Sunday, June 15, 2014


Paktor- The #1 Dating App in Asia
Really? Does it work?

I'm sure that you've already heard about this dating app called Paktor. Almost everyone's talking about it now (watch NOC's latest video here) but fret not; I'm not here to force you to download it. First of all, I've always thought that dating apps are so creepy. I don't even switch on my Facebook chat because I hate it when random guys start talking to me. Well, I would say that Paktor is a lot more refine in that sense? I'll explain more later. 

Secondly, to be honest, I was a little skeptical about this app at first because.... How do you find love through talking to random dudes behind your smart phones? Besides, everyone already knows that I have a boyfriend and it's just not right if I start talking to random guys through this app. Okay, so I don't use this app at all. But I did play around with it for a bit (with Fai's knowledge) and realised that it could be pretty beneficial for all the singles out there. You actually might be able to find the one you've been looking for. 

And anyway, gone are the days where guys would pluck up their courage and come up to girls, to strike a conversation with them (unless their in a club and they're wasted). I feel that local guys are so shy nowadays and Facebook was the cause for it. I know because Fai and I kinda met each other through Facebook. HAHA. So I guess Paktor might just be the next phenomenon in the dating scene.
What impressed me about the app would definitely have to be it's user interface. I haven't tried any other dating apps before so it's tough for me to make any comparisons. But from my experience so far, Paktor’s a pretty efficient app I would say. It automatically syncs to your Facebook profile pictures so you don't have to go through the trouble of uploading a new photo, which usually takes forever. Besides, our Facebook profile pictures are usually our better photos right? 

With that said, be careful when you're finding matches for yourself on Paktor. The person you're talking to might not even look like his/her picture in real life! hehehe. But then again, I think that if you're planning to own a Paktor account, be open to meeting all kinds of people. Not just physically appealing ones. The only way to find out how the other person is really like is to strike a conversation with them. Personally, I look for a sense of humour in a guy. He doesn't have to be drop dead gorgeous, even if he's average looking with a great personality, humbling character with good hygiene, that's good enough for me! But if he's able to make me laugh, that's a bonus.
This brings me to my next point. I said, "be open to meeting all kinds of people." but I'm sure that you don't want to meet someone way above your age that's old enough to be your dad right? Here's the great thing about Paktor. You can actually change the settings and monitor the kind of people you want to meet. Right up to their age! Okay, maybe this is something that's essential in every dating app or dating site, but I did find it really impressive that I could make sure that the people I want to meet are only around my age group.

You can also set a distance of how far you want to take this dating thing to. Sure, you can dream and try your best to meet someone from France or Korea, but if you're realistic and maybe desperate to get a girlfriend/boyfriend, I suggest that you keep the distance to a minimum. And why did I mention France or Korea? Well, Paktor is available in 19 different countries. Maybe, this might be the easy way to get in touch with people from other nations. Who knows, the future might really be determined by this dating app since everything's revolving around technology anyway!
 Alright, I'd mentioned earlier that "I hate it when random guys start talking to me." but "...I would say that Paktor is a lot more refine in that sense?". Here's why. Random dudes can't talk to me unless I like their profile as well. You see, Paktor is trying to create that same feeling you'd get when you see someone you like checking you out at the same time. You know, that butterflies-in-your-tummy-come-over-and-talk-to-me kinda feeling. A conversation on Paktor can only be formed when "someone you like, likes you back." It's a smart way to protect one's privacy while instilling that sort of emotion you'd get when you know someone you're interested in, is interested in you too.

Protect your privacy and interests by accepting or declining requests!

I feel #likeaboss when I scroll though my "matches" on Paktor. All I have to do is swipe left if I don't like what I see, and swipe right if I do. And if the person likes me back, we'll be able to chat! Of course I didn't like anyone since I'm already taken but I can see how fun this can be if a single person were to do it! 
To sum it, I guess Paktor isn't that bad after all. I thought that it would be like every other dodgy dating apps, but I think it's great that a lot of thoughts were put into building this app to make dating fun and less nerve wrecking. I don't know, maybe I'm just old and my time as a youth has past so I still don't quite agree that dating should only be limited to depending on technology. I mean, don't you wanna be together with someone that you met in real life? It's important that you do because a person in real life is totally different from who they are online. Some people come across as rude in the virtual world, but in reality, they're so nice! Vice versa. 

Also, it's impossible to tell if the person you're talking is particular about hygiene or not. My word of advice is, go ahead and try it, have fun, make new friends but don't fall too deeply into your "matches" unless you've met him/her in real life. The last thing you want is to expect too much and get disappointed when you actually do meet your match face to face. hahaha.

According to Paktor’s site, the app has helped over 500,000 singles find their other half. Is this a revolution? Will the future of dating and relationships be based on the help of technology? I hope not because I still believe in the old fashion way where the guy chases the girl personally. But time has changed and I guess we all have to slowly accept this new way of life. 

To my dear young female readers below the age of about 18? Or as long as you're still in school, PLEASE do not download this app. Stay in school and worry less about getting a boyfriend. Your time will come in the future and the last thing you want now is to go through heartbreaks. They're so unnecessary for your age. And trust me, things are a lot more fun when you're young and single unless you've found the perfect man to take care of you (like Fai. hehehe) which is highly unlikely to happen at your age! Let the boys grow into men. Once that has happened, then maybe it's time to date ;)

Thanks for reading!

Eunice Annabel


  1. Local guys aren't shy! They just know you will reject them. The "high value" guys already have tonnes of girls surrounding them.

    1. But I think guys shouldn't always just approach girls with the intention of getting something out of them.. Like what's wrong with just striking a friendly conversation? As cliche as it may sound, I think that small steps like that will make this country a better place to live in. If only people were a little more open. And I'm not just referring to guys, girls too. Singaporeans in general are just too shy... hahaha

    2. that's why paktor and other dating apps won't work out that well in Singapore. guys here use these apps to get laid not make friends. it's reality and something you can't just change just because you want it to.

  2. But it need credit right? Limited function without credit.

  3. This App has a "Privacy" issue ... it sends phone and user's data to a remote server. Why would it do that and what is it then doing with your data? I found this out by using a security App called CheckMyApps which can be downloaded from Google Playstore. As well as "Privacy" issues it will also report on Apps if they also have "Financial Losses" and/or "Security" problems. Line and WeChat come up with a "clean bill of health" on all three reporting issues.

  4. I have been using Tinder like mobile dating app and i have felt as interesting with the features involved in that app. I have came across one such app ie. Paktor. So i would make sure to give a try with new app. Thanks for sharing this new app.

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  5. Please avoid this Paktor app at all cost!!! .... I just bought the so called 'credits' at $XX for 30 credits, which allowed me to send hellos to 30 users. Guess what? overnight Paktor changed the 'credits' to 'points'.... The same $XX now gets you 1000 points, and you can only say hello to a user at 199 points, which means in the past you could initiate chats with 30 people vs only 5 now. And worse, now you need also to pay to know when your friends 'last assessed' the app. To add to that, the app always hangs and you get logged out all the time - very bad user experience. Writing to admin will get you no replies too!

    Better go sign up for SDN, the genuine girls are repeats from there... Those who aren't are just phantom 'friends' if you know what I mean, so that you buy even more credits. Don't get cheated.

  6. I've tried the Tinder Clone App with its beautiful animated gestures to swipe around for the match suggesstions.

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