Thursday, December 12, 2013

StyleXStyle TV Appearance

styleXstyle TV Appearance
Episode 7: Five Easy Steps To Rock The Christmas Season

Well Well Well.... I am so hardworking tonight. HAHA. It's already 2AM, I have 3 shoots tomorrow starting 10AM but I AM STILL BLOGGING. Well, thats because I know Im not gonna have time or energy or motivation to do so over the next few days. I'm eagerly anticipating something that's making my heart pump REAL fast. Praying to God once again to make my dreams come true. Okay, I shall not talk about that unless it really happens. hehehe

Anyway, yes, yes, Rachel Wong and I are on TV. My mom texted me the other day excitedly telling me that she saw me on TV. So did mothers of some of my friends. I don't watch TV so I wouldn't know. And I was pleasantly surprised! I thought that our episode was just gonna be shown online, didn't know it would be broadcasted nationally on TV too. Thank you Sharon and the entire styleXstyle team for choosing Rachel and I to be featured in this special Christmas episode! :)
Haven't watch it yet? Here's the shorter promo version shown on TV ;)
Wanna watch the FULL version? It's on styleXstyle's page!!! CLICK ON LINK TO WATCH
Yes, shooting my bad right side. Don't you think my forehead looks bigger on this side?? My eye look smaller too :( Tried to stand on Rachel's left the entire time so that my better left profile could be shot more. HAHA. Really hate my dimples for making my face look fat.
But it was a great experience and everything went so smoothly that day! Remembering huge chunk of lines really ain't easy. But it got better as time went by and I actually felt like an expert at the end of it. 
#self-praise HAHAHA

Some outtakes shots! 
My outfit sponsored by
With Beno our make up artist from M.A.C! He's so nice!! Followed us on instagram and twitter before the shoot so that he could get to know us more. Really nice meeting him and working with him. Thank you for letting us keep our M.A.C lashes. hehehe. 
Always a breeze when we have our very own GC manager, Sheena with us! 
Rachel and I posing cheekily for the camera. hehehehe
Memorizing my line in FRENCH wasn't easy at all!! But all you need is confidence to get it over and done with fast! Chop Chop Chop!
What I've learnt from this experience? You have to clear your mind and be daring and confident. Lots of people are constantly watching you while you deliver your lines. Not just the crew themselves, but clients from the various brands that were featured in the video. We're talking big brands like M.A.C, Estee Lauder, La Mer and MANY MORE! It can get pretty intimidating but as long as you're focus and confident enough, things will go just fine :)

OH AND I HAVE I MENTIONED THAT ROBINSONS ORCHARD LOOKS FREAKING AMAZING?!?!?! It's really not like the sort that I used to go to when I was younger with my mom. The interior and visual merchandising is done up so beautifully, it makes me wanna shop there real bad!! I brought Fai there a few weeks back and he totally agreed with me. Also, the staffs are super nice! You don't feel intimidated to try on a $500 pair of designer shades. 

And here's our reward for helping out in this episode! hehehehehe
My favorite would definitely have to be the cosmetics of course! Who doesn't love make up? Getting a nice eyeshadow palette for a girl as a gift is such a perfect idea! My first ever proper palette is Urban Decay Naked 2 and it was given to me by Fai and I've never stop using it since then. Heard that Naked 3 is out?!?!? But for now, I'm gonna use my new Bobby Brown palette. I've always wanted to try them out and now I have one for myself! hehehehe
All the perfect natural shades every girl needs :)
Another thing I was so excited about?? The Rihanna for M.A.C collection! The RiRi Hearts! IT LOOKS SO FREAKING PRETTY. I don't even wanna touch it.
I'm saving the make up for myself. hehehe. But I would definitely share the rest of the items with my family of course! 
My new favorite serum to apply before I head to bed every night and when I wake up every morning! The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum! Gives off this tingling cool sensation that keeps my eyes fresh and awake. My dark eye circles become less visible the next morning. Of course, it might be costly but if it works, why not right? hehehe. Oh boy, signs of me growing up huh?
I have yet to try the other products! But thank you Robinsons and styleXstyle for them! <3 <3 <3
Okay, its 3.06AM. And my lids are getting heavier already. Time for me to go now! I have only like 5 hours to sleep! Oh mann...

Goodnight everyone! Or good morning since you're gonna be reading this later anyway. Thanks for reading! Will update you guys again soon! :)



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