desk behind you? i like it! :s

  3. Thank you! :) Try the Mask-In lotion, I am in love with it! hehehe its from Ikea! You can find out more from my video :)

    1. Thank you Eunice! Actually, I went to buy all 3 of the products as it was having 20% off for watson's member :X

  4. I am trying to buy this product but I'm from Australia so it doesn't sell the line, on your blog it says I can purchase on SASA but I don't see it on there. Are you certain that SASA has the line?

  5. Hello Eunice , may I know if the products are suitable for combination to oily skin? Really interested! :)

  6. Greeting from Jakarta, Indonesia to beautiful Eunice Annabel :D I'm glad to have found your blog while surfing the net for skin hydration. Your product review and presentation is on point and very clear. It is so enjoyable to read and look at the pictures. WELL DONE!! Thank you so much for this Eunice!

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