Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Salon Vim: Going Dark For Winter

Going Dark for Winter
A Trip To Salon Vim Bugis

It's been weeks since my last visit to Salon Vim but that doesn't mean I won't document what I did with my hair recently. Simply because it was probably one of the most satisfying trips ever! Before this, I was filming for 3 long months and as you all know, I couldn't do anything to my tresses at all. My roots were growing out and it was horrendous. Thank God its all over! I feel so much more confident after this dye job cause..... Sham(my stylist) finally allowed me to dye a darker color! hehehe

As usual, here's Sham examining my hair and giving it a 1 inch trim. Yes I know I said I plan to keep my hair REALLY long. But I can't help but allow Sham to trim them off. He says its healthy to constantly give it a trim as and when I visit (which is about 5-6 months). And no matter how I try to deny that fact, it is of course, true. hahaha
Getting my really terrible dark roots a dye first before moving on to the rest of my tresses.
Up till now, I am very very impressed with how precise and careful Salon Vim is with their dying jobs. Every single strand is covered generously with dye and Sham made sure that no dye touches my neck or face. And even if a little does, he wipes them off immediately so as to not stain my skin. With that said, he also makes sure that my make up doesn't come off with the dye! Thumbs Up!
Once the entire head is done, we got my hair wrapped up to allow the color to set! Only took about 20 minutes before it was ready for a good wash a.k.a head massage! As mentioned before, its the BEST part of every Salon Vim visit. whahahhaha
Look who I had with me! Tyler <3 
Didn't feel so lonely anymore :)
After getting a wash! Really enjoy their service and it's really the best I've ever gotten my entire life. I don't think I'll ever enjoy any other service anywhere else after my experience with Salon Vim. I mean I get to choose if I want my hair to be washed in cold or warm water. And I was constantly asked if I was feeling okay during the entire process! What more can I ask for?
Another "shiok" part of the visit? The warm towel massage! I know that Salon Vim is constantly trying new ways to surprise their customers and making things comfortable for us. One way is a short warm towel massage done straight after the hair wash. It really makes me feel so much better after sitting in the chair for pretty long.
And here's the big reveal!!! Warm dark "ashy" brown color! I am not quite sure of the what the exact color is but I LOVE IT! I've always been wanting dark colored hair but I never got it cause Sham thinks that it is important to add highlights to my mane to give it more texture and volume. But I think he finally decided to just let me be and let me have what I want. MUAHAHAHA
TA-DA! It is definitely way much darker then the color before this but it looks so much more healthier! Pictures taken over the next few days revealed how shiny and glossy my hair looked even without hair treatment done yet! 

Yeap! I was in a rush that day and I didn't have time to continue the process with their Privy Arimino Caretrico hair treatment. I told them that I'll be back soon but that "soon" hasn't come yet! :( I'm just too busy! But hopefully I'll find time before Christmas next week and HOPEFULLY, I'll get to go down with a VERY SPECIAL SOMEONE. hehehe
Sham adding some final styling touches to make sure I leave the salon looking and feeling good!
Yay to natural looking waves :)
Mandatory selfie shot ;)
That's about it for this relatively short visit to Salon Vim! I think that it was the shortest time I've ever spent there cause I didn't get to do hair treatment. But I left the salon with great hair nonetheless! I am so thankful for Salon Vim being my sponsor cause I believe that they're already the best in Singapore? HAHA. Okay, Sham is the best. That's probably why. 

If you'd like to make an appointment, do it quick! I am certain that you want to look great just in time for Christmas and New Years right?? Simply call 6837-0073 or 6837-0045 to make reservations! Ask for Sham if you want. I promise that he is GREAT! 

Salon Vim Bugis is located at 235 Victoria Street, Singapore 188027
(Right in between Bugis Street and Bugis Plus shopping mall! Directly behind the bus
stop at bugis street!)

Salon Vim operates during the following hours:
Monday to Friday 12pm - 10pm
Saturday to Sunday 10.30am - 9.30pm

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Also, following them on Instagram for instant updates and inspirations!

For more information, head over to their website!


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