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The Scarlet Hotel Review X Advert- Bella&Quirks, Carrislabelle

The Scarlet Hotel
My Personal Shoot ;)

Hello guys!!!! I know that I haven't been updating this space for a pretty long while now but I assure you that I'm still here and I'll try to blog as much as I can whenever I can. At the moment, I am pretty much focusing on the final touches to be made for my Final Year Project. I've only got about 2 more weeks till the final critique from an external examiner and that's it for school!!! (Though I'd still have internship to complete in April to June, but it's not much of a worry. In fact, I'm REALLY looking forward to it.) 

Anyway, besides school being constantly in my mind right now, I also have tons of other blog drafts due and I'm just really trying my hardest to fit everything into my tight schedule. I hope that when school is officially over for me, I'll get to focus more on things that I wanna do and get ;) Like perhaps.... a new friend in my life??? More on that when the time comes ;)

So as you all probably know, Fai and I went for a super impromptu staycation last Monday at a one of a kind boutique hotel. Well, it wasn't planned to be a staycation, I simply just booked the hotel for my personal shoot which I will talk more about later and we just spent the night there. The hotel seems to be pretty well known to most of the people that I'm usually working with so I was quite surprised because I've only JUST discovered it earlier this year. 

It is named The Scarlet Hotel and is located at 33 Erskine Road, 069 333. What I love about the location is that it is right beside Maxwell Food Centre!! Which means that Fai and I never had to go out at night to hunt for food because all the glorious mouth-watering delicacies are available just next to our hotel. I know we sound like gluttons. But hey! This is something all Singaporeans look into when searching for a place to rest right? ;)

Anyway, you'll be surprise to find that The Scarlet Hotel isn't a standing building on it's own like every other hotels. It is furnished into a rather old shop house. I totally forgot to take a picture of it's facade. So I a little taken aback that I would be spending the night in those pre-war buildings! I am superstitious and I do believe in the supernatural so I was a little wary of the place. HAHA

Anyhow, I'd booked the Passion Suite with outdoor balcony. And here is what it looked like!^^
It is definitely a hotel designed for couples. Super romantic and I felt that it was a perfect place for my themed personal shoot so no matter the price, I just had to have it. There isn't any other hotels around Singapore that would offer such an opulent looking setting which made this room super unique! 

I suppose that The Scarlet Hotel only has ONE Passion Suite with the outdoor balcony and I don't think that it is booked that many times as compared to the other rooms available at the hotel hence we did face a couple of difficulties which I would talk more about later. 
Let the pictures do the talking now:)
Right, so what you've just seen are parts of how the room looked like. And in case you're wondering, the entire room including the balcony is about the size of an entire MBS suite- just the main room and living room. It costs SGD$1,050 per night and yeah, it may be costly for a just a staycation, but it's a pretty good deal if you're thinking of throwing a small birthday gathering there. I felt that it was an investment because I just don't think I'll be able to find a better location for my themed photo shoot.

The cost is inclusive of the complimentary bar which contained juices, beers, distilled water etc; sparkling champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries. Also, if you're wondering where the money you're paying is being pumped into, it would definitely have to be the service, the rather expensive, branded and unnecessary toiletries (the shampoos and all all Hermes -.-) and not forgetting the personal Jacuzzi outside. hehehehe

So it is great for couples who are willing to spend a little more for any special occasions such as Valentine's day, anniversaries etc. But I'd suggest that it would be more worth it to get this room for birthday parties as mentioned before. I'd show you how the outdoor balcony and jacuzzi look like later on but for now, we're going to side-track a little and jump onto some behind the scenes moments of my personal shoot ;)

In case you're wondering, the shoot is for my new blog which I hope to achieve soon. I will only release the pictures when everything is settled. At the moment, I am still looking for trustworthy website designers to design my blog. I need someone who I can always turn to whenever something goes wrong on my blog because I am super not tech-savvy at all. SO, if you're a website designer or if you know someone who is a website designers, please email me at 
I am willing to pay for quality!!!!! ;)

Me getting my make up done. Don't judge my NO-MAKEUP-just-got-out-of-bed-face. And no, I do not want to hear any rude comments. Just keep it to yourself and practice what I've talked about before for Safer Internet Day. If you've missed out on that post, please help yourself to it here
-----> Safer Internet Day. ;) ;) ;)
Some of the dresses that I've brought along for the shoot! ;) Most of which I didn't even get to wear because I only needed 2 outfits in the end. hahahaha. Kiasuism at it's best.
My GOLD one that I am in love with^^
And some of the other pieces that you've probably seen me worn before. These are my babies and if I were to ever lose them, I think I might cry or at least tear.
What is a Eunice Annabel shoot without her furs? hehehe. Don't worry, they're all faux.
The shoot wouldn't be possible without Fiona and Pearlyn!!! I am SUPER thankful for them and they did an awesome job. It was my first time working with Pearlyn and I have to say that her make up skills are AWESOME! What I love most about her is that she was super open to my opinions and if I wanted something to be changed, like if I wanted my eyebrows drawn differently, she'll be alright with it and she'll give me exactly what I wanted. 

And she's more then just a make up artist to me. The whole time during the shoot, she helped adjust the position of my hair to make it look better etc. To cut the long story cut, she wasn't just a flower pot. And everyone knows Fiona and how talented she is. I am super impressed with the shots that she managed to get from this shoot and we are both REALLY excited to release them. HAHAHA. I shall not say much about them yet. hehehe. All in all, I am not surprised by the work and dedication that Fiona has put into this shoot  since she's always been such a great person to work with and I cannot be more thankful for her :)

Anyway, I'm going to let the pictures do the talking again.

Getting make up on by Pearlyn :)
How amazing is this hairdo??? ;)
Now, let's go back to how the staycation went!!! Since it was a Monday, Fai couldn't be present for the shoot but he joined me at The Scarlet Hotel after work at about 8pm. The shoot ended at about 6.30pm. Which meant that I'd spend a good amount of time alone in the room all by myself. How scary is that?! What is so horrifying about my room's location is that it is located on the 3rd floor. Most of the other rooms are on the 1st or 2nd floor and mine was just accompanied by a few other rooms on the top floor. 

Since it is built into a shophouse layout which is rather long in nature, the corridors that you have to walk through to get to the front desk is rather far, long, dark and narrow!!! I'm not trying to scare you but I did feel a little nervous walking through the dark corridors by myself. Even Fai was pretty nervous because the stretch to the get to lift to our room was SUPER LONG and DARK. 

And being The Scarlet Hotel, everything was Crimson Red and Velvet-ish. Even the uniforms donned by the staffs there looked rather vampire-ish. So it really did felt like I was entering a breeding ground for vampires. So you're fan of the Volturi from the Twilight saga, I truly believe that you'll love your stay at The Scarlet Hotel. But trust me, you might wanna have a small torchlight in hand because some of the turns and corners are pretty dark even though it's meant to be.

Without further ado, here are some visuals on how our balcony looked like at night!!! :)
Hanging outside watching a movie with Fai was really nice.
And here's how the jacuzzi looked like. It's pretty huge. I think it might fit about 5 adults comfortably. Also, the lights from the jacuzzi are changeable, they go from red to pink to purple to blue and greens and yellows etc. You can also adjust the amount of bubbles that get emitted from it to suit your preferences. The water temperature is adjustable too! 

The only thing that Fai and I didn't quite like about it is that there were tons of leaves in it. I don't know if it was already there or it had fallen into the tubs before we got in but if you look carefully at the picture below, the tiny dots are leaves. And it felt pretty gross to be soaking the water with these things inside as well.
We were served Sparkling champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries as well. We ended up just eating the strawberries in the end hahahah. I don't really like to drink unless I'm going clubbing or something.
At this point of time, I am super tired from the events that happened over the course of my day which explains my tired face. hahahaha
Right!!! We woke up the next day, packed our bags and checked out. All in all, I am impressed by The Scarlet Hotel. The service is impeccable. Front desk is super efficient in always sending our requests up in less then 5 minutes. Interior of the room is phenomenal and one of a kind. Location is awesome because it's right next to one of Singapore's best food centres and there's a 7 eleven right downstairs. 

So all these are good but there's just ONE thing that I've experienced during my stay and I do not like at all. I suppose this happened because the room that I've booked isn't used that often and it could probably be neglected. Fai and I knocked out the moment our heads touched our pillows. We had a SUPER good rest and woke up feeling really energized. But we also woke up with a little surprise- tiny red dots on our arms and legs. We were bitten by bed bugs. 

It was my first time experiencing it and that really disappointed me because everything was going so well at the hotel until the final few minutes before we left. We didn't kick a fuss about it at all because what's done is done. The dots are healing already but they did look pretty nasty during the first few days. I've already written a complain letter to the management and I do hope that they'd do a throughout check on the bed in the Passion Suite. 

With that said, I suggest that from now on whenever you check into any hotels, PLEASE check the room for any signs of bed bugs. You can google for more information how to do it :)
I know I'm going to be VERY particular about this from now on.
And that's about it!!!!! I need to go now, time for MORE school work! Till then! 
Thanks for reading again :):)

Eunice Annabel

1) Bella&Quirks
"At Bella & Quirks, you will have a wide array of items to choose from, ranging from cosmetics to novelty lifestyle products - anything to make you feel extraordinary. Our team of passionate shoppers have sourced products all around the globe - many of which are not commonly sold in Singapore stores - to bring you the most competitive prices in town."

I love how Bella & Quirks made themselves that one stop destination where you get to shop for really unique beauty products as well as novelty lifestyle items! If you've been looking for any particular sort of cosmetic for so long, look no further! Bella & Quirks might just have it on their site. I know I found something that I've wanted for a pretty long time. More on that later! ;)
Apart from that, I've also picked out something SUPER adorable from their "Quirks" category. It's the Qualy Note Sparrow in pink! It's inevitable for me to not be organize. I am always busy with either school assignments, blogging deals or events to attend to. Often, I might overlook certain details and I thought that the Qualy Note Sparrow will enable me to notice more important ones.
It's really sturdy and looks awesome on my desk. I feel that it could also double up as a decoration ;) In fact, ALL of the stuffs offered under the "Quirks" category are one of a kind! I was pretty amazed at how basic everyday necessities offered by Bella & Quirks could looked so adorable.
But of course, everyone knows that I am a super girly-girl. I love cosmetics and even though I try not to wear too much make up on a daily basis, I just love collecting them and looking at them. Owning a bag full of lipsticks just makes me really delightful. And lately, my obsessions has turned towards eyeshadows! I own about 3 different eyeshadow palettes at the moment but all of which are chocolate/earth/nude colours. So this time, I decided to go for something different and I'd picked the Sigma Creme de Couture eyeshadow palette from the "Bella" category!

I'm wearing some of colours on my eyes in this picture below ;)
I've always been interested in this eyeshadow palette and I've seen tons of youtube videos on how to create SUPER GORGEOUS looks using it. The colours on their own are so stunning, don't you think? They're kinda like candy or Macaroons inspired that looking at them just made me feel so happy. 

The packaging is great! It comes with a little pamphlet with all the colour swatches and names on it- kinda mimicking those little booklets you get when you buy really expensive chocolates. And anyway, it's by Sigma!!! Which is a really reputable brand. So why not pick it right??
I love eyeshadows that comes with names for all the different colours. It makes applying make up a hell lot more interesting. And this palette has names like Blueberry Cream, Almond Pear, Ginger Pumpkin, Violet Whip and many more yummy names!
I thought that since it was going to be my first time owning such a colourful eyeshadow palette- a vast difference from my usual brown and nude hues- why not do a short picture tutorial on how I'd achieved the look that you'll be seeing further down this post ;)

So what you see here is what I've created using mainly the colours; Violet Whip, Lavender Honey, Passion Fruit and a dash of Meyer Lemon. I've also added on falsies for a more dramatic look since the colours are pretty attention grabbing already. On a side note, you should google Creme de Couture make up to see how amazing this colourful palette is.
Anyway, I started off with nothing on my eyes as seen in the picture below. And then I'd primed them and it is advisable to apply a white base to your lids before using the Creme de Couture colours because the colours are already light on their own so having a white base will allow them to "pop" even more. I'd used a normal white eyeliner to go over my entire lids. 

After which, I took a brush and dusted on Violet Whip to my entire lid making sure not to go over the crease line. Next, I'd applied Lavender Honey over and blended the two colours together. Taking a fluffy brush, I'd applied Passion Fruit to the crease and as usual, blended it out to achieve that yummy gradient colour^^
Finished it off by dusting a tiny amount of Meyer Lemon to my tear dusts, applied eyeliner, mascara and falsies... and the look is complete! Oh yeah, I added white eyeliner to my water line as well ;)
Honestly, I am really proud of myself. HAHA. I am not a professional make up artist, I just like to collect and play with make up. And this experience gave me a little more confidence in trying out different looks then the usual earth/nude lids. I highly recommend you guys to check this palette out cause it won't disappoint you!
Now listen up!! From now till the 28th of February, you can enjoy 14% discount when you shop at Bella & Quirks! Simply refer to this banner below for more details.
Also, quote " Eunice5 " for 5% off your total bill!!!
(Hurry! Cause this is only valid for the first 30 transactions!)

Follow and like Bella & Quirks on their social media platforms for more updates! They're definitely a site to look out for!
2) Carrislabelle
Carrislabelle is a young, cheerful and sophisticated brand that caters to young ladies and adults. The idea of the brand Carrislabelle came from it's owner named "Carris" and a French word La Belle, which means "beautiful or lovely woman" in English. Every woman deserves clothing that best represent their style, and we hope you will find yours in Carrislabelle.

Without further ado, here are my picks^^
Skater Tube Dress in Black
If you're a fan of comfy and sexy apparels, Carrislabelle is definitely that one stop destination for you! I've always loved their apparels and they've never ever disappointed me before. This skater tube dress fits me perfectly and it looks great for that special night out with your girlfriends or even a birthday party! Super versatile and it comes in 3 different colours as well.

Cross Back Peplum Top
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO GET THIS TOP!!!!! This whole "cross-back" or "low-back" tops are totally in trend! You've probably already seen or own one of your own already but this one is best I've ever worn and I'm sure you'll like it too. The sweetheart bust area just makes this top look both sweet and sensual. Made of stretchable material and padded for that flattering look.

Skater Tube Dress as seen on me earlier is available in Black/White/Hot Pink at SGD$21.00 with Free Local Shipping!

View Carrislabelle's outdoor Lookbook Shoots here: 
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