Wednesday, May 21, 2014

adidas Originals ZX: One pair that fits any occasions!

adidas Originals ZX
One pair that fits any occasion!

There's a saying that goes “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world..". Yeah, we'd always have a pair of stilettos in mind whenever we hear that, but there's only so much you can do in those killer heels. My definition of "conquering the world" starts with comfort. Only with comfort would you be able to go shopping with your girlfriends for the entire day without pain and blisters. You'd also be able to stand and dance the entire night if you happen to be partying in a club. Basically, you'll just be able to enjoy life a little more when your feet aren't hurting so much.

Personally, I can proudly proclaim that I've been there, done that. During the earlier days when I first started going to clubs for parties, I'd always wanted to just look my best no matter how uncomfortable my clothes or shoes were. I thought that being one of the tallest (I am 179cm with my 6inches heels on) girl in the club would make me feel good about myself. But believe it or not, I’d always end up going home barefooted because my feet can’t take it anymore and I’ll have to take my heels off. This inevitably means that nights always end earlier than it should, all thanks to my vanity. Hahaha

Lately, I realised that I would rather feel comfortable and enjoy my night than feel tall and end up suffering. I need to be able to stand on the dance floor and dance in whatever way I want, especially when my favourite international DJs are in town! What’s better than jumping along to your favourite music in a pair of comfortable shoes? Let's be honest, we all need a pair of comfy shoes that fits any occasion. So on days when I don't feel like wearing my boots, and I want a more sporty option, I would go for my adidas Originals ZX instead. To be more specific, it is my ZX 100 W Synthetic.
I love learning new things especially when I acquire such information on my own. Coming onboard this campaign has forced me to find out more about this dominating sports brand. I love learning about the history behind every brand and adidas definitely has one that boasts about how cool it is. I can't agree more. Before I move on to tell you more about its history, I would like to ask all of you a question - have you ever noticed their logo? Or should I say, their 2 different logos? They are both adidas but they are used for different products. A total girly-girl like myself would never know but after researching, I feel like a pro on this. Hehehe
adidas started out as a German sportswear brand in 1948. What you see above on the left is the Trefoil logo and on the right, the Performance logo. Basically, the brand uses the trefoil logo on all of their products until 1997 where it was only used on heritage products, in other words, the originals. The products that have a distinctively retro-old-school-feel. All of the other products, such as the sports equipment and attires that are catered to athletes, were then labeled with the Performance logo. So the next time you head into an adidas store, pay close attention to what you're actually looking at. Pretty interesting huh? ;)

Without a doubt, my Originals ZX is super comfy! It is definitely a pair of shoes that's very lifestyle orientated and a pair that I can wear almost everyday. Thank God for this campaign that came at the right time when I needed a pair of super comfy shoes for my internship, which requires me to move around a lot. And of course, there are ranges for guys as well! Check out my brother's ZX 750.
And it's giveaway time!!!
Wanna stand a chance to a pair of adidas Originals ZX of your choice?

All you have to do is:
1) Simply post your OOTDs that are aligned with MUSIC and adidas ZX!
2) Upload them on Instagram
3) Don't forget to hashtag #discoverOriginals #OriginalsEunice #allzx

I will personally select the winners based on: Theme adherence, Originality and Creativity.
Get cracking, have fun and good luck!;)

Check out their extensive range of adidas Originals on adidas lookbook here:
Thanks for reading!



  1. Hi Eunice!
    Wow, first off, let me just tell you that I am absolutely IN LOVE with your originals zx. The colours combination especially. Of course they look way more stunning with your beautiful pair of legs. Utterly envious of them! :(

    Thanks to you, I feel like I've known so much more about Adidas just because of your short and sweet explanation about their logos. :p

    Do check out my blog if you have the time to do so ;) Love & cheers from Malaysia! Have a good day dear. ♡

  2. Hi eunice! Lovely detailed post! So much so that I entered! Stay awesome :)

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