Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Paper New Face Finals X Mummy's Day Out! X Advert- PMT, Asmay

New Paper New Face 2013 Finals!
Hello guys, I am actually trying to rush out this post in just half an hour so I'm not gonna be able to talk much alright? Basically, I had such an eventful weekend. Went for The New Paper New Face 2013 Finals last Thursday and then it was a day out with my Mum and brother on Friday.

I can't believe that it has almost been a year since I last joined the annual New Paper New Face competition. I know how nerve wrecking it is to be walking the runway getting scrutinized by not only the panel of judges, but by everyone present at the show. So kudos to the girls this year for putting up a great show. Everyone looked really awesome! And I actually REALLY love their hair this year.

It feels great having seats reserved for us alumnus, I mean, we got front row and the best view of everything! Meeting up with the girls in my batch felt really good too. It's almost as if we're still in the competition. hehehe. 

With Audrey and Nathasha <3 <3 <3
Sherena, Jayley, Shine, Kylie and Hosin!
Leah and Nadia
Syirin, Chermaine and Wynne.
A pity that some of the girls couldn't make it :(
Anyway, this year, we could get our photos printed out instantly. Came quite as a surprise to most of us cause we didn't have this in our year. In fact, as the years go by, the New Paper New Face competition seems to get better and better. 
After a while of catching up and lots of camwhoring, the show began!
This year's theme is inspired by Circuses. So everything was super bright and bold, colorful and really loud. The entertainment was brilliant! They had the most entertaining crew of dancers and even a mini magic show put up as well.
And finally the girl I came to support strutted her stuffs down the runway! Its Asyiha! <3 <3 <3
Lots of pictures of her in this post. hehehe
Don't they all look so cute?!?!?
And finally, our winner strutted down the runway. Sharin looked so damn good, no surprises on why she walked home with the title last year :)
One of the reasons why the finals was so good this year is all thanks to one of the best emcees ever, Hossan leong! He was really entertaining, kept cracking us up with jokes and he wasn't afraid to look unglam at all. He even performed a few renditions of how Mambo Night is like which really got everyone engaged and excited to sing and dance along.
And it was time for the girls to walk another round! Presenting apparels sponsored by New Look.
Yeap yeap, she's on internship now and one of her assignment required her to style the girls for this year's NPNF! I would LOVE to do it too! I mean isn't it so damn fun?!?! Lucky lucky Jas. She did such an awesome job anyway! The girls in my batch were all like "omg... I love what she's wearing..." etc. Proud of you Jelly Jas! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Asyiha looking super cute here^^
One of our favorite girls from this year's batch. She's only 15. Gosh, I feel so old now.
One of our Lion Men guys modeling for the show as well! Meet Alex, IN HEEL-LESS HEELS.
Next, it was time for the Levi's section!
Once again, styling is done by Jas <3 <3 <3
I HEART THE FUR COATS!!! If only they could be worn in Singapore, I would totally wear them.
Give me your jacket babe!
I am so jealous of the girls this year cause they got to walk with a miniature version of themselves!!! ARGHHH! Child models are always super adorable! I want my future child to be a model too!^^
And finally, after about 2 hours, the winners were announced and the show ended. Another year has past and I can't wait to be back again next year. So proud of Asyiha for doing so well! <3 <3 <3
And I actually miss walking down a runway!! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE DO A SHOW SOON. HAHAHA
Manage to get a picture with Sherena <3 I secretly stalk her on Instagram cause she's super tall, pretty and definitely someone to look up to. PLUS, she's super duper humble and friendly :)
My dress sponsored by
Also, met up with the Jas a.k.a the stylist. hehehehe
Sigh... the picture is blur :( Nevertheless, I am so proud of her and can't wait to go partying with my Charlie Angels soon!!
With one of my favorite girl that I've met through my New Face experience, Audrey! Who is now also my manager at GushCloud! Whehehehehehe! So glad to have her onboard^^
And not forgetting a picture taken with one of the child model. Isn't she super cute?!?!? And really discipline and friendly too! That's what I love about modeling. It makes you really professional :) Even children becomes less annoying. HAHAHA
Ending this segment of the post with a picture of all of us present that day. New Paper New Face 2012 batch. One of the best memories to share with everyone for all my life <3

Mummy's Birthday Outing!!!
The next day, my brother and I brought my mummy out to celebrate her birthday. We figured out that the best way to do it is to bring her to places that she has always been wanting to go. Which is on a Cable Car ride and to the S.E.A Aquarium! Wish my dad could join us but he couldn't take a day off from work :( We'll go again next time as a family^^

It wasn't my mum's first time taking the Cable Car ride but the last time she took it was WAYYY BACK in the 90's. She said that it didn't used to be like how it is now. According to her, it feels way much more safer to ride the Cable Car now compared to the past. Also, its more spacious. As for myself, it's my very first time riding it. But I wasn't afraid at all since I've always love roller coaster rides, so this was nothing to me. 

The view is amazing though! Can't believe my brother gets to ride it any time he wants cause of his staff pass. He's a Beach Patrol Guard in case you're wondering girls, that's why he's so fit and tan ;) I've included a SUPER SHORT vlog on how the view is like from the ride. Check it out! 
Mummy & Kor Kor :)
And Mummy & I <3
Compared to the old Cable Car cabins, the new ones were all black and rather modernized looking. If you can remember, the older ones back in the 90's were super colorful. But it sure does look much safer in these modern Cable Car cabins.
Some ariel shots of the view <3
FYI, notice those little shelters covering the water? That's one of the Dolphins' habitats!
I guess its where you get to meet and come up close to the Dolphins which I am gonna do so as soon as I find the time! hehehehe. I think it costs about SGD$198, plus tickets to enter Adventure Cove, free meal and usage of the lockers! What a deal! Hopefully I'll get to do it soon ;)
Birds eye view of the wave pool at Adventure Cove! Can't believe I haven't been there yet!!
After about 15minutes, we arrived at Sentosa Island. It was a much better way of getting into Sentosa. Away from all the traffic! Though it costs a little more, I think everyone should try it out once a while with their love ones. Perfect way to share an experience together and just spend time together^^

And then I saw one of my most feared childhood memory... The Merlion. I have never liked the Merlion, in fact, I am afraid of it. I don't dare go near it. Not even the one at Fullerton Hotel. Actually, I hate that one even more. I just hate HUGE statues or stone crafting, especially if they have anything to do with water. 

I think I would die if anyone were to make me stand right next to the Merlion in the water. Its like making someone thats afraid of heights, take the roller coaster. Some times when I'm taking a shower, and if I happen to think about the Merlion or the hideous Dragon statue in front of it, I WOULD FREAK OUT. Yes. In my own bathroom. That's how bad it is. 

I probably adopted this fear when I was pushed into the Botanic Gardens pond by my cousin when I was a child. Right after that incident, my family brought me to visit Sentosa to see the Merlion and ever since then, I HATE Dragons and all these stone statues fountain thingy... I hate it so much that I can't even bathe with the shower head stuck to the ceiling or wall. I need to be able to hold it or else I'll start thinking about the Merlion at The Fullerton Hotel. I'll actually think that I'm bathing right under that Merlion's mouth. URGHHHH. I know I have a very weird phobia. Well, at least I enjoy riding roller coasters. HEHE

This evil evil evil lion...
Omg... doesn't it look so scary?? Tourist shot for mum though. hahaha
Picture of the beautiful Candylicious decos while we were on our way to the S.E.A Aquarium!
I have been wanting to bring her for so long but due to my tight schedule, it's always impossible. But finally managed to spend some quality time with her and my brother <3 I won't be blogging about the S.E.A Aquarium since I've always done so before. 
If you wanna read about it, here's the link------>

I found Nemo!
What's different about my visit this round was the Dolphins!!
I LOVE DOLPHINS SO MUCH! Apart from Owls, Sea Lions, Hamsters, Golden Retrievers, Dolphins are one of my favorite animals too!
Dolphin swimming upside down! hehehe. Apparently, they're trying to grab our attention with their skills. Its amazing how they can actually see us and entertain us. Such lovely, friendly creatures. In fact, their eyes aren't like sharks or any other fishes. They actually have Scleras(white part of the eye) as well as pupils! I could see their pupils focusing on us as they swim past. SUPER CUTE!!!
There's a total of 24 Dolphins in Sentosa. But not all of them at in the S.E.A Aquarium enclosure all the time. We were told that there are other habitats around all interlinked to each other. This way, the Dolphins get to swim to other locations as and when they'd like.
Brought mummy to Satay by the Bay for dinner after. Fai joined us and we took a stroll around places Fai and I usually hang out at. Showed her where Gardens by the Bay, MBS, Avalon, Helix Bridge, Art Science Museum, Floating Platform, Makansutra, Sauce is. She said it was an eye opener for her cause she haven't really visited that part of Singapore before. Now my mum knows where I hang out at for TGIF. hahahaha. It was great going out as a family again since I haven't been able to do that for a really long time now. Can't wait for our next outing!!

Bring your parents out whenever you can. At the end of the day, both you and your parents benefit from the outing :) Glad my mum enjoyed her birthday outing and super thankful to my brother for planning it and for Fai who joined in for dinner after.

So that's about it for now guys! <3 <3 <3
Thanks for reading.
(p.s. ZoukOut Tickets are OUT!!!!! I'm definitely going for Day 2! Alesso, Dash Berlin, Martin Solveig and Zedd, here I come!!!)


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Yumi Top
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*PREMIUM* Diaz Skirt In White.
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Tatty Cut Out Dress in Floral Print
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