Thursday, December 12, 2013

Swap&Shop 2013 X Adverts- Twirling Pastels, Earth Doll

Swap & Shop 2013
Tiring, But Fruitful & Heart Warming

Hello everyone! I know I haven't been updating this space on time recently. But I'm back to how I've always been and things are going pretty fine now. Well, not everything is right but it's getting better :) 

Thank you to everyone who asked if I'm okay. Thank you for all those lovely heart warming emails, I will take some time to reply each and every one of it but I promise that I've read them all and they all did make me feel better. So thank you :) And to my friends and blogshop owners who made sure that I feel better, thank you all so much! 

Fai and I are great now. Have never been better and I guess every little down fall always makes us much much stronger. I can't wait for more adventures with him during the holidays! Thank God I have a short school break from 13th to 31st December. I'm gonna maximize the time I have then to rejuvenate, recharge, spend extra quality time with my friends, family and Fai of course! It's the FFF Project yo! hahaha

Anyway, here's an overdue post! Its basically about the Swap & Shop flea organized by Gushcloud themselves. Also, a short highlight about my recent appearance on TV along side Rachel Wong ^^
Flea is one of most amazing places to be. 

Firstly, I got to FINALLY get rid of almost all the stuffs that I've been wanting to get rid off for so long! I have so much more room in my cupboard now. But no, that doesn't mean I'm gonna go shopping. I actually like having lesser clothes, it makes decision time much much shorter cause you only have that few classic options. Therefore, my theory is right, Classic&Timeless > Trendy.

Secondly, its the place you get to coincidentally bump into people that you haven't seen for really long! This is Dewi! <3 <3 <3 She was the senior that got me hooked onto cheerleading back in secondary school. She inspired me to be as discipline, motivated and fit as her. You know, up to till, she's still so freaking tone?!?!? I feel so old and saggy next to her :(

Anyway, she was such an awesome senior, friend and teammate, and it was great seeing her. Really felt that IJ Spirit once again. Some thing I haven't felt for a long long long time. #GoTwisters!

I also got to bump into one of the most gorgeous girl on earth- Gek Lyn. I am sure some of you remember her? She was very talked about on my Formspring about 2 years back when I was still working at A&F. 
The first time I saw her was during a morning shift or some cast off photo shoot. I was really tired but my mood totally changed the moment I saw her. She was all smiles and SUPER TALL & PRETTY!!! She's not even wearing much or any make up at all in this picture. True blue A&F model lorh. Kill me please. She's not all just looks, what makes her really likable is her warm, humble and bubbly personality. One of those models that was true and nice throughout <3

Okay lah, I don't regard as just an auntie auntie. She's my mom's half sister but we kinda grew up together. I remember going to Fantasy Island with her when we were younger. HAHA. All you 90's kids should know where that used to be. She's my brother's age, really young, so she's more like a cousin/sister to me :) I haven't seen her for so long and of all places, we met at the flea! hahaha. 
Thirdly, what's awesome about a flea? Especially the Swap & Shop flea? EARNING MONEY WITH OTHER FELLOW BLOGGERS AND BLOGSHOPS. hehehehe. 

I hate having a flea booth to be honest. Sitting in the heat for hours, waiting for costumers, and if you don't sell much, you have to carry everything home again -.- BUT! Having a flea booth knowing almost everyone around you was such a great experience. It was a lot more livelier and hilarious at some point of time too. Without further ado, here are the bloggers present that day! :)

Rachel Wong :)
Tyler Hikaru :)
Thank you for always giving me facial products to try out! hehehe
I hope Sushi is okay :(
Okay no guys. This is Cleo from She never fail to take really good care of me. Whenever I'm upset, I can be sure to expect a lovely text from her telling me to press on and stay optimistic. We've become more then just business partners, she's such a great friend and I can't wait to see her tmr! hehehehe. 
Cleo and MQ!! The owners of OOTD! Some of very few people who've made a huge mark in my life. They can be my mother and father really. I always feel so loved and cared for by them. Thank you for all the surprises, gifts and endless FRIED CHICKEN WINGS. HAHA. Fai loves you guys for it too.
Shauna Lim :)
THE ONE AND ONLY JEREMY HELLVEN. I know a secret about you already. MUAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAH! Don't give me a reason to say it out! 

I am so so so so glad that Fai got him as a room mate in Boracay. He was one of the people that I got close to during filming and whenever he isn't around, its just not the same. He's SUPER hilarious. Really a joker. HAHA. Such a great friend too. Really humble, selfless and ultra FUNNY. So I'm glad that Fai and him are friends now too! heheheh. #SlackerHell #SlackerBel
Another joker, Kife. HAHA. I never really got to talk to Kife but from what Fai have told me about his experience with Kife during Boracay, I really wanna know this guy more too. hahaha
Mae who was late for the flea!!!! But still ended up with lots of costumers. hahaha
Eric Lim :)
And Shanice :)
And finally. A picture of my snuggle puggle soupy snuffles munchkin panda pie! HAHA. Oh come on, everyone calls their boyfriend/girlfriend weird names. So there's mine for Fai. And he calls me pink unicorn marshmallow cupcake. HAHAHAHA. Okay enough Eunice.
I AM SO SO SO GLAD HE'S BACK IN MY ARMS. Being away from him for 3 days killed me okay. Everything went wrong and the trip made it seem like a temporary break up for us. I COULDN'T TAKE IT. I am TOO dependent on Fai already and I feel so lost without him. I wouldn't even survive the flea without him. 
I know I look really tired here..
AND THAT'S IT!!! If you're wondering, I don't know how many stuffs I brought to the flea, I don't know how much I managed to sell off. But I sold my stuffs for 5 bucks only, I always sell them for cheap cause it is after all A FLEA MARKET right?? So you should keep a look out on any fleas I'll be taking part in in the future okay? ;)

Before I go, I WANNA THANK ALL OF MY READERS, SUPPORTERS AND FANS! Thank you to those who came to take a picture and special thanks to those who gave me these lovely cards and notes. I was really in a state of shock and I'd never expected any of these. It really touched my heart so thank you for these thoughtful gifts :)
Special special thanks to Fionnie for the 100plus and the banana. Knowing that I was suffering from diarrhea and dehydration, she bought me these. And I know she've been a loyal reader for quite some time now cause she's always tweeting to me. It's so nice to know that I have so much support from you
 <3 <3 <3
And that's it everyone! I wish you guys a great weekend! I AM GOING TO ZOUKOUT 2013 DAY 2!!! It's gonna be my first time but I'm already having mix feelings all thanks to hearing stories of people who've gone before. Hopefully it'll turn out better then I expect it to. 

I'll blog about it when I'm back ;)
WISH ME LUCK! #DashBerlin #Alesso #Zedd

To read about StyleXStyle, check out my next post ;)

1) Twirling Pastels

Twirling Pastels - Where We Live, Love and Shop 

"Established in 2012, we absolutely have the hots and passion for fashion. We try our best to bring in fashionable clothes at absolutely affordable prices for all. We aim to share our love for fashion to all fashion lovers.  :)"
I haven't been able to model for Twirling Pastels for soooo long!!! I'm glad to be back again cause their apparels are always to die for! They're such a great people to work with as well which makes the entire experience extra nice :) Without further ado, here are my picks!

I absolutely LOVE this romper! The colour is so pretty isn't it? Such a sweet powder blue hue that looks awesome for a casual date with that special someone! It's so picnic/beach worthy! I can't wait to wear it out on one of Fai's and mine special date soon! It's not out yet but definitely something to look forward to.
Black Keyhole Bodycon
What's there not to love about this dress?? Its so stunning isn't it? The fit is perfect and I love how it isn't too short as well! Its ultra stretchy and really comfy. I love the cut-in halter neckline, shows off my skin in just the right places! Great for a night out partying!

Be sure to get your hands on these awesome apparels before they get sold out. 
Check out their FB page at and 
twitter at and Instagram @twirlingpastels for more updates!

So what are you waiting for??
2) Earthdoll (missQueenie)
Earthdoll is an online boutique established since 2007 with a flagship store situated at Bukit Panjang Plaza. They were formally known as missQueenie and have been offering a wide variety of apparels till date. It was a pleasure working with them recently for a shoot, I got to keep some stuffs. 
So here are my picks!^^

Ophellia Kaftan Top (nude)
One of my favorite looks to go for is BOHO! I just adore how this top looks super bohemian. It would look really good with a pair of brown boots don't you think? Offered in 4 different colours, I had a tough time picking which one I wanted! Really liked the Navy one too!

Tilda Sleeveless Plaid Popover Shirt
Plaids are IN!!!! I love the color of this plaid shirt and how comfy is. Once again, another item that would look super good with a pair of boots, fringe boots would be even better for that sexy raw country girl look!

Like EarthDoll on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for more details! ^^
Instagram: @earthdoll
They'll be launching a new collection soon! So make sure to check them out regularly :)
Quote "10doll" to enjoy 10% off any purchase! 


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