Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas 2013: Gushcloud's #TheRoyalBlueChristmas Party, Adverts- ShopPMT, Vogue Avenue

{Christmas 2013!!!}
Gushcloud's #TheRoyalBlueChristmas Party

It's Christmas darlings! That time of the year where I'd feel extremely joyful for everything's thats happening around me! From the lovely light decorations put up on display around town, to getting gifts for my love ones and going to gatherings and parties. It's that one period in the entire year where everything's so glittery and glamourous! That one time you get to really REALLY dress up and not feel out of place. 

I love Christmas and I don't want it to end :( It comes and goes so quickly and soon after its a new year and thats when you feel as though a new sort of stress kinda piles up on to your shoulders. So to me, it seems as if Christmas is that one shot you get to go all out and party and let loose before reality kicks in again.

I am a Catholic, so Christmas for me means going to church and visiting my relatives. As I grew older, it also means going out for parties and getting my friends and family gifts instead of receiving any. And when I met Fai, it also means our anniversary. HAHA. Yeap, he asked me to be his girlfriend as soon as the clock struck 12 on 25th December 2011. 2011?!?!? Yes, that seems so long ago! So basically, Christmas means A LOT to me. I can't imagine spending this joyful occasion alone.

This year, I'd attended an additional gathering organized by Gushcloud! It's been almost a year since the day I'd started blogging and almost a year since I've got signed to Gushcloud. 2013 has been a roller coaster ride for me and for my blogging career. I did so many things I never thought I would ever be able to do- from becoming a Maybelline ambassador to traveling to New York for Sunsilk and even acting in a Jack Neo film. I would talk more about all these in another post soon before the end of 2013. 

Most importantly, I would never be able to attain such accomplishments without the guidance and nurture from Gushcloud! I would be no where without them, really. I do get deals on my own but they are never as good as the ones I get through Gushcloud. And I've learnt so much from them and though I was just another "influencer" to them initially, as time goes by, we've built an exceptionally strong relationship and I feel that I can always turn to my managers for help. I am so proud to be apart of this company and I look forward to more of their future successes. 

Anyway, everyone had a great time yesterday and here's how it went! I have to warn ya, I took LOTS of pictures. 

The entire evening started off with a thank you speech by Gushcloud's bosses- Vincent our CEO and Althea our CMO. They are the brains behind everything and they're probably the coolest bosses anyone can ever have.
Of course, a mandatory picture of myself. HAHA
Everyone's always asking me, "How many bloggers does Gushcloud have?" Well, there's about 70-80 of us, with many different genres from food to beauty to travel to mother bloggers and many more, we also have YouTubers. So I would say that even though there's so many of us, it doesn't mean everyone is the same, everyone's unique in their own ways and they bring different stuffs to the table which makes Gushcloud extremely diverse. 

There's always so much to learn from each other and that's why I LOVE going for Gushcloud's gatherings. Everyone comes from different sort of background and everyone loves different things. So gatherings like these always allow me to just sit back and listen to each other's stories and experiences. Some times we relate to each other a lot and make really good friends. 

Because there were so many of us present. And many of which were pretty new and because Gushcloud always emphasizes on being a family, we were all placed at different tables with people we hardly talk much to so that no one is left out. At my table, we had the gorgeous Tammy, the super adorable Berlin, Elliot (1/3 of Wah Banana), extremely funny Kife and of course, my favorite Tyler.

Symone and the Zhou sisters at another table :)
The dinner was held at Over Easy, 1 Fullerton Road. And here are some the dishes that we'd ordered. My favorite was the Spicy Shrimp Linguine! Oh gosh, my mouth is watering now at the sight of it. It is a MUST TRY item if you would to ever visit Over Easy. It's pretty spicy but you can always opt for a mild-spicy version if you'd like. I'd actually ordered the Mac and Cheese but I got this Linguine as a second dish cause I couldn't control my desire for it. HAHA
My first dish, the Mac and Cheese. 
And my all time favorite Truffle Fries. YUM!
What I love a lot about Gushcloud's gatherings like GCWeekends is that it's always filled with familiar faces all the time. Look who came yesterday, its Evon!! The first few times that I've ever hung out with Gushcloud was when they were still called Barnett. That was about 2 years ago when I first met Fai too. To be exact, it was when I was participating in Vaunt 6. 

Evon was one of the few who always talked to me and I always look at her as an elder sister. She was always there during the Helipad days as well and it's so sad that we only got closer when she was leaving Gushcloud. It was great seeing her again and she's so lady-like now! HAHAHA
Berlin & Joanna <3
Kife Wee <3
Xavier & Joanna <3
Symone & Joanna <3 HAHA Joanna is in almost all the pictures!
Tammy <3 
And the lovely Annabelle! <3 She's still looking as gorgeous as ever!
And here are the ladies managing my blogging deals behind the scenes!! I really wanna thank them for taking care of not just my deals but for taking care of me as well. Being a blog manager really isn't an easy job at all. You're always in the middle constantly answering to the client and to us bloggers as well. Not just anybody is fit for this job, it takes a lot of persistence, patience and care. These ladies are extremely smart, experienced and they are without a doubt, the BEST managers any blogger could ever ask for. I am so glad that I am under their care, for without them, my blog is nothing. 

Firstly, I wanna thank Freda. She's always fighting for better deals from clients for us. And I can tell that she genuinely wants what's best for us. Freda never fails to still stay grounded, she's really understanding and there's nothing to not love about her.

Next, I wanna thank Sheena! She's the live wire of every party and it's never the same without her presence. I have seen her pitched to a client before and she was really admirable. Like Freda, she's more then just a manager and we can always turn to her for any advices and help.
Next, Audrey! I met her during the New Paper New Face 2012 competition and ever since then, she has joined others on the "One of the Nicest People I've Ever Met" list. She's a darling, a sweetheart, and a very caring person thats always humble and friendly and super down to earth. Not to mention, extremely pretty. hehe. I was so glad she joined Gushcloud just a few months ago as a manager as well. She fits the job exceptionally well and she's been doing such a great job. I am sure everyone loves her.
And Gushcloud wouldn't be the same without Fai. The reason why I've fallen in love with this company and why I would always stand up for Gushcloud, is because my love has made me fallen in love with them. I hope that makes some sense? hahaha. 

Honestly, I am a super shy person initially. At times, I like to sit on my own whenever I'm in a huge crowd of people I'm not so familiar with. Im that sort of girl you would find at the side of the room during a party. And if it wasn't for Fai, I wouldn't be this close to Gushcloud. I wouldn't be pushing my blogging career that much either. So I have to thank him for all the support and patience he's shown me over the past 1 year.
My dress is sponsored by <3
My current favorite candid picture of us! <3
The Gushcloud family. Well, only like 1/5 of it? hehehe
One the best things around for the night- A photo booth by <3
At first, I thought photo booths were so last year, but One Eye Click Live proved me wrong! The images captured by their photo booth are extremely pretty! The props provided by them is so engaging and the entire concept is just amazing. The pictures get printed out instantly and its so fun to see how we managed to change our props and poses in just a few seconds. It was definitely one of the highlights of the night. Everyone was queuing up for a picture!
And that's about it for this post! I can't believe that it's already the 22nd of December. Just 3 more days till Christmas and then New Years and that's it, its back to school and back to my normal life for another year until Christmas again! 

I don't know why and I don't know if I should say this, but I think that we should all appreciate this season before it ends? Cause you'd never know if we'll get to ever celebrate it ever again. 2013 has been great and we don't know if 2014 will be the same. I know, I'm just thinking too much and worrying a lot for the future but hey, I guess that happens when you start to hit 20 right?

I'm gonna enjoy my last few days being a teenager because things are slowly changing as time passes.
Thank you guys for reading and I hope you all have a great Christmas! Celebrate it full heartedly but stay safe as well <3 <3 <3

Merry Christmas!!!

1. PearlMilkTeea
"Pearlmilkteea (PMT) is an online boutique founded in March 2010 by Yvonne & Chuiling.
New designs are launched once every 1-2 weeks and all our items are specially handpicked by us whenever we fly overseas for our monthly sourcing trips!

Here at PMT, we take pride in providing not only a wide variety of exclusive apparels, but also efficient customer service. All emails will be attended to within 48 hours, and all parcels will be dispatched within 2-3 working days after payment verification.

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Here are my picks!^^
Houndstooth Print Outerwear
I think that investing in differently varieties of outer wears is a pretty smart move. You see, you can always just put on basics on the inside and throw on an outer wear to look good. This Houndstooth print outwear instantly makes my outlook look chic, smart and a little more presentable for school presentations or events. I love how it isn't as heavy as I thought it would be. So its great to carry around without feeling any burden.

*PMT* Wonderland Cut-out Waist Dress in Black
This has got to be one of the best exclusively manufactured piece by PMT! Everything about it is perfect! I love the choice of fabric, its stretchy and super comfy. The length is just right, and the cut out details are placed at the perfect positions. Also, the low back detail shows off the right amount of skin and doesn't drop below the bra line! I love it!

Featuring the exclusively manufactured Wonderland Cutout Waist Dress which comes in 3 lovely colours!
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2. Vogue Avenue
"Energetic, fresh and vibrant online boutique based in Singapore. Vogue Avenue deeply understands the love and affection in you girls towards style and fashion."

You don't wanna miss out on Vogue Avenue's new collection! Its filled with lots of Christmasy outfits thats great for cozy-ing up next to your love ones! There are also tons of really great party-ready pieces this time and I am sure you'll love it! Here are my picks ^^

Reina Bustier Top & Godet Flared Skorts
Lately, I have a thing for really unique pieces that can't be found anywhere else. And that's why I've picked these two pieces! I love the little ruffle details on the busier top. I think that it would look extremely good with a pair of ripped washed out boyfriend jeans and a pair of thin strap heels. Effortlessly chic at its best :)

I've also picked this pair of skorts cause of its comfort and its unique asymmetrical flare detail. Firstly, I LOVE skorts! They look really good as little mini skirts and they're super comfy cause in actual fact, they're shorts! hahaha. I think this piece is really unique compared to those you find else where and the quality is awesome.

Check Vogue Avenue out on their Facebookto get first hand updates on upcoming events!
Also, follow them on Instagram as well at @vogueavenuesg

**And in case you didn't know, Vogue Avenue has a "Rewards" system whereby, with every purchase of $1, you will be entitled to 1 VA point. For every 20 VA Points accumulated, it is equivalent to $1 credit! (as stated in screenshot below)

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Vogue Avenue merchandise also available at:

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