Thursday, October 10, 2013

BlogShopping @Far East Plaza

A Visit to BlogShopping @FEP
I finally found some time to head down to BlogShopping located at Far East Plaza #01-33/34. I am certain that everyone knows what BlogShopping is right? Please don't tell me that you've been living under a rock. If you're a fan of shopping online at famous local blogshops/boutiques, then you're sure to love Blogshopping!!! Two words to describe it? Blogshop Paradise.
Blogshopping has been around for a pretty long time now and guess what?? They've recently expanded their store at FEP to cater to even MORE labels! At the moment, they house a total of 32 blogshops under just 1 roof! Trust me, shopping there is crazy cause there's just too many varieties of apparels and bags to choose from. Most people walk away with a huge bag filled with lots of goodies. hehehe

The awesome thing about BlogShopping is how the items offered in their shop are constantly updated every week! They ensure a rotation of 400 pieces from all of your favorite blogshops as well as pre-launch and exclusive items from their vendors! So rest assured that you’d constantly be purchasing the latest, trendiest items from BlogShopping ;)
The shop was way bigger then I'd expected and the amount of stuffs in there is INSANE. I actually had a tough time picking out items that I want cause I wanted almost everything I touched!! 

So happy to see labels that I've modeled for like Twirling Pastels, Ashincans, SoFrockingGood and PearlMilkTeea. Also, notice the amount of bags on display?! There's just so many of them, you can carry a new one everyday for an entire month or more.
Now join me on my shopping process!
(Wanna thank Fai for taking the pictures for me, couldn't have done this without him!)
I really couldn't decide if I should keep a bag or apparels. I was so close to getting a bag when I realized that I have already gotten a new one recently so I went on to getting more clothes! hehehe. I took about half an hour running through each and every single rack in the store before I finally narrowed down to the pieces that I wanted :)
Checking out the bags again. HAHA. Oh and I found the exact same bag I'm carrying in this post retailing at BlogShopping! So if you're interested in it, do check it out on one of shelves! Comes in other pretty colors too^^
And finally!!! I found stuffs that I really really wanted!! Being a model in the blogshop industry, I know that they're really unique pieces that can't be found easily. hehehe

Here's a peek of me checking one of the item out :p
And here are my picks!

Cut Out Tummy Flare Dress from LazyDaisy
I know this dress totally suits my style. HAHA Fai said that the moment he saw it, he knew I was gonna pick it. Firstly, because its white, I love the halter neck line and I love the cut outs and of course, the low back detail!!! It's almost like the PERFECT dress for me! I'm really looking forward to wearing this out for TGIF soon! hhehehe

Luna Beaded Shorts from PearlMilkTeea :
I LOVE this TopShop inspired studded shorts!!! ARGHH!! Its super duper gorgeous isn't it? I am sure that you're yearning to get this too. hehehe. It's actually a size too big for me but I don't care! I just had to have it cause it looks really good just on its own so pairing it with a simple top would look perfect!

See how you can find really amazing items at BlogShopping at really affordable prices!? Gives you more reasons to head down and shop away! If you're afraid of spending too much money on all those goodies, BlogShopping has come up with a way to solve all your shopaholic problems!

Here's how!
Membership Card Program
Sign up at $10 for 1 year, and get 10% off your 1st purchase, 5% all year round and 10% off your entire birthday month. Do you know how much money you can save with that? And it gives you MORE reasons to go shopping too! hehehehe.
The membership card can be used at both Far East Plaza #01-33/34, Jem #04-07 as well as Bugis Junction #03-12A.
Another awesome thing to look out for when shopping at BlogShopping would be their promotions!! 
For this round, you can enjoy a 5% discount off your total bill when you pay by NETS! It's so simple! Even I'm itching to pay BlogShopping another visit! hehehhehe
For more information check out their website at
You can even shop there too! :)

Also, like them on their Facebook Fan Page to get first hand updates on new arrivals in store and join their giveaway to win sponsored apparels weekly!

Once again, thank you BlogShopping for inviting me down to check out the shop! Really had a good time and I can't wait to rock the awesome apparels that I've picked! <3 <3 <3

Thanks for reading guys!
Will be back again soon with 2 new vlogs over the weekends! Be sure to check this space out again ;)


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