Friday, September 5, 2014

Running the wrong race.

It's quite an irony, don't you think?
I've been wanting to change my blog's layout for the longest time and when I finally got it done, I didn't utilise this space to it's fullest potential as I did before anymore. I've been wondering every night for the past few days- How did I get from being so happy and successful to this state where I'm constantly feeling low and rather... depressed? I've gone on quite a long hiatus recently because well, I just wanted to skip all the drama on the virtual world for a while. Getting attack from another personality online felt alright to me, to be honest. That person don't matter to me one bit and my conscious was clear so I honestly, couldn't care less. But getting attack from people whom I thought were my friends, from people I thought I could trust, that was a little hard to handle. 

Well, I'm actually quite thankful everything happened. It's something that got me thinking a lot about this whole industry. I've been so tired the past few weeks due to filming, I couldn't find time to spend with Fai on his birthday and our relationship strained a little which explains why my twitter timeline was filled with emotionally unstable tweets. But don't worry, we're alright now. I've also been straying away a little from blogging events and I find it hard to explain what I felt over the past few days.

You see, I just don't understand why and how I am required to constantly work hard to be one of the top bloggers in this industry. Does that even matter? You know, in the first place why is this whole blogging thing even a competition? I started off a few years back as a blogger just for the fun of it. I was just a blogshop model then and I was requested to start a blog so that I could document my journey as a blogshop model. People were just interested in the simplest of things like how I do my make up, what I eat to stay in shape etc. It was just for fun, it was a hobby, it was just a space for me to pend down my thoughts. It was just a journal and I never thought it would ever become a "job".

Now, I'm not complaining about how tiring it is to uphold an image as an influencer, neither am I complaining about how exhausting it can be at times to update my blog constantly. It became a routine that I got used to over time and I actually love doing it. But the issue here is, I hate how this hobby, this thing I once did for fun has become a competition. I don't understand why I have to try to "beat" other influencers. I don't understand why I have to always ensure that I only post pictures of a certain quality on Instagram. You know, honestly, things are like that because it seems like that's the only way clients would actually buy into you. It gives them more reason to spend more money on you. Yes, I am giving away insider tips on how to become a little more successful as an online personality. But I really don't think it's an issue since it's so obvious anyway- that as long as you maintain a certain standard on your social space, you'd get more money.

I think it is important for you to know how exhausting it is to constantly uphold these standards in order to be what they would call "successful". In my opinion, it's not right when I'm being told to dressed a certain way, to talk to only a certain group of people, to purposely take photos with certain people at events just to preserve an "image". It's not me but it seems like that's the way to grow fast as a blogger, to be seen around influential people. You know, I come from a humble background, my mom taught me the importance of staying rooted, being humble, to help the poor etc. But entering this industry changed me. Well, at least I see it from a different perspective now.

I remember how I used to be completely against splurging on branded designer bags. Or how I used to be against aesthetic jabs- your botox and fillers. But all that has somewhat changed now and I actually think that that way of life is perfectly normal. I don't know what exactly is happening but I'm hoping that I don't evolve into someone I don't even know, someone I wasn't brought up to be.

I think I'm blessed, I really am grateful for all the love and gifts from all the people I've worked with over the last couple of years. I am thankful for all the opportunities, don't get me wrong. But I just want to say that if you're looking into living the sort of life I've led, remember to always stay close to your roots. I admit, I'd lost myself along the way at some point of time. I was so caught up in the race and when I look back, I wished I had done things differently. If I were to lose my blog or my social media platforms, who the hell am I?
That's the point. Why are we throwing away friendship and real happiness for things that only exists on the virtual world? They're not real. We can't even hold them, these things could be taken away from us in an instant. So why are we fighting over something so superficial? Why is this all a competition? Why are we putting so much time and energy into something that wouldn't even matter 10 years down the road? I hate it when I'm being told things like "If you don't work on your Youtube channel, someone else will, and she will beat you.." or "If you don't read more, no one's gonna buy into you..." It's not nice hearing things like that and it made me stop in my tracks and wonder if this is the life I even want. Like I said, how did something fun, something that was just a hobby become something that could actually kill me? Kill me emotionally and mentally.

I just don't want anyone to go through this. I've been so caught up in trying to be the best that I've neglected my loved ones along the way. I've been working non stop, there wasn't time for those who actually matter to me. Yes, I get all these pretty material stuffs, but am I really living life to the fullest? Cause when I come home, all I see is excessive amount of clothes, shoes, perfumes, accessories but honestly, my room still feels empty. 

I've been thinking. Why have I been feeling so hurt, angry, revengeful and full of grudges towards those who've hurt me? Why did I even want to take revenge? It's just not right and it's just not worth my time. Like I mentioned earlier, blogging should just be a hobby. Leave it as it is. It shouldn't be something you take so seriously as though it a real profession. Yes, clients are buying into us because it's an awesome way to advertise. But you know, it's not something you should aim to do in the long run. There's no way, you can enjoy a fruitful relationship since you're constantly fighting a superficial race with people that don't even matter.

I'm glad that I took a few weeks off blogging for a bit. I'm glad I took a step back and tried to watch it from a different angle. I'm glad that I didn't vent all my frustrations on this space a few days ago because that would have been a wrong move and I'm sure it would have spark off even more unnecessary drama. I just wanted to get all of these off my chest and I hope that you've learnt a thing or two from this post if you're looking towards getting a "job" as a blogger. 

From now on, I'm gonna make thing a little different. I told myself not to fully submerge myself into this race anymore. I'm done competing. If I'm one of top few, then great. If not, fuck it. I am going to say and do whatever I want on my blog or on my Instagram. I'm done putting up a fake facade. No one is always so happy and perfect. I'm gonna use my energy for other things. There's only a few more months left till 2014 ends and I'm not gonna use that time to think about how to "beat" others just to be on top. I'm just gonna care a lot more on how to be genuinely happy. Not just for myself but for those who matter to me too.

Well, thanks for reading.


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I remember how tough it was to find the perfect laptop case a few years back when I bought my Macbook Pro. The usual ones you'd find at IT stores aren't exactly the sort I would ever spend money on. I think we can all agree that though they'd really serve the purpose in protecting our laptops, they always just too expensive and too ugly as well. hahaha. I mean come on, I've never carried my Macbook in my bag, it's always wrapped in my arms and I don't ever want to be caught carrying a casing that doesn't suit my outfit - that isn't "cool" enough. I'm sure you know what I mean.

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I picked abstract images since they're such a craze these days and I find that they suit almost all my outfits. Thanks to Snupped, I finally own a laptop case that I'm confident of carrying around. And in case you're wondering, the sleeve I'd received is fully lined with thick cushion to support and protect my precious Macbook. I've been using it for a few weeks now and it's still in the same good condition and shape. Really impressed and proud of the boys behind Snupped! Do you know that they're a local startup? It'll be great if we could all support our very own home boys. hehehe.

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Leigh Winged Tote

An everyday tote bag is a must have in every lady's wardrobe. It's a versatile piece that suits almost every outfit and it's perfect for running errands with on a busy day. I like how sturdy the Leigh Winged Tote feels. It's the perfect size, catered to someone like me who's always carrying too many things. And I like the many compartments it offers, great for organising my valuables.

Accent Winged Skirt and Metallic Minimalist Heels.
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Also, thank you Shesprees for the additional metallic heels! I've always wanted one but never actually got down to getting it. It's also an item that's super versatile, comfortable and sophisticated on it's own. I couldn't decide between Gold or Silver, but I ended up with the latter since it matches most of my outfits.

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3) Obsessions Of The Damsel, OOTD
Obsessions Of The Damsel (OOTD) is a place where all modern women can fulfil their obsessions and desires from head to toe, at affordable prices. Their aim is to bring you pretty apparels/items that has undergone thorough quality checked. You can be certain that quality at OOTD is never compromised!

The past few OOTD collections were amazing and I'm sorry I couldn't find time to share more about my favourite pieces. Modelling for OOTD is always a pleasure because the team consists of two very passionate and committed individuals. It's so nice to always meet them for shoots because when it's with them, the shoot just becomes more for leisure than a job.

I really hope that OOTD will last for a long time as well because I've never met anyone else as concern as they are for the welfare of you guys. They always ALWAYS make sure that their apparels are of a certain quality, if not they won't even shoot them. It's not easy to find such honest people like them in the industry these days. Show your support for OOTD! Here are my picks :)

Palm Overlap Skirt in Blue 
I love this collection! It was definitely one of the best I've ever seen from OOTD. I love the play of colours and prints seen very often in this collection and it was so tough (like seriously tough) to pick out my favourite pieces. I honestly wanted almost the entire collection. hahaha. I settled for their must have basic cropped essential bralet and if you notice, I've been wearing it very often lately. They just go with everything and it's so comfortable! Check it out here---->

Also, I'd picked their Palm Overlap Skirt in Blue. In recent times, I've found love in wearing colours and I think I look my best in blue. I couldn't say no to this piece, it's very feminine yet a little edgy at the same time. I can totally picture Song of Style (Aimee Song) in this skirt. hehehe

Premium Neoprene Anne Side-Slit Bodycon Dress
Another neoprene dress in the bag! I love neoprene so much, I think I might just be obsessed with it. It's an interesting material that doesn't crumple at all so it's perfect for someone like me who's always on the go. I love the fit from this dress, I could imagine myself wearing it for the entire day! It's a perfect day to night dress that works well for an office environment and looks stunning for a party at night. It's abstract prints make it look even more unique and I just love it's subtle side slit detail. Just the right amount of skin to show! ;)

Premium Grande Neoprene Maxi-Skirt in Red
I am in love with this maxi-skirt! Not only does it feature a stunning colour, the entire form is just beautiful. I can't wait to strut around in this skirt for my next event. Maxi skirts are a great way to look classy and sophisticated while allowing you to feel relax and comfortable at the same time. The high side slit detail creates an illusion of longer legs! Get ready to stand in the limelight with this gorgeous piece on. I'd paired it with OOTD's essential bralet in black :)

Luxe Quinn Knitted Crop Top in Grey
I wore this on set a few weeks back and received tons of compliments on it. Not only does it fit me perfectly, it's quality is awesome making it look as though it was taken off a rack at Topshop or Zara. What I love most about it is it's colour actually. I think it compliments well with white bottoms. This top sells out fast and OOTD just restocked it! So get it before it gets sold out again.

Luxe Alexandre High-Cut Platform Boots in Black
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  1. Eunice, your post is heartfelt. You don't have to validate yourself to others like a certain, ahem, blogger we all know so well. You have a good head on your shoulders. I look forward to reading the many amazing opportunities that lie ahead for you. You deserve the best girl. Please know you will always have my support. You're awesome! <3

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