Sunday, February 2, 2014

VLOG: Fix Broken Powder Makeup

Fix Broken Powder Makeup

Hey everyone! I hope your Chinese New Year has been great so far. Before I start on this post, I wanna thank all of you out there who has watched The Lion Men. Thank you for your support and for complimenting me on twitter. It's great knowing that you think I did well :)

 Anyway, it's been quite some time since I did a vlog and since I was pretty free this afternoon, I did a new one that I hope would be beneficial to you. I am aware that there are tons of videos about fixing broken makeup on Youtube already but I wanted to film the process down since it's my first time doing it too! Without further ado, here it is!! Enjoy ^^
Things that you'll need:
1) Alcohol. Not Vodka or any kind you'd drink! HAHA. I thought Vodka would do the trick initially too. I got mine from Guardian but you get it from any other drug store as well.
2) Butter knife or spoon. You'll need either one of these to smoothen out the makeup paste.
3) Powder brush. Any sort will do as long as it's able to remove any remaining loose particles of powder.
4) Kitchen towel. Or any sort of spread for your table. Trust me, it's gonna get a little messy.
It's as good as new! :)
And that's it for this rather short post^^
Time for me to get ready for another CNY party here in my very own house.
Thanks for watching and reading :)

Eunice Annabel


  1. Hope you notice me Eunice ! I followed you on twitter and i'm @laisiewmun5898 so.. your makeups are soooo beautiful !!

  2. Good tip ^^ I don't use alot of pressed powder...^^ But if I do it'll be a good tip ^^

    恵美より ♥

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