Thursday, February 6, 2014

Support #TeamYX #StormRiders X Tree Potatoes video

The Lion Men Promo
Support #TeamYX #StormRiders

Hey everyone! The Lion Men has been in theaters for almost a week now and it's time to tell us which team you're on. We'll be competing on the 8th February 2014 at Thomson Plaza, starting 2pm onwards. Come on down to show your support for either Team Hu He (Tiger Crane), Team Yun Xiao (Storm Riders) or Team Hei Ying (Black Hawk). Leading up to the competition, simply tweet and hashtag the respective team's name that you're supporting for. I hope to see you all there!!! :D 

Anyway, I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity for me to share a behind the scene moment when we (Storm Riders) practiced on the solo wheels. As it's name suggests, a solo wheel is basically just a wheel that a rider stands on to move about. You would see us using it during the "semi-finals" match in the movie. And if you think that we looked really cool on it then all the practicing paid off well because mastering the art of riding a solo wheel isn't easy at all. 

YOU SEE! Apart from getting bruises from all our dance practices and partner lifts, we also had to find time to learn how to balance on the solo wheels. That's how much effort and preparation Team Yun Xiao (Storm Riders) did and this is why you should support us! hehehehe. 
P.S. We also have the coolest people on our team. HAHAHA
Even though the solo wheels were pretty intimidating at first, after much practices, we were all almost like professionals on them. hehe. It was a great experience trying them out and facing our fears all together. I think if you ask any of us what we miss most about the entire filming experience, it would have to be when we were all just together practicing our dances and stuff. That's when walls were broken down and we started getting closer. 

After this upcoming promo, it will all officially come to an end. We are definitely tired but at the same time, we don't want it to end. It came and go so quickly but I'm glad that I've made really awesome friends from during this journey :)

With Hellven and Sheenaz!
Hui Xin and Sheenaz!
More behind the scenes visuals ;)
And that's about it for this post! I know I didn't type much but some times pictures are all you need to do the talking. And anyway, I have TONS of work to do. My FYP is coming to an end soon and I hope I'll be able to pass it. I don't expect an extremely good grade but as long as I cross the passing mark, I'll be over the moon. hehehe. Thanks for reading/watching. I'll see y'all on the 8th ;)
I almost forgot. Fai and I were featured as guests on Tree Potatoes' latest Youtube video! It was so much fun working with them and I finally had an insight of what goes on behind the scenes of their weekly video shoots. If you haven't watch it yet, here it is! :) ENJOY <3
Eunice Annabel


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