Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sunsilk Freestyle Challenge: Goodbye Hair Fall, Hello Hair Play!

Sunsilk FreeStyle Challenge
Goodbye Hair Fall, Hello Hair Play!

Finally getting another opportunity to talk about one of my most favorite brands ever, Sunsilk! Not being bias about it or anything at all! I truly believe in Sunsilk and you can take my word for it when I say that their products are excellent! 

After all, I have met the 7 wonderful and amazing co-creators back in New York (you can read more about my experience here ----> It was such an eye opener for me to witness how passionate the Sunsilk team is, not only do they do their job well, they never forget to HAVE FUN while doing it. And that's what I've always loved about Sunsilk. Haven't you noticed their insanely cute and colorful shampoo bottles? It feels more then just shampoo bottles, in fact, I often find myself wanting to buy all the different shampoos just to collect the bottles. HAHAHA. 

Also, I love their innovative and interactive campaigns and ideas! Apart from bringing down bloggers from all over the world to their Sunsilk Style Studio in New York, or setting up a Pop-Up Salon right in the middle of town earlier this year, they have recently come up with an EXCITING challenge for EVERYONE to participate! Allow me to tell you more about it!^^
Remember my recent Instagram post about the HUGE purple Sunsilk Hair Styling Tool Kit? Well, it was sent over to assist me in the NEW Sunsilk Freestyle Challenge!

And.. you must be wondering what the Sunsilk Freestyle Challenge is about right? 

Visit Sunsilk's Facebook page at and click on the "Sunsilk Freestyle Challenge" app (top right hand side of the page)

Once you're there, here's what you need to do! 
(Remember there're attractive prices to be won so do your best!)

1) Watch the Freestyle Challenge videos with four different hairstyles
2) Upload a photo with your own expression of each style
3) Vote and "love" the best photos
4) Learn more about hair strength from Dr. Francesca Fusco (I love her, she is so inspirational and really friendly. Really someone I look up to)

1st Challenge (ends 13 Oct): Sock Bun
2nd Challenge (14 – 20 Oct): Ribbon Side Braid
3rd Challenge (21 – 27 Oct): Bouffant
4th Challenge: (28 Oct – 3 Nov): Chopstick

Each week, 3 winners would be selected to win the Exclusive Sunsilk Hair Styling Tool Kit with the new Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution set + hair styling tools worth SGD$150

And..... How would YOU like to win a "Girls' Night Out" Package worth SGD$1500? Enjoy one night stay at W Hotel Singapore, spa treatment at AWAY Spa and dinner at Skirt!! PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME cause W Hotel is my favorite boutique hotel of all time! That's where I celebrated my birthday this year if you remember. The place is AMAZING and I would really love to go back there again. Best part? You get to enjoy the experience with 2 of your friends! See what I meant by Sunsilk knows best when it comes to having fun? ;)

Give it shot! Who knows you might just walk away with such attractive prizes! :)
Anyway, here's what I did for the Sunsilk Freestyle Challenge! Out of all the challenge hairstyles, which include 'The Sock Bun', 'The Chopstick Up-Do', 'The Bouffant' and 'The Side Braid', I'd decided to try the Bouffant hair style out. Simply because it's the only hairstyle I have yet to wear out :)

Here's how I look with a headband and volumized hair with the help of the Bouffant styling.
Watch my vlog to find out how to get it done :)
Hear my verdict about the Sunsilk Hair Fall Solutions range!
I have had long hair all my life and managing such long tresses can be a lot of hassle some times. I often get really dry ends and at the end of the day, my hair tends to fall really easily! It gets pretty scary and rather upsetting to see such large quantity of hair falling out! :( Because of this, I tend to leave my hair as it is and only style it when I have photo shoots or special events to attend.

I think many of us face this same issue and I am certain that everyone has come across a point in your life where you lose a lot of hair. Some times it can be due to stress or the environment. Never have I thought that the root of the problem lies in the roots, no pun intended! hahahaha. Yes! If you've been living under a rock like myself, be aware that if you do not take care and give proper protection to your roots, it will affect the outcome of your hair! 

With all the trust I have in the Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution range, I gave it a try. I'd swopped my usual shampoo for the Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution shampoo and conditioner for a couple of days. And it worked just like how Sunsilk said it would! It was so amazing and I was really surprised! I kept telling my mum that she should try it out since she's a victim of excessive hair fall too! The amount of hair that fell out decreased by a huge percentage and I definitely feel so much more confident and comfortable now about styling my hair as and when I want to. Also, have I mentioned that the entire range smells REALLY GOOD?!?!?!
I remember Dr. Francesca Fusco mentioning: "I know that a full beautiful head of hair gives confidence to girls.. and sticking to a regime where you're using the right shampoo and the right conditioner, can give you healthy hair very quickly" and I can confidently say that if you're seeking help for any hair problems, Dr. Francesca Fusco is definitely someone to pay close attention to! I mean she's a doctor!!

Now that she have co-created the New Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution range, you can be on your way to saying ‘goodbye’ to hair fall and ‘hello’ to hair play :)
This is my NEW hair care must have product. The Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Tonic:) It is retailing at only $10.90 until end of October (U.P. $12.90)! Apart from that promotion, Sunsilk will also be giving away a free Sunsilk curler for every purchase of the Sunsilk gift pack consisting of Shampoo and Conditioner at $16.90. 5 different colors to collect!

I shall end this post with some of my favorite Sunsilk shots taken in New York. Sighhh really miss everything and everyone there! Thank you Sunsilk once again for all these amazing opportunities :)

Dr. Francesca Fusco teaching me more about hair care and that's how I know how amazing she is.
Thanks for reading guys!
I hope you'll love Sunsilk as much as I love them! Also, don't forget to spread the news about this new awesome Hair Fall Solution Tonic. Everyone deserves a right to strut around in beautiful hair. Good luck for the Freestyle challenge ;)



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