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F L A S H B A C K 2013 {PART 1} X Adverts- Vogue Avenue, Carrislabelle, Mint Marshmallow

F L A S H B A C K 2013
PART 1: Top 3 Things I've Accomplished & Learnt From 

Alright guys. 2013 is gonna end in just a few days time and I feel that it is important for us to sit down and reflect on what has happened so far. It will definitely help you stay optimistic and motivated to work harder the following year. You see, if you think you did great, then try and do better. If you hadn't done much, then aim to do something significant next year!

This post is gonna be a compilation of all the things that has happened to me in 2013. I had an awesome year with so many opportunities, it was unimaginable and some of it still hasn't sunk in to my head yet. 2013 is by far the best year I've ever had over the past 19 years of my life and I honestly don't wanna move out of it yet. I don't know what the future might bring but I hope that through writing this post, I will be reminded of why I should continue to strive on and be the best I can for the new year.

Apart from all the good stuffs, there were not so good moments too. Like falling sick tons of times, I can't even count, and simply just not enjoying my life as much as I'm suppose to.

But let's get started on the good things first shall we? Here's a list of the top 3 things that I'd went through and accomplished in 2013. They were amazing and I cannot be more thankful for them!

1) Becoming A Maybelline Ambassador 
About 3 months after deciding to become a blogger, I was signed to Gushcloud. And one of the very first assignments I'd received was from Maybelline.
It was all pretty scary to me in the beginning. I didn't know what to expect and it was my very first time working with a real corporate cosmetic company. To make it even more nerve wrecking, it was one of the cosmetic brands that I truly adore and have been using ever since I discovered make up. So you can imagine the amount of pressure I'd set for myself. I didn't want to ruin any relationship with Maybelline, I was afraid that they would think I didn't suit their brand image at all, basically I was very self conscious.

And when I found out that they were looking at making Tammy, Linda and I their ambassadors, I was both super excited yet even more nervous. I mean, I barely even blog for half a year yet and I'm gonna be working along side two of the most professional and experienced bloggers ever!! Whenever we were given new assignments, I suppose my drafts were always the lousiest. HAHA. But I guess this was one of the reasons why I've become pretty much an over achiever when it comes to blogging, be it in content or deadlines. (To see our works with Maybelline, head to my "Portfolio" tab above!)

Ever since I've worked with Maybelline, I've seen what clients really want and some how, that's the standards I've set for myself which work well for the entire 2013. It was a blessing in disguise and I cannot be more thankful for being given this opportunity to work with Maybelline as the experience has shaped me to become more responsible and it definitely woke me up into being a hardworking and professional blogger. So thank you Maybelline and Gushcloud!

And I got to keep copies of these booklets that were distributed out at Watsons & Guardian! My family, especially my mother was super excited and she took multiple copies so I have tons at home now. haha

2) A Trip to NYC for Sunsilk
On April 26th 2013, I'd received one of the most unbelievable emails in my entire life. It definitely is my favorite mail forever! hahaha. Here's how it all went. I was sitting in my living room next to Fai, watching TV while checking my mails and one of it came from Golin Harris, a PR agency. It was written to inform me that out of all the bloggers in Singapore, I was noticed and picked to represent our nation in NYC for the Sunsilk Style Studio campaign.

Yeah, sounds crazy doesn't it? I kept re-reading that email to make sure that I didn't misinterpret it and 50% of my thoughts was "Omg, is this for real? Is it a scam? Am I going to go to NYC and get kidnapped there or something?" After much clarification, and a very nervous but relieved phone call with the associate in charge of the arrangement, it was all good. And it was true. I was to be flown to New York in a few days time.

International bloggers from India, Peru, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Argentina and I outside Barney's on 660 Madison Ave. We've all become good acquaintances and are still in contact ever since.
It was a pretty difficult situation no matter how excited and blessed I felt. Firstly, I wasn't on a holiday, I had school over the next few days. Secondly, this came as a surprise so I didn't know what to wear, what to expect, or how America was like. And thirdly, I made a mistake by not telling my management, Gushcloud about this. Which made me even more unprepared for the trip. I didn't bring any name cards along, I didn't have my manager to prep me for any interviews and such. I was basically on my own with only my family and Fai to help. 

Above all, I was told to bring clothes that were not too heavy but good enough for warmth but when I got there, it was freezing!! And all of the clothes I'd brought were kinda like spring/summer-ish. Which meant I kept re-wearing the same clothes that could keep me warm. It's not THAT disgusting as you think since I was never given an opportunity to sweat at all in their chilly environment. But it was upsetting to be looking so "unfabulous" in such a fashionable city!! So the next time I go there, I'll make sure that I'm fashionably ready. hehehehe

Moral of the story? To always tell Gushcloud of external deals. If I had gone to them for help, I would probably be able to bring someone up with me. I would be way much more prepared in terms of building bridges with potential clients and, definitely feel and look much better in terms of attire. It was a learning point for me of course but then again, traveling all the way to NYC on my own, trusting my own instincts was definitely a growing up stage as well. 

Up till today, I can't believe that I took a 24 hours Korean flight all the way up by myself. Not speaking a single word of English for an entire day. I'd figured out how to move around on my own in a completely different country with different sort of people. I was kinda like forced to take care of myself cause no one was around to help me. I was alone, walking all the way from my hotel on 8th Ave to taking their really complicated subway all the way to Madison Ave just to change money, then taking strolls on 5th Ave to visit the Abercrombie and Hollister stores that everyone's raving about in Singapore then. I got to see so many places that I'd only seen in movies before like the Grand Central Library, Grand Central Station, Grand Central Park etc. I was happy but kinda sad that I didn't have someone to share that moment with. And I'd never wished so hard before for Fai to be with me.

Working in NYC felt like the real deal. The people know how important it is to keep their jobs there so they work hard. Crazily hard. But with so much passion, it's so nice to just watch. They don't get stressed out and start sulking, they never fail to incorporate humor into their daily lives and that made me realized how important it is to love what you do. Coming back from that trip, I've become so much more motivated to work hard so that one day, I'd get to visit good old New York again, but this time with my love ones.

And we all know Yuko don't we? The next time you see a Sunsilk advertisement on one of our buses, you'll see her name printed on it. It was such a honor to be able to meet her and get my hair styled by her. She was such a fun-loving and adorable woman.
To read about my NYC trip, here are the following links! Enjoy :)
I'd like to conclude that this trip was one of the best moments I've ever experienced in my life. Being a normal girl that comes from a family with an average monthly income, this sort of things don't happen much. I've ever thought of ever going to America before simply because I just can't afford it. So thank you Sunsilk, Unilever, Salt London and Golin Harris for this amazing and memorable opportunity. I won't forget anyone! :)

3) The Lion Men
Some time back, I was invited by one of my managers from Gushcloud to audition for a role in Jack Neo's new movie titled, The Lion Men. All of us gushers had a shot at it and I still remember how everyone was nervously sitting outside the audition room waiting for our turn. I got extremely nervous when I saw that script in Mandarin cause as you all know, I'm not every fluent in it. So immediately, without a second thought, I went for the English script which definitely puts me at a disadvantage to everyone else who could speak Mandarin. 

The audition required us to not only act but sing and dance as well. Don't ask me what I did, I am pretty embarrassed of what I sang and how I danced cause I came totally unprepared thinking that I will never get a role. At some point in the middle of the audition, the casting director, Rena gave me a sort of look as though she saw potential in me. Which then prompted her to ask me about my availability and stuffs, at that moment, I felt that maybe I had a shot and that was when I secretly really wanted a role. hahaha.

A few days or weeks later, a call came from Rena telling me that I was through to the second round of auditions and that this time, it was all gonna be about dancing. Thank God I had some dance background knowledge from CCA back in secondary school. I admit I'm not a good dancer at all and I've never thought that I was good enough. And during the audition practice, I was struggling to keep up with the choreographers and eventually forgot most of the steps during the audition. However, I guess due to my fighting spirt and silly improvises, I'd made it through.

One of the moment my mom got super excited again! hahaha. I'm 19 by the way, there was an error in my age on this article which made everyone on set think that I'm 23 instead.
Like every other memorable highlights in my life, I've also learnt a great deal about things from the entire filming process. For those out there who are dreaming to act in the near future, always keep in mind that this is still a job. And like every job, there will be up and downs too. You can't keep thinking that acting is glamourous cause I think that it only is when you're walking down that red carpet. Every other day, it's tough work. And because this particular job revolves around your emotions, it's challenging to stay well mentally and emotionally when things don't go the way you want it to.

I've learnt that I am not an actress. I am not saying that I am not cut out for it but I'm just too pampered as a blogger to be one. And only when I'm totally cut out from this bloggosphere, will I be ready for the tough acting world that requires so much discipline and commitment. 

I had a problem of commitment during The Lion Men filming process because I was juggling between school, shoots, events and filming. I was running from one place to another all the time and eventually my health dwindled. I was so sick and tired of everything, it was my breaking point. I'd become such a nasty person to Fai, taking out on him all the time and we couldn't spend much time with each other cause filming was my priority then. I'd also missed out on several blogging deals and events, and lost out on a hell lot of shoots as well. Which means low income at that time.

It was very upsetting for me and I guess I was at my lowest and wanted out from filming at one point of time. Everything just wasn't going that way I planned it to. I'd realized then that I'm not the superwoman I thought I could be and was utterly disappointed in myself. Had it not been for my fellow cast-mates, I would have quit halfway cause I just wasn't strong enough and I was too exhausted that my heart wasn't there anymore. Thankfully, everyone got along really well, we'd made it through together counting on each other's moral support and words of encouragement. I could not have asked for a better group of people to be around with for that entire three months. Seeing them so passionately working hard inspired me to work just as hard to make it all worth while.

One of the first photos we took together. SUPPORT #TEAMYX
And one of the last.
Though there were many disappointing, exhausting and upsetting moments during the filming period, it was also very nourishing for me as an individual. I feel that I've grown to be a more patient and discipline person. Also, I've learnt to appreciate what I have around me and do the things I love to the best of my abilities for I will never allow anything or anyone to take it away from me ever again. Acting was a great experience, meeting new people was even better and having a taste of how things were done behind the scenes will always be remembered.

Being a part of The Lion Men film was amazing no matter how small my role was and I will never forget it. Thank you Gushcloud for hooking me up with Jteam, thank you directer Jack for this opportunity no matter how terrible my Mandarin was and also, I wanna thank all the cast and crew for being such inspiring and nice people.

OH AND ONE LAST THING. I've also learnt to that I CAN SPEAK MANDARIN IF I WANT TO. All these years, I've always been telling myself that I can't speak Mandarin, well to some extend its true because I keep telling myself that. But when I'd decided to just put down that facade and try it, I miraculously could. In fact, I'd managed to memorize my lines in Mandarin for the second audition which secured my spot in the movie. I've always been too afraid of people laughing at my accent when I speak Mandarin that I just pretend I can't speak it. But ever since this experience, I don't care anymore and I will converse in Mandarin if I have to and I won't be shy about it no more :)

The Lion Men opens in cinema during Chinese New Year 2014. 
Watch the official movie trailer here if you haven't!
And that's it for now guys! I was hoping to type everything out into this post but I didn't expect myself to write so much. So we'll have to continue this post some other time where I'll be touching on other things I've learnt, my plans for the near future and I'll end it with the important people in my life whom I need to thank. 

Once again, I am super thankful for everyone who has played a part in making these 3 highlights happen for me. They have, without a doubt, shaped me into being the person I am today. They've trained me to be a responsible blogger, they've opened my eyes to the real world and they've reminded me to appreciate what I have. All while having lots of fun at the same time. I hope that there'll be more of such stuffs to experience again next year and the year after and after and after!

Thank you all for reading and I'll see ya again next time! Have a great weekend :)


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