Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sunsilk Pop-Up Salon X Advert- Vogue Avenue

Sunsilk Pop-Up Salon
Great Hair On The Go!

Hello girlies! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend cause I sure did! I love attending events and the Sunsilk Pop-Up Salon event was one of best ones I've ever attended. I wouldn't even consider it an event because I REALLY had so much fun getting my hair styled, meeting new people, styling the lucky winners' hairs. It was more like an opportunity for me to just stop working and have fun. Also, it was awesome to finally meet some of my readers/followers/fans, you are all so wonderful and I am truly thankful for you guys! I'm glad that some of you have also become friends with each other and I hope that you had a great time at the Sunsilk Pop-Up Salon too :)
Anyway, here's how it went!^^
I was politely ushered to my seat and was asked to pick a hairstyle from a little card. I was spoilt for choice, as I couldn't decide if I should go for a more tone down casual look or go all out with braids and knots. There is a total of 12 different hairstyles for you to choose from, all of which falls under either one of these categories: Fairytale Princess, Sunshine Babe, Downtown Fashionista and K-Pop Diva. I was really impressed by how skilled the Sunsilk hair stylists are! They could do any hairstyles without hesitation at all! I knew that I was in good hands :)
Once I have decided on which look to go for, my hair was sprayed with the Nourishing Soft and Smooth oil spray, which I fell in love with after the event. I MEAN IT!!! It really made my hair super soft as though I hadn't dyed it or bleached it before at all. In fact, I sprayed on A LOT of the oil spray on my lucky winners' hairs giving them super soft and hydrated locks. In case you're wondering, it doesn't feel oily at all even though it contains five natural oils. 

Highly recommend this product and guess what? You can get it at a discount at any of the Sunsilk Pop-Up Salons! More details on this later on ;)
Transforming my boring straight hair into wavy curls!! I love how the entire process took less than 10 minutes which means that you don't have to wait for too long to get your fancy hairstyle in place. It'll be a great way to get your hair ready for any special occasions or dates after! hehehe. 

If you're worried that the tools used to achieve your desired hairstyle might damage your hair, don't worry at all! It is perfectly fine to use heated tools on your hair as long as you have products already applied before that to protect it! And at the Sunsilk Pop-Up Salon, there is more than enough products to keep your hair looking and feeling silky, soft, healthy and manageable!

My super nice stylist giving my hair some finishing touches. I went for a more soft and girly look in the end since I had somewhere important to head to after and I couldn't go crazy and experiment with different hairstyles. Unlike Naomi, who you can see two seats away from me getting more volume in her hair. So don't be afraid of how your hair will turn out after the process, it's all up to you. Sunsilk will never let you walk out of their Pop-Up Salon with you disappointed! :)
Yay to more shape in my hair! hehehe
Mandatory shot with fellow Sunsilk ambassador Asyiha! <3 
Did you see how her hair turned out? I WAS IN LOVE WITH IT! She looked like a Victoria's Secret model with her new hairdo and you can too ;)
After getting pampered by the Sunsilk stylists, it was our turn to show off our skills! hehehe. The five lucky winners that we'd picked had an opportunity to get styled by either Rachel, Naomi, Asyiha or myself. It was SUPER fun and I haven't done anything like it before. I took away lots of great hair styling tips that I would love to share with everyone. One of which would teach you how to NOT burn yourself when you're using a heated tool. hehehe, 
(I'd burnt myself tons of time during the styling session.)

With a super thoughtful and lovely fan Verllita, who bought me Famous Amos cookies that day! 
<3 <3<3
Hair styling really isn't as easy as it looks!
Look who popped by as well?? My fellow The Lion Men cast-mate, Sheenaz <3 <3 <3
Asyiha and I looked like we were battling against each other pretty fiercely! hahaha. 
With my gorgeous blue-eyed manager Audrey <3 <3 <3 
Super cute Rachel posing with the miracle Nourishing Soft and Smooth oil spray!
Naomi was super focus on her head of hair!
I felt really proud to see all of our faces around the Sunsilk Pop-Up Salon. It felt like a great sense of achievement and I couldn't be more thankful for Gushcloud and Sunsilk for choosing us to be their ambassadors! 
Oh and if you're a guy, don't shy away from the Pop-Up Salon even though it's super pink! A group of guys actually came by and joined in the fun too! They even had their hair styled and pampered by the Sunsilk stylists. So if you want a taste of how it feels, just drop by too ;)
All four of us had an awesome time styling our winners' hairs. I know that Asyiha and Naomi were really into it. They were really concentrating and acting like professionals! I should have captured those moments to show you how serious their faces were. After which, we were all interviewed for a bit and were asked to pose for the cameras!
I'm also glad to finally be able to meet 91.3FM DJ Charmaine Yee at the Sunsilk Pop-Up Salon! She was so nice and warm, it was great talking to her while she was on air live.
If you want to be a part of the next few Sunsilk Pop-Up Salons, do take note of the following dates! :)

- 20th - 23rd Feb - Jcube
- 13th - 16th March - Somerset 313
- 20th - 23rd March - Toa Payoh Hub

There are plenty of chances for you to get your hair pampered and styled. 
You don't want to miss out on it ;) Also, all Sunsilk products will be sold at a discounted price at the Pop-Up Salons. Don't know which products suit your hair type? It's easy, head over to the styling booths and get some advices from the stylists! You'll also be given an opportunity to replace me and be on the cover of the Sunsilk booklet! All you have to do is get your hair styled and head over to the photo booth area. 
A lot of things are installed for you to look awesome and have fun! 
So mark down those dates!^^

Thanks for reading and thank you everyone who came down the other day!:)

Eunice Annabel

Vogue Avenue
"Energetic, fresh and vibrant online boutique based in Singapore. Vogue Avenue deeply understands the love and affection in you girls towards style and fashion." 

Hello everyone! The CNY break is over and all online boutiques aka blogshops are back to usual business! And you, my dear friends, it's time to do some shopping!!! It's a new year, which means more opportunities, more fun and excitement. Time to put aside all the red dresses and stock up on some trendy apparels ;) 

Lately, I've noticed that apparels inspired by the 90's are totally in trend. 
Think lots of checked (even checked skirts and tops paired together) and "funky" shirts. I love the 90's and I've picked 2 items from Vogue Avenue's latest collection that allowed me to revive that era. 
Here it goes ;)

Daisy Tee Top
Don't you think that this is such a unique, quirky and adorable top?! Totally 90's. I can picture Cher from Clueless wearing it. hehehe. Not only is it awesome aesthetically, it's ultra comfy too! Really lightweight, perfect for our humid weather. Plus, it looks great paired with anything denim.

Scotch Weaver Skirt
Tartan oh tartan! I absolutely adore this skirt from Vogue Avenue. It's quality is unbelievably superb! Looks like it got pulled out of a rack from Topshop or something. This pair is definitely something to keep an eye out for cause it's just way too gorgeous. Looks great with anything basic. I like mine with a turtle neck top, emphasizing more on how 90's this look is ;)

Check Vogue Avenue out on their Facebookto get first hand updates on upcoming events!
Also, follow them on Instagram as well at @vogueavenuesg

**And in case you didn't know, Vogue Avenue has a "Rewards" system whereby, with every purchase of $1, you will be entitled to 1 VA point. For every 20 VA Points accumulated, it is equivalent to $1 credit! (as stated in screenshot below)

Head on down to and click on the "Rewards" icon on the top right hand corner of the website to find out more^^
Vogue Avenue merchandise also available at:

Blogshopping - Far East Plaza #01-33/34
14 Scotts Road, Singapore 228213

Blogshopping - Bugis Junction #03-12A
200 Victoria Street, Singapore 188021

Blogshopping - JEM #04-07 
50 Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore 608549

So what are you waiting for??


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