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L'Oreal Hydrafresh: Mask-In Water Gel

L'Oreal Hydrafresh
Mask-In Water Gel

Time flies! It felt like it was just yesterday that I first tried out the products from the L'Oreal Hydrafresh range. I had such a great experience with it and up till now, I still use it whenever I need intensive hydration for my skin. 

Over the past 20 years, I have never been interested in adopting a good skincare routine. I'd usually just use a cleanser, toner and some acne cream whenever I need one. And that's it! I didn't even put in effort to moisturize my skin. I just didn't see the importance because I was going through puberty then and I had really oily skin. So I thought I didn't need to moisturize at all since my skin is constantly producing so much natural oil. Listen to this well guys, the reason why excessive oil was produced is because I didn't pamper my skin well enough with moisture. Shouldn't it get dryer if I don't moisturize regularly? Doesn't really make sense huh? Allow me to explain further. 

First of all, do you know that dry skin causes acne? That can come across as a bit of a shock because most of us (myself included) have always thought that breakouts only happen when our pores are clogged with excessive oil and dirt right? Well, think of it this way- when our skin gets too dry, it causes our body to naturally produce oil to replenish the lack of moisture. When this happens, inevitably, too much oil is produced which may lead to clogged pores and eventually acne! Also, the dry flakes from a dry skin may get caught in a pore, which clogs it up too. Which also leads to acne.

 Moral of the story? It is extremely important to make sure that the hydration level in our skin is balance to avoid those nasty zits! It seems like the only way to avoid disgusting oily skin and painful acne is well-hydrated skin.

I personally don't like to experiment too much with facial products. I feel that as long as one works well for you, it's not necessary to change it. Also, skip the facials man. Up till now, I don't understand the importance of going for facials that may burn a huge hole in one's pocket. Maybe it's because I haven't been to one yet so I don't see the benefits. But honestly, if you can attain great skin with just the help of products, you don't need facials. With that said, I've only tried about two or three different moisturizers in my life. Two of which worked wonders on my skin, and I'm going to talk to you about one of them today ;)

It's none other than the L'Oreal Hydrafresh Mask-In Water Gel!!!^^
Previously known as the Hydration + Antiox Active Supreme Emulsion, it is now rebranded as the Mask-in Water GelSounds a little yummier huh? hehehe. First of all, don't worry about it being a mask. It is NOT a mask but it acts like one. The difference is, it's better ;) You see, instead of spending about half an hour waiting for a regular mask to work it's wonders; you only need about 5 seconds to attain radiant and hydrated skin with the Mask-in Water Gel. 

Here's a little experiment I did that proved how great the Mask-in Water Gel is! First, my skin's hydration level was tested using a hydration analyzer device. As you can see from the photo below, my skin's hydration level was only 31.5% before anything was applied to it. 
And here are the results after using a regular mask for 20 minutes and the Mask-in Water Gel for only 5 seconds. (Experiment for the Mask-in Water Gel was done 2 hours after the regular mask experiment.) 

It is shown that my skin's hydration level rose to 61.2% after using the regular mask. This is great but keeping up with this routine everyday can be pretty tiring. I know for sure that I would just skip the entire procedure and head to bed instead. BUT, with L'Oreal Mask-in Water Gel, I don't have to wait for 20 minutes or more just to get hydrated skin! All I have to do is apply it onto my skin after cleansing and toning, and that's it! This saves me a lot of time and effort. 

After applying the Mask-in Water Gel, my skin's hydration level was raised to 57.3%, which isn't as high as what I got from using the regular mask, but considering the time spent on achieving it, it's so much more effective, don't you think? Also, since it's a moisturizer and not a mask, I can head to bed straight away after applying it. How convenient!
The Mask-in Water Gel has always been one of my favorite moisturizers, I'd mentioned before that I only buy moisturizers that are water based. It's great for people like me who've always been battling with oily-combination skin. Unlike most moisturizers, I don't get that sticky or greasy feeling after applying this Mask-in Water Gel. It contains Double Hyaluronic Acid that penetrates deeply into one's skin. It basically locks in moisture from inside out giving you softer, smoother, and more intensely hydrated skin. 

I guess you're all aware that the most interesting thing about the Hydrafresh range is how it contains French Grape Seed Extract. Do you know that grapes have the ability to fight free radicals thanks to it anti-oxidant power 50x that of Vitamin E and 20x that of Vitamin C.  It also neutralizes free radicals and radiation while increasing skin's ability to retain moisture and produce collagen, thus tightening skin and preventing the formation of fine lines. Guess what? These are only SOME of its many benefits! 

Another key ingredient used in the Hydrafresh range is the French Vosges Spa Water! It is packed with 16 minerals that strengthen skin's moisture barrier, keeping it supple:)
The Mask-in Water Gel is so easy to apply! 
It glides on so effortlessly thanks to its watery texture. I love applying it at night before I sleep so that I can wake up to soft and well-nourished skin in the morning. hehe
For maximum hydration, use the entire range! Start off with the basics and use the Creamy Foam cleanser, followed by the Spa Water (toner), Mask-in Lotion (essence) and finally, the Mask-in Water Gel (moisturizer). 
You'll be able to find the L'Oreal Hydrafresh range at leading retailers including Watsons. Guardian, SASA, selected Department store, and major hypermarkets :) Hurry to enjoy 20% off the entire range in June!

For more information, head over to

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1) Take a creative picture of yourself using the Hydrafresh Mask-in Water Gel.
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Have fun. Get creative and good luck <3
Thanks for reading guys!

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