Wednesday, January 1, 2014

F L A S H B A C K 2013 {PART 2}

F L A S H B A C K 2013
Part 2: Taking A Step Back, Things I've Realized & My Plans 

Oh my! It's already 1st January 2014. I'd initially wanted to update my blog with the second part of this post before 2013 ended but I was occupied with other things to do so that wasn't possible. Therefore, this would mean that this post is my very first post for 2014!! If you wanna read the first part, here's the link -------> F L A S H B A C K 2013 (Part 1) 

Moving forward, as mentioned earlier in that first part, this post is a compilation of all things memorable that happened to me in 2013. It is also a post to remind myself of what I've learnt and how I've grown throughout the year as 2013 was a very significant one for me. There were many enjoyable and unforgettable moments, and there were also times I'd broken down due to too much stress and worries. I hope that by writing this post, my path for 2014 would be much more aligned and whenever I happen to feel down and unmotivated, I hope that by reading this post, it would help me get back on my feet again.

1) Taking A Step Back, Things That I've Realized

One of the reasons why I work so hard is honestly because I love to see the digits in my bank account grow. I enjoy the pleasure of having spare cash so that I can use it for rainy days or I can spend it for special occasions like Christmas, or my friends' and family's birthdays. 

I get my income mainly through blogging and modeling for blogshops and though many people think that it is easy money, I'm telling you, it really isn't really that easy. It takes a lot of self-discipline, self-motivation and commitment. And with the rising number of upcoming bloggers, it is important to stay consistent and relevant. If you don't work hard then the jobs gonna be given to someone else and that is equivalent to lesser income.

It's human nature to feel that whatever you possess at the moment isn't enough, you may have 100 bucks in your bank but if you get 200 bucks the next day, you're gonna want more and more, and even when it reaches 1000 bucks, it's also not enough. It's never enough. At one point of time in life in 2013, I'd felt that money was everything. I felt that it makes the world go round and you can do anything and everything with it. But, taking a step back and realizing the dangers that I was putting my mind into, I'd realized that I was wrong. 

I was shown a video by one of my fellow blogger friend and my whole perception of money had changed. I don't think that it would right for me to put the link up to this particular video as it kinda is against the government and I don't want to be the cause of starting any sort of riots and stuff. hahaha.
Anyway, in that video, I was convinced that there is no value behind money. Money, that we all work so hard for, taking our time off from our love ones, falling sick for, and getting stressed up for, is nothing. It is nothing but a piece of paper that we use for trade. 

Here's what I'd picked out from the video: You see in the past, people used gold for trade but because carrying around gold or gold coins isn't a very good idea (since it's pretty heavy in large accumulated amounts), our paper bill came into the picture. Every single gold coin was taken in by the bank in trade for a paper note. BUT, over time, mass production of these paper notes were made and do you really think that every single paper note printed is still equivalent to a gold coin? Or it is merely just a piece of paper? Paper vs. Gold. That's something to think about. And think about it fast because if an economy crisis would to rise, you'll be in a better position.

Therefore, I conclude that I'd realized that money isn't everything. Quote from the video: "Your true assets are time and freedom." I'm still young and though it is good to save for my future, I shouldn't worry so much and I should just enjoy my time and freedom with my love ones when I still can. What's the point of constantly working all the time, running from studio to studio for photo shoots and getting tired and falling sick? I think in 2013, about 30% of whatever I'd earn went to visiting the doctor. It's stupid. 

A House
I may be 19 but many of my peers think that I worry too much like a 30 year old. And I couldn't agree more. I may get wrinkles by the time I'm 35 by the look of how much I think and work and worry all the time. Apart from worrying about having enough savings in my bank, I'd also started worrying about buying a house. Yeah, I know its cray cray.

I think that it is important for us to start planning things like this asap so that when the time comes to really settling down, things would be much easier. Fai is 25 this year, he is at the age where it is inevitable to not think about things like that. I must admit that ever since I've been together with him, I've grown so much more mature and its not an option for me to stay childish and naive. One of the things that we've talked about is getting a house. In fact, a few days ago when I'd asked him what he really wants at the moment, he replied "A house". 

Getting a roof over your head nowadays is costly and it takes a while to get one. And I don't want to be one of those that face these problems in future.

Paying Bills 
Ever since 2012, I'd gotten myself my own Iphone and have been paying for my own bills ever since. Along the way in 2013, I'd also started given back some of my monthly income to my dad to help out with the household bills. Paying bills definitely contributed to my "mature" growing up mind. I'd realized and tasted a bit of the reality that we all would have to face in future as adults. Its not nice at all giving away a sum of your money to the government every month. Though it is used for our own benefit, it's just sad. When I was young, I never knew why those bills were horror letters to adults, and now I know why. And that's a scary way to tell me that I'm growing up.

All of the above factors are definitely things that we all have to keep in mind. We can't run away from reality and one day we would have to face the difficulties and problems our parents have faced. How we deal with it can be changed if we start planning early. I know that it's not easy to think about these sort of things when we're still teenagers/young adults. I know we still have school, we still want to play, we still want to travel and live our dreams, but it doesn't hurt to have these thoughts at the back of our heads right? 

2) My Plans for 2014
Everyone asks me the same thing nowadays "What are you going to do after you graduate from school?" PLEASE STOP ASKING ME THAT. I can't answer you cause I honestly don't know. I don't think that I would be working in the fashion industry even though I am studying about it in school. We'll have to see how things go. 

And I live by this motto "It's okay to not know what you wanna do in future, but know what sort of person you wanna be." I may not know what I want to do, but as long as I stay true to the person I want to be forever, then I'll be fine. What's the point of forcing yourself into liking a job you have no interest in? What's the point of forcing myself to study when all I want is to go out, travel and learn  about new cultures etc.?

I honestly don't have plans to get a degree unless I have no choice. I feel that you don't need a degree to be successful in life unless you plan to be doctor or lawyer or something. There are so many other ways to stay knowledgable about things while enjoying life to its fullest! I've learnt from Fai that Google is our best friend and you can be a genius from reading something new everyday from it. Hence, I plan to read more in 2014.

Get A Driving License
I also have plans to get a driving license. Straight after graduation, I want to start going for driving courses. I know that it's not easy to own a car and I know how expensive getting one is but I have always wanted to be able to drive and so I will learn how to. 

Be Healthier & Fitter
I also have plans to get healthier and fitter in 2014. That is why I've been hitting Amore Fitness pretty often over the last couple of days. I've fallen sick too many times in 2013 and it's time to step out of that and stay healthy! Therefore, I plan to have more balanced meals, more early nights, more exercising and less intake of junk food, EXCEPT CHOCOLATE! No body takes chocolate away from me.

I also plan to travel more and simply enjoy my life while I'm still young and far away from all those adult stress I'd talked about earlier in this post. Throughout 2013, Fai and I had made a lot of plans to go overseas together but it always failed because either one of us is caught up with work. And sadly, most of the time its because of me. hahaha. Poor Fai. Therefore, as soon as I'm free as a bird in 2014, we are going to travel!!!!! I can't wait! 

And that's it for this post!!! The last part would be about the people I wanna thank. People that have helped me, taken care of me and made an impact in my life some how. I would have blog about that part in this post as well but you know how I'm always busy so I can't do it now. I'm going out to enjoy whatever time I have left before school starts tomorrow :( For everyone that's going back to school, I know how sucky it feels, but you're not alone so just hang on! It'll be over before you know it.

Thank you all for reading and HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!! 
Now I can't wait for Chinese New Year. hehehe. BYE!



  1. Awhh Eunice, it's so nice to read your flashback posts!
    And yes, the monetary value of every dollar you own is continuously depleting.
    There's actually this banking system (that is taught in uni :o ) called the "multiplier effect", where the government permits the bank to essentially, multiply the amount of money a person deposits in the bank! There's some formula to it but example, for every $100 you deposit in the bank, $900 more is being created. That's why there's allusions of "money made in thin air" :)

    Just going on a rampage since you started it in your post! haha

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