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F L A S H B A C K 2013 {Part 3} X Adverts- Sinderfullar, Vogue Avenue

F L A S H B A C K 2013
Part 3: Thank You!

Hello guys! Can you believe that we're already going into the second week of 2014? I have't even gotten the chance to hand out all of my Christmas gifts yet and it feels like I'm being forced to move on from it. 2013 was great and if you think that time past really fast last year, I think that it's gonna be even faster this year. 

The weird thing is, I feel that 2014 hasn't been much of a difference from 2013 for me. You see, when you're younger, you'd always have something to look forward to. Like getting a year older, being officially legal or being a senior in school etc. But at my age, I'm just dreading it. I DON'T WANNA BE 20?!?! But no one can stop time and I'm gonna have to face it in about just 17 days time :(

Anyway, I'm back in school and it's going pretty well. Better then before the break because I'm on the second part of my final year project (FYP) and I'm better at this part. Also, our lecturer for this part is much nicer I should say so going to school is much more enjoyable. hehehe. 

Nothing really exciting has been going on for me so far, except for my new blue hair, a few preps for the movie which will be launch on Chinese New Year, and getting back on track for photo shoots. I just can't wait till school is officially over for me on the 4th March cause Fai and I are planning to finally go on a vacation.

That's all for some little updates and now let's get on with the FINAL part for my F L A S H B A C K 2013 post :) Here's the link for the first two parts if you're interested -----> Part 1 / Part 2

This part is gonna be dedicated to the people that have been a part of my little successes along the way in 2013. Without them, I wouldn't be who I am today and I am so thankful for all their support, love and belief in me. They have proven to me that it is important to keep myself around people who are optimistic, selfless and humble. It is true that the people we mix around with are reflections of ourselves so we should keep an eye out on the kind of people we're mix around with.

Firstly, I need to thank God. Even though I haven't been to church for a pretty long time, I believe in God and I trust in him. I believe that everything happens for a reason and none of my successes could be possible without His guidance. He's been there every step of the way and whenever something good happens, I thank Him and praise Him for them. 

Honestly, some of the things that have happened to me so far still feels like a dream, almost like a miracle. I mean who would have ever thought that an average girl like me would ever get to go on an all expenses paid trip to NYC? I might not ever be able to go to NYC or anywhere that costly and far, therefore, don't you think that that's a gift and a blessing in disguise from God? Therefore, I'd like to thank God for the wonderful 2013 he has given me.

With God, nothing is impossible.

I could not ask for a better family. I have a pair of super awesome and supportive parents that allows me to chase any dreams I desire even if it means putting my school on hold. My mother is always happy and excited for me and she has never expected anything of me. She's understanding and kind and the definition of what humility is and of course, a great role model for me. Without her support from day one when I started modeling for Ashincans, I wouldn't have the courage to go on and be who I am today. It was her who encourage me to take on any opportunities that comes knocking on my door.

My dad isn't always around cause he's such a hardworking man. I know how tired he can get and that's why I always try my best to work hard no matter how sick I'd get, so that I can help out with the household bills. He's probably the kindest man anyone would ever meet. He is slow to anger which inspires me to stay calm and collected whenever something doesn't go the way I want it to. I couldn't ask for a better father. I know like every parent, he wants me to graduate from school and have some qualifications but he'd allowed me to put my school on hold for filming and I cannot be more thankful for that.

My brother is just as supportive and I know that he always has my back. Just like my mom, he's always happy and excited for me. And I wanna thank him for all the support he has shown me in 2013, like from accepting Fai as my boyfriend to constantly posting pictures of me on Instagram whenever I achieve something. 

I also wanna thank all my relatives, my aunties and cousins who've supported me in everything I've accomplished as well.

I wouldn't be who I am today without Fai by my side throughout last year. My entire blogging career started out when I met him and ever since then, he has been guiding me along the way and motivating me to be hardworking. He is by nature a perfectionist which inspires me to be the best I can in everything I do too. 

And whenever I'm down and super agitated about everything, he never fails to stay by my side and calm me down. Even when I throw rocks and spit fire at Fai, he's still really loving and caring towards me. Without him, I would probably still be that childish and selfish old Eunice. We've been through so much and I've grown to be more mature through every single downfall we've had.

And yes, if you ask me, I do see a future with Fai. No one would ever put up with whatever nonsense I'd done and shown to him the past and that proves his love for me and I just wanna do the same for him.

I love how real and raw my friends are. Laraine, Jaslyn and Ashleigh. Every one of them are unique in their own ways and I love them for so many things. 

Firstly, Laraine is super talented yet she never fails to stay humble and true to herself. She's a friend that I can always turn to whenever I face any problems and she will put down whatever she's doing to talk to me and make me feel better. She's a friend that puts in a lot of effort and is definitely someone who has been a huge impact in my life. 

Next, Jaslyn is always there to cheer me on and I cannot be more thankful for all the support she has shown to me. She's the friend that always had my back and she would tell me to just chase whatever dreams I have and do whatever I wanna do. She has a very mature mind and I can relate to her a lot of times especially when we talk about growing up and earning money etc.

Next, Ashleigh is that crazy friend I have that would do anything crazy with me. She keeps me smiling whenever I have a bad day and she's always just a text away whenever I need her. She's a strong person that has been through a lot but still comes out always humorous and bubbly. She has inspired me to just live my life and not worry so much all the time.

I don't need large groups of people to be my friends. I just need a few good ones to keep me sane, happy and forward-looking.

Everyone I'd ever worked with
Apart from all the people I keep myself very close to, I also have to thank everyone who've been a part of my life in 2013. I am who I am today because of all the blogshops I've modeled for and it is important for me to thank all the blogshop owners who've constantly given me a chance to model for them. 

If I hadn't been a blogshop model, I wouldn't be a blogger. So thank you everyone of you who I've worked with along the way. Thank you for always making sure that I'm feeling alright, for always buying me food and surprising me with gifts to even cooking for me! It's very heart warming and that's why I don't ever wanna grow up from it! And I am glad that some of us have also become friends :)

Thank you Gushcloud as well for naturing me and guiding me in 2013. For getting me deals and grooming me into the person I am today. Bottom line is, signing to Gushcloud was one of the best decisions I've ever made and things would be so different if I was never affiliated to them.

Last but not least, I need to thank all of YOU! My readers, supporters and fans :) Thank you for always reading this space and for all your support you've shown me in 2013. Some times, it still feels weird when people ask me for a picture because I really think I'm just a normal girl with a blog who got lucky and is blessed from God. 

Nevertheless, its because of all of you that I am where I am today. Thank you for always writing in to me whenever I am down or even buying me stuffs when I'm sick. Its so heartwarming to know that you really care which makes me care for you too. I hope I have inspired you some way or another to not be afraid and chase your dreams. May 2014 be a more adventurous and exciting year for you too :)

Thank you for reading. That's the end of my F L A S H B A C K 2013 posts! Love you all!


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Lace Crochet Top in Navy
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Eliza Baroque Top in Wine
This is a MUST HAVE top for CNY! It fits so perfectly and isn't too tight thus giving me some space to fill my tummy with CNY goodies. I've paired it with a leather skater skirt for a more youthful and edgier appeal. It's a versatile item so you can pair it with anything and it'll look great.

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