Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sunsilk Ambassadorship 2014 Video! & the long awaited Pop-Up Salon details ;)

Sunsilk Ambassadorship 2014
Touch Up Hair On The Go!!!

I'm definitely off to a good start of the year by joining Sunsilk as one of their ambassadors for 2014! It is such an honor since I've always been a fan of Sunsilk products and I simply adore the brand's vision, which constantly reminds us girls, to not just care for our hair, but have fun with it too. As mentioned in my previous post about the Sunsilk photo shoot, we also did a video, which is finally out!! 

Here it is! ;)

This Chinese New Year, I had the privilege of trying out Sunsilk's newly reformulated leave-on creams which allowed me to enjoy smooth, manageable and healthy-looking hair all day long! It felt great being out all day collecting Ang Baos and meeting relatives without worrying about my hair getting dry or frizzy. I loved how the tiny portable 120ml bottle of hair care cream contained tons of nutrients such as Keratin Yoghurt Nutri Complex, natural oils such as Argan, Almond, Coconut, Olive and Jojoba, and fiber actives. 

I personally feel that it is important to make sure that our hair is always in place, after-all, it is our crowning glory and possibly, our best accessory. Thanks to Sunsilk, we can all now touch up our hair on the go just like how we would touch up our make up! And you don't have to worry about sticky residues from these creams, I've tried it and I love how I don't even feel the need to wash my hands after applying them to my hair.

It fits perfectly in my make up pouch! Great for instant hair fix on the go :)

Meet the Sunsilk Instant Smoothening Cream and Sunsilk Instant Damage Reconstruction Cream.

My Story & Discovery
I'm certain that many of us wonder how our friends keep their hair looking so perfect, and I'm sure that we all want to achieve that too. First of all, no one has perfect hair. I spend approximately 10 to 15 minutes everyday styling my hair and I'm sick of it turning into a mess in the middle of the day. From now on, I'm going to make sure that I am THAT friend that has perfect hair throughout the day. And the only way to achieve this is if I "touch up" my hair as and when I need to, to get it back to it’s morning best.

After trying out the creams, I've realized that the Instant Smoothening Cream suited my hair a little more as the ends of my hair tend to get a little frizzy towards the middle of the day. I get a lot of fly-aways as well which makes my entire mane look really untidy. It does get pretty irritating at times and I'd usually end up tying my hair into a ponytail instead, which ruins my entire look.  

But this cream really does wonders to the texture and look of my hair. As it's name suggests, my hair instantly feels soft, smooth and silky with just a touch of the leave-on cream. 
Have I mentioned how good the leave-on creams smell? :)
The Instant Smoothening Cream did wonders for my entire mane but the more damaged parts of my hair needed more attention. The Sunsilk Damage Reconstruction Cream came just at the right time!!
As you all know, I've bleached a portion of my hair recently and ever since, it has become really dry and brittle. I don't regret doing it though because I love the colors in my hair, I just needed a hair care product to nourish it and make it healthy and strong again! 

With the Instant Damage Reconstruction Cream, I don't have to worry too much about split ends or thin hair anymore! Here’s how I like to use it :)

1) Simply squeeze out a good amount (roughly about the size of a 20 cent coin) and rub it within the palm of your hands making sure that the cream is evenly spread out.
2) Apply cream onto hair concentrating from mid-length downwards to the tips. Always remember to apply the cream in a downward motion. Never ever go against the hair cuticles! I love how these creams nourishes my hair ensuring that lesser damage would be done if I were to curl or straighten it using a heated styling tool.
These leave-on creams are available at all leading pharmacies and supermarkets at $5.90 for a 120ml bottle. They're really light weight which makes them super portable! 

Sunsilk Pop-Up Salons
Putting that aside, look out for Sunsilk Pop-Up Salons around Singapore from February to March! Just drop by to enjoy a 10-minute hair makeover by one of Sunsilk's hair stylists. You'll also get a chance to enjoy attractive discounts off selected products and possibly take home Sunsilk product hampers. 

The salon will be at Bugis Plus from 13th to 16th February from 11am to 9pm! Catch me and other Gushcloud bloggers on 15th February there!!! We'll probably be styling your hair too! It's going to be  lots of fun and definitely something you won't wanna miss!

More details in the video below ;)

As mentioned in the video, if you wanna have your hair styled by me, here's what you need to do!
1) Upload a picture (on Instagram) of a hairstyle (could be of yourself/or someone else) that best suits a Fairytale princess
2) State why you should win and remember to hashtag #sunsilkgoodtimes and #eunicexsunsilk

5 lucky winners will be chosen to get a free hair styling makeover by me and a $100 Sunsilk kit!
Contest ends on 12th Feb, 3PM!

So hurry up and good luck ;)
See you all on the 15th Feb 2014!


Eunice Annabel


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