Monday, September 30, 2013

#TGIF @ Bar Stories X "Looks Of The Month 2" X Adverts- OOTD

Looks Of The Month 2! 
What up! What up!!! Eunice Annabel is back with her 2nd "Looks of the Month" vlog.
HAHAHA. Sorry, I'm talking like crap now because as I'm typing this, I'm trying to ignore the persistent cramps I've been enduring the whole day. Oh how I hate that time of the month...

Things haven't been going really well for me recently. Nope. Nope, it hasn't at all. I am not permitted to say why here though. Actually, I am not permitted to say it out at all! We shall wait for the time to be right and I'll blurt it all out okay? Be patient :) Good things gotta wait. 

Besides that whole rackiribullshitting, I have been really really reallyyyyyy sick recently. Was down with fever and its complete package, yes we're talking sore throat, flu and cough, last weekend. I nonetheless, being stubborn Eunice Annabel who thinks I am Superwomen, still went out for #TGIF #GirlsNightOut. Come on, how I can stay home and sulk, especially when le boyfriend isn't in town at all! No. No. No. Me had to go out. And so, me did.

Wait a minute! How did I start rumbling about all that? 

Okay, back from the start, we'll start this post proper with my "Looks of the Month" vlog alrighty right right right? :) Yes, I know I don't sound like my usual self today but I cross my heart and hope to die that its really Eunice here, didn't get hacked whatsoever. Its probably just my ripping womb doing most of the talking now.

Now, without further ado (you see, its me), here's the vlog! Enjoy!
I know how shitty some parts are and its due to insufficient lighting WHICH I will do something about some time soon. For now, here's what I got. 

Now that's done. I hope you guys like it, I've included details about the outfits in the description box below the video, which can only be seen on Youtube itself. So go to my channel and watch it yeah? And maybe.... subscribe too? hehehehe

Anyway back to more rambling, as mentioned or perhaps PROCLAIMED earlier, I went out last Friday for #TGIF, for the first time without Fai. whahahahhahahahahhaa! *Evil Laughs*
Nah kidding, I'm a very good girlfriend and didn't do anything I'm not suppose to. hehe. But yeah, Fai was out of town, he was in KL with some of the Gushcloud team, I was suppose to go but couldn't due to.... cut the long story short. I headed out with my lovely dovey Charlie Angels and here's how it went! :)

My very sick sick sick face. Decided to put on some red on le lippies to hide the paleness. 
You all know Laraine and Jas right? :)
Okay. When it comes to SUPER CHILL Friday nights like these, we're always super lost. You see, what The Charlie Angels are going through now is what you call a transition from girls to ladies. Or at least, thats what I wanna think. If you notice, the first ever time I'd mentioned my lovely friends on my blog was wayyyyyy back during the Helipad days. We were "much younger" then, hehehe, and all we did every weekend was PARTY AT CLUBS.

But as you can see, times have definitely changed and #TGIF doesn't mean forcing down pure vodka shots and going crazy and puking in clubs anymore. It means..... being old. HAHA. Kidding, it just means going to chill nice places to hang out and to grab a cocktail. (not that we don't like clubbing anymore, I STILL LOVE PARTYING! Just not as often anymore)

The problem is, WE ARE NEW AT THIS.
So every weekend, it seems like we're constantly asking each other the same thing!
"Where are we going ah?...", "So... meet where ah?..."
Well, in times like these, I find my best-est friend ever, Google. And she let me to discover a place called..... 

Bar Stories.
57A Haji Ln, Singapore 189250
Located in one of the most "fashionable" lane in Singapore, Bar Stories seemed to be the only recommendation from Google that really caught my attention. What really drew me to it was the concept of the bar. Let me explain. 

You know how you're always lost at what to order when you step into a bar? Or maybe its your first time getting yourself a cocktail and you don't know shit about what to order? Or... you feel awkward saying cocktail names like "Sex on the Beach" or "Pink Pussy".. Yeap, that's me.

At Bar Stories however, you can spare the embarrassment and enjoy drinks that are made specially for YOU. Yes, let me repeat that again. SPECIALLY. FOR. YOU. What happens is the waiter or should I say, Mixologist would ask you about your preferred choice of alcohol for the base, the sort of flavor you would like, how sweet, sour or bitter? And they'll come up with a concoction to suit your taste buds. Yeah man. How freaking cool is that. 

Climbing up the stairs to Bar Stories. Love it! Had nostalgia of New York's Spotted Pig
I didn't take pictures of the place but it was FREAKING AWESOME. Okay honestly, I was intimidated by the people there cause everyone was so mature and grown up... And snapping pictures away of the place would just give away that I'm a bar virgin. So no pictures for now, but I will take more the next time I visit. But trust me, it looked and FEEL so good that you wouldn't believe its located in a small shophouse along Haji Lane.

We were led around the bar and ended up sitting downstairs outside again. Learnt our lesson to make reservations next time. It was already full housed by the time we got there which was about 9:45PM.

Our mouth was rather "itchy" so we ordered some snacks while waiting to place orders for our customized cocktails.
Service was pretty good. The mixologists were patient, professional and helpful. Not to mention pretty efficient and alert too. We didn't have to wait long to place our orders. Neither was it difficult to catch their attentions even though we were sited outside. 

Laraine went first and requested for something sweet without the strong alcohol taste. Jas specifically wanted Baileys as the base for her cocktail with strawberries mixed in. I wanted something fresh, fruity, sweet and a little sour. And here's what came in about 15mins later!
What you see on the left is my drink. I had Rum as the base mixed with berries. And it tasted phenomenal. I am not kidding about it. It tasted SO CLOSE to what I was craving for. Except that the alcohol was too strong. Its pretty scary, how close the taste was to how I wanted it to be. 

On the right, is Jas's drink. I have never tasted anything like her drink in my life. It was SO GOOD in a funny way. You see, the drinks are made specially for us individually, so no matter how good Jas's strawberry shortcake inspired cocktail is, I can't appreciate it as much as how I liked mine. 
A while later, Raine's cocktail came. It was Gin based and had grape as the flavoring. It was so hilarious how she took a sip and immediately went "it tastes like perfume!". And it sure did. That's what I found interesting about the drinks, they seem to mimic stuffs in our everyday lives which are now edible. 

Apart from that, I felt that the drinks were some how a reflection of our individual personalities. For example, Jas's Strawberry Shortcake Cocktail, homely, sweet, pleasant but a little weird and unpredictable. Raine's Grape Perfume Cocktail, homely as well, sensual, sexy and deep. And my Shocking Berries-Alcohol-Tasted-Too-Strong Cocktail, cheerful, bold but pleasant, refreshing and sweet. Maybe I'm thinking too much. HAHAHA. But think about it. We love the drinks so much cause we humans, can only love ourselves that much.
Not gonna talk much about the food. It was merely average though the wings were SO FREAKING SPICY. So advice you not to get it unless you're ready to constantly head to the bathroom to pee. Don't ask me about the Salad at all, I don't eat veg remember, that's Raine's! Keep out.

Mandatory group picture^^
I looked so mature, I didn't even realize. Oh wells, I'm loving it though :)
And our night was complete!!!
We headed all the way to Upper Thomson after for some Udders Waffles with Ice Cream. It's pretty near where we all live anyway so it was convenient in the end.
And that's it guys!
I hope you've learnt a thing or two about where to spend your next chill #TGIF. Hopefully it wasn't a mistake for me to blog about this. I just realized that if more people know about Bar Stories, it might get too crowded in future or worst, lose its authenticity. Oh wells, goods things have to be shared :)

Thanks for reading guys :)
*next post will be about my visit to Blogshopping and after that, I promise to blog about "How To Shop At Tao Bao"*


 Obsessions Of The Damsel
"Obsessions Of The Damsel (OOTD) is a Singapore based online store where all modern women can fulfill their obsessions and desires from head to toe, at affordable prices. The apparels offered are brought in mainly from Bangkok, China, and Korean and each and every one of them has undergone quality checks by their team, before they reach to YOU. So you can be certain that quality at OOTD is never compromised."

Yayy!!! It's time for OOTD again! I have always loved working with them for shoots and I am sure I will never get tired of these people, in fact I love them^^ And their clothes! I love their choices of apparels too. It keeps getting better and better and this new collection is one of the BEST I've ever seen from OOTD. You don't wanna miss out on it! Here are my picks :)

Stripped Skater Skirt in Perfect Cut
Both top and bottom sponsored by OOTD but let's focus on the pretty stripped skirt first! Since young, I had ALWAYS wanted a pair of stripped skater skirt and my mom would always try to find one for me. Obviously she didn't manage to find one so I was esthetic to be able to finally own one from OOTD. I love the fitting so much and the zippers add a unique touch to the whole look. You'll be amazed at how many different sorta looks you can create with a stripe skirt. So this is a MUST HAVE for me.

Slit Maxi Dress in Black
Every girl NEEDS to own a basic black maxi dress. So why not own one that's a little more unique with little cut outs in it like this one from OOTD? I love how simple yet elegant this maxi dress is. Looks awesome for both a casual day out in town or a fancy dinner party with your friends!

Marc Crop Top in White
Ta-da!!! This piece easily became one of my current favorite tops. I wore it recently and found myself constantly turning to it every other day. Simply because its super versatile and obviously, looks and feels good with anything! Fits me really well too!

Here's the latest OOTD promo for October!!^^

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