Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Lion Men Gala Premiere!!!

The Lion Men
Gala Premiere & Red Carpet

Hey everyone!! The time that we've all been waiting for is FINALLY here! Over the past few months, everyone's always asking me about the movie, how's filming and when's it debuting. Well, I'm so happy to say that it's finally in theaters!! *YAYYY!!!* (30th January 2014)

All of us, cast and crew, whether our roles were big or small, have put in a hell lot of effort, time and energy into making it all happen. It drained us all both mentality and physically. But it was a great experience and though my role is rather teeny tiny, I'm proud to be apart of it. My favorite part of this entire journey would have to be meeting new friends and finally experiencing how a REAL set is like. We've all grown pretty close to each other, and it's so weird thinking that we were all once strangers but now, we're more like a family and I couldn't ask for a better group of people to work with.

We've endured A LOT together over the three months of filming and I have to say that not many people would have last as long as we did. As I have mentioned before, there were many times where I just wanted to give up and I'm usually a very determined person when it comes to something that I enjoy doing, so for me to feel so low at that point of time, shows how crazy it can get on set some times. 

The amount of late nights and long waiting hours can really make one go mad. And there were tons of times where we found ourselves doing crazy things just to stay sane and awake. I remember how some of us would start stoning and talking nonsensical stuffs. It was exhausting till the point where some of us wanted to break down and cry. And of course it showed on our faces, specifically on our skin condition, everyone found it hard to conceal their dark eye circles and eye bags. And people like me, started getting break outs. I didn't feel too good about myself then and we all told each that when it's time for the gala premiere, we all better come back looking flawless and stunning once again like how we used to be. HAHAHA

And so we did! When it comes to events like this some times, it's always better to be a little overdressed then underdressed. hehehe. So it was gowns for the girls and suits for the guys. Of course confidence comes from within but you'll be a fool to deny that what you wear affects your self-esteem. I didn't want to spend much on a new gown which would probably cost about $200 to $400 on rent alone. So I wore my prom dress!!! It still fits and in fact, it fits better then how it did four years ago. Prove that my butt and boobies grew ;) I can officially say that I am REALLY a late bloomer and maybe this is something I like about being 20 anyway! hehehe.

On the way to RWS! Did my hair all by myself cause I didn't have time to head down to Salon Vim. And yeap, one of the rare occasions where I'm wearing false lashes!
Ta-da!! My #ootd :) In case you guys are wondering, I got this dress four years ago from a tiny shop at Far East Plaza. I don't remember the name of the shop and I didn't even have a clue that they existed. I just walked right in, saw this gorgeous electric blue dress, tried it on, realized how the color complemented my skin tone, bought it and I can't seem to find anything else as awesome as it. You can call this fate :)
It felt so good to finally meet everyone else all dolled up and ready to strut their stuffs on the red carpet. Everyone looked amazing. The girls were beautiful and stunning, and the guys looked sharp and smart. A far cry from how we'd usually look like on set at 6am in the morning. hahahaha.

With the beautiful Hui Xin who played Dang Dang. I played Ding Ding.
With the master of dance, Yutaki. And yes, I know what you all are thinking about. Eunice Annabel has a tummy?!?! Well, I kinda did? hahaha. I usually get a tiny bump there whenever that time of the month is coming. I'm sure that many girls get this annoying bloated feeling too. It's part of the whole PMS package and it came at the wrong time.. Oh wells...
With the gorgeous Sheenaz who played Co Co.
With Alex, you'll recognize him as the mean guy with purple hair in the film. hahaha
With Hanrey, who also played a role as a member of the fearful Black Hawk team.
After much mingling at our holding area, we were finally handed out our tickets!!!
And it was time to walk the red carpet!!! It was very first time walking down a red carpet and I didn't know what to expect at all. I've been on stage tons of times and I've walked down several runways before but I know for sure that a red carpet is totally different because thats the first time people are going to look at you and probably notice you. 

To make it all worst, I was wearing my KILLER heels. Yeap, the highest pair that I own from Topshop. The one that would make me taller then Fai. HAHA. And my dress was rather fitting so it wasn't as easy walking in it then it looks. On top of that, I had to battle with my nerves with wasn't making things any better. 

However, it went PERFECTLY fine. hehehe. Actually, I couldn't really tell. The moment I got off the car that drove us to the red carpet, I was blinded by bright lights and camera flashes. I couldn't really see anything or anyone. I just smiled and walked right to the end with my fellow cast-mates. hahahaha. It felt so surreal and though nobody cheered for us because they obviously don't know who we were, it was fun and it didn't feel as bad as I thought it would. Red carpet? Checked.

Otw to red carpet!
With Veracia and Cynthia, the two girls that played characters that you don't wanna mess with!
We settled down after a while in our respective seats and #teamYX sat two rows from the front. And I had the pleasure of having the centre seat which means I got the best view of the performances from *erhem* your favorite guys. So lust away girlies!!^^
And it was time for the show to start!! I was sitting next to Celyn (Bing Bing) who I feel that I've bonded a lot with during filming. We shared many memories and really hilarious moments together so  whenever we saw our faces on screen, we kept squealing. Not like little-girls-going-crazy-over-Justin-Bieber-kinda-squeals but more like squeals of anxiousness, excitement and disgust all mixed together. HAHAHA. 

Seeing myself on the big screen was epic. To top that, was hearing myself speak chinese! hahahaha. I am convinced that I really need to work on that. I know that before the premiere, I kept telling people how ugly I think I'd look in the movie, well... I didn't really look as bad as I kept saying. Maybe I expected the worst already so it turned out better then that. Whew! Acting wise, there's always room for improvements. I don't exactly know how to judge myself on that because I'm a newbie? So you be the judge and let me know! hehe

Managed to take a few more pictures with the rest of the cast after the movie. There's too many of us so it's tough taking pictures with everyone. Anyway, here's Kelvin who had a rather memorable line in the movie. He had orange hair then, so watch out for it.
With Irwin who played a character that got "beaten up" by Tosh.
Well, half of us. hahaha.
With Aden who was shirtless almost the entire movie. HAHAHA
And with Charlie! He's the only Ah Boy that I don't have a picture with and it's weird cause he's probably the one I've talked most to. Really humble, mischievous, talented guy. 
Left to Right: Aaron from 3 Potatoes, Hellven, Me, Mae & Shine <3 <3 <3
Sorry my smile came across as a little stiff here. HAHA. Too much photo-taking going on till my face froze for a while. Anyway, I was so glad to see familiar faces there and it's nice to know that I have the support from people that I love. I wouldn't be in The Lion Men if it wasn't for Gushcloud so I really am super thankful for them. 
Ending off this post with a picture taken beside Director Jack Neo. None of this would have been possible if he didn't see the potential in me about 6 to 7 months ago. I still remember the first time I met him in the audition room and I remember how nervous I was because I know how great he is as an actor and a director. So thank you Dao Yan for this amazing opportunity!^^
Alrighty! That's all for this post. You know what to do right? Go and book your tickets to watch The Lion Men out in theaters today!!! And if you wanna catch all us live, watch this space out for more updates on a LIVE MATCH between Hu He (Tiger Crane), Yun Xiao (Storm Riders) and Hei Ying (Black Hawk). I will also be updating the dates on my Instagram and Twitter, both at @EuniceAnnabel. 

Thank you for reading! I hope you'll enjoy the movie cause a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into it.
Love y'all!

Eunice Annabel


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