Monday, December 16, 2013

13rushes: Animal-Friendly, Synthetic Cosmetic Brushes

Locally crafted animal-friendly, synthetic brushes

Okay, you guys know me well enough to know that I never ever use make up brushes simply because the sort of cosmetics I buy are usually from drug stores. But as time goes by, I start to really appreciate higher end cosmetic products (not that I don't use drug store make up anymore, I still love them!) and I'd realized that those products don't come with a brush/tool intact like those of drug store's. Hence, the need for me to start getting my very own make up brush set.

Thanks to 13rushes, I now have my very own brush set. I'm gonna be honest, its tough for me to make any comparisons of these brushes to any other brands cause as mentioned earlier, this is my FIRST make up brush set. So I might not be able to give you constructive feedbacks on how 13rushes fair compared to other more commonly used brands in the market. But if you're just like me, new to this whole concept of applying make up using more professional tools, then this review might just be for you! :)
First and foremost, 13rushes is a local online store that specializes in the retail of cosmetic tools. They have launched their second series of makeup brushes just in time for Christmas. And it's perfect for the holiday season as it is a set of specially designed travel brushes! I will talk more about how you can stand a chance to win it in the later part of this post.

"I NEED A VAINCATION" travel brush set
Let's get down to basic informations that I am sure you're dying to know about after seeing their really pretty looking brushes! Its not all just aesthetics! There's so much more reasons to why you should invest in a set of cosmetic brushes from 13rushes! 

Here's a list of reasons taken from their site:

1) All of 13rushes cosmetic brushes are made up from Taklon, a 100% synthetic material friendly to animals that doesn’t compromise durability and washes easily. These HD-quality brushes are individually handcrafted for the ultimate application experience, helping you achieving that pixel-perfect finish. Be amazed by our ultra-plush bristles!

2) We have designed these vegan brushes in-house, entirely based on your preferences. You spoke and we listened, making sure to only bring you brushes you love. You inspired our line of cosmetic brushes! That's what makes them so unique and different.
3) FAVORITE POINT OF ALLL!!! Contrary to popular belief, getting fur off the animals isn't as pain-free as a haircut.  Every year, millions of animals are trapped and strangled in the wild, electrocuted and skinned in fur farms. Beauty should never come at the expense of the animals, as such all our products are 100% free of animal parts, and we promise to NEVER experiment on animals. Fur is really not glamourous.

4) We are currently working on bringing our brand closer to you through product education and tutorials. So pick up your brushes and join us on this journey of self-expression. Getting gorgeous, giving back and going cruelty-free is what we are all about!

If you're an avid reader of my blog, you would know how I stand up against animal cruelty and that I donate a sum of money every month to PETA. Knowing that 13rushes is just as supportive over that same cause makes it all feel very heartwarming. Now you can get beautiful without harming those poor innocent animals!

My First Impression
I had an awesome first impression of these brushes! I was sent the "Adrenaline Rush" make up brush set that is retailing for only SGD$66. Firstly, I fell absolutely in love with the color! They're made up of wood that is painted glossy black and pink coated Aluminium. Thus making them ultra light weight! As for the bristles, they're really soft and fluffy! 

I've already gave them a good wash before trying them out and there was no shedding whatsoever! And being synthetic, they dry really quickly. Perfect for someone like me who is always on the go and in a rush.

"The Adrenaline Rush"
According to their site, this set was created during their focus group for a girl LIKE ME! hehehe. It's basically a set that caters to a bit of everything that I need- balanced mix of base, eyes and finishing brushes.  The "Adrenaline Rush" set contains 5 different brushes.
Information of brushes from left to right:

1. The Round Kabuki
I don't wear liquid foundation on a regular basis except for REALLY REALLY special events. Therefore, it's not necessary for me to own any stippling stippling brush whatsoever. This Round Kabuki brush is good enough for me to brush on a little bit of loose powder or mineral powder foundation if you like. 

2. The Tapered Kabuki
I just love how soft and fluffy this brush feels on my face!! This brush is perfect for all powder-based makeup. Its great for blending, sculpting and works well as a finishing brush! I find myself using this brush pretty often over the last few weeks.

3. Angled Flat Top Mini
I think I am an expert at applying concealer. Often people tell me that I have perfect skin when it's all just the magic of hiding behind my concealer! hahaha. It takes a while to attain that skill and applying liquid concealers can be quite a challenge for newbies! But with this Angled Flat Top Mini that does not tug at your eyes or prevents fine lines from forming at your eyes, you can have good maximum coverage like me too ;)

4 & 5. Fluffy Blender & Angled Mini
Eyeshadow is one of the make up that I cannot live without! Okayokay, I can but I would prefer to always wear it out. They instantly makes your eyes look more appealing and a good blend would definitely make them look sexy. hehehe. That can only be achieved using good brushes like the Fluffy Blender and the Angled Mini. They're the two most basic and versatile must have brushes for any girl!

I love my set of "Adrenaline Rush" make up brushes! Its really the perfect set of brushes for anyone who's new at applying make up, or for someone like me who've just started using brushes! It contains all the basic essential tools and I think that it's a great investment especially at such an awesome price!
Here's another set of brushes that I've received that will be given away!
Presenting to you 13rushes second series of cosmetic brushes- The "I NEED A VAINCATION" travel brush set! 
Thinking going away this holiday season? This travel brush set will be perfect for you! It's multi-functional case houses eight different tools in totable sizes. The extra benefit of these brushes are its anti-microbial synthetic bristles that will ensure your brushes are kept fresh while traveling. They're extremely portable and lightweight in its really pretty White Faux Leather, Tiffany-Mint casing.

It contains the following 8 brushes:
1. Stippling Brush
2. Deluxe Angled Cheek Brush
3. Deluxe Powder Brush
4. All-Over Shader Brush
5. Crease Brush
6. Angled Shader Brush
7. Angled Brows & Liner Brush 
8. Detailer Brush!
Stand a chance to win this set of travel brushes!!! 
All you have to do is:
1) Follow @Gushcloud_SG on Instagram.
2) "LIKE" the contest image

Contest starts tomorrow 17th December but you can get started by following @Gushcloud_SG first! Contest winner will be announced on 29th December 2013!
And there you have it! A new cosmetic tool label in the market! I think they'll do really well thanks to the wide range of brushes available on their site. Not only are they animal friendly, they're really affordable, durable and made to suit us, Singaporean girls! Synthetic, Animal-Cruelty Free Brushes is the way to go! 
Check out 13rushes here for more information

Quote "Eunice" to enjoy 13% off when you checkout, valid till the end of December!
* shipping is free within Singapore*
Thanks for reading guys!


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