Friday, September 12, 2014

#MAKEITREIGN [Sunglass Hut]

Fall is my favourite season. Well, there obviously isn't a difference in Singapore since it's summer all year round but the fashion trend changes for sure. We know when the festive season is round the corner when you see retail shops selling faux fur jackets, plaid shirts and leather boots. I love that sort of vibe and honestly, I try to dress like that no matter how humid it is in Singapore. It just makes me feel a lot more glamorous, put together and somewhat royal? And you gotta admit, no outfit is complete without a pair of shades. 

Having modeled for various local online boutiques taught me that shades have the ability to make any outfit look fabulous in an instant. You could be wearing the most ugly outfit but accessorizing with some sunnies will make you look like a superstar. It kinda has the same amount of power as crowns don’t you think? A king or queen is never completely taken seriously until they don their royal symbol. 

This season, allow Sunglass Hut to complete your outfit with their wide selection of trendy sunnies!  But first, always remember that when it comes to picking the right pair, it's important to be aware of your face shape. 

Here are some tips I've found online that could probably help you out!

- Round face shape (like mine): Look for broad styles that equals to the width of your face. Square lenses or angular frames works well.

- Heart face shape: Delicate or rimless frames like aviators are good choices.

- Square face shape: Gentle curved and oval shaped frames help to soften and define features. Like circular lenses or cat eye lenses.

- Oval face shape: Anything works!

This season, I've decided to go for something a little different from the sunnies I'd usually wear but I'll make sure to keep those tips in mind. Choosing the perfect few sunnies from Sunglass Hut's extensive range of designs was tough. In the end, I settled for a few quirky pieces that are sure to make a statement, and a few classic and timeless pieces that would look great with everything!


Let's start with the quirky pieces shall we! 

Firstly, I'd picked out a pair of Miu Miu shades. It features a colour-blocking acrylic finish that would definitely spice up any outfit. It's soft pastel hue gives the entire quirky look a softer, more feminine appeal, which I'm totally digging. I chose to match this unique piece with a dress of similar colour-blocking hues. The end results? Well put together ensemble that looks polish yet youthful and fun!
Next, I got myself a pair of sunnies from a designer brand that I thought I would never ever own in my life. I'd picked out a rather retro-inspired pair of Prada shades.

It features a retro temple that I thought was pretty interesting. It's rather angular frame works extremely well for my face shape so I'm really pleased with the entire look. I chose to match this piece with a much more feminine outfit - crop tank, flare midi skirt with heels. Trust me, I feel good enough to be treated like royalty in it. hehe.

I've also chosen two classic pieces that would look great with any outfit. The first one's from Versace. Yes, I went crazy at Sunglass Hut and purposely aimed for all the high-end labels. I've always wanted to own something from Versace. Something that features it's logo in particular. The logo intrigues me in a rather mysterious way.

Hmmm... Anyway, the point is, this gorgeous Versace shades are to die for! I know my face shape would look a lot more pleasant with big bold lenses like the first two I'd picked, but I like to wear aviators once a while alright? 

Last but not least, I'd chosen another timeless piece from D&G. I know it looks like every other pair of shades I've worn my entire life but I couldn't resist it! I just had to have it the moment I tried it on at Sunglass Hut. It fits my face shape so perfectly and sits very comfortably on the bridge of my nose. The size of the lenses are just right too and because it's from such a reputable brand, I know that it'll last for a long time unlike all of my other shades. hehehe. You'll be seeing me in this a lot ;)

From now till 21st  September, jump onboard the bandwagon and take part in the Royal Selfie Contest! Stand a chance to win a $500 Sunglass Hut voucher! All you have to do is take a selfie of yourself with your shades on and hashtag #MAKEITREIGNSG. Entry with the most number of likes, wins! So make sure you spread the word and get your friends to like your picture ;)

For more information, head over to Sunglass Hut facebook page at

Have fun and good luck!:)