Monday, September 29, 2014

My First Facial Treatment Ever at IDS Clinic - HydraFacial MD & Ultrasound & Iontophorosis treatment

When I go on a vacation with my friends, I'll always be the first to ask if they would like to join me at the hotel's spa. Likewise at Salon Vim, I would always look forward to the hair wash because my stylist would do little massages in between. I just love massages and getting pampered! I know some of you may hate it but if you're job requires you to be constantly on the run like mine, trust me, massages are the best things in life. 

Apart from head and body massages, I've never done anything therapeutic for my face. I was brought up with my mum constantly telling my brother and I to take good care of our skin. We started using facial products as soon as we hit puberty, so we were about 12 or 13? Relatively young age to start any facial regime actually. The point is, I've always been very particular about my complexion. I never allowed anyone to touch my face throughout primary and secondary school. I wouldn't even touch my own face without making sure my hands have been washed thoroughly. I just hate pimples, and whenever I get one, I'd become really upset, almost depressed. hahaha.

Because of this nature of mine, I've never thought of doing facials. What scares me is seeing hideous red spots on people's faces after their facial session. They can't apply make up right after a facial so there's no way to hide those ugly spots. Also, I've heard that facials are pretty painful and some times, there aren't any significant results. So why would anyone want to spend so much money on something painful that doesn't do you much good? Because of these factors, I've never done facials. Well.. until recently :)

I haven't been visiting IDS that often due to my SUPER BUSY September schedule. But I made a trip down recently and was recommended to try their HydraFacial MD Treatment. IDS hates to call it a facial because everyone knows that a facial means you come out of the room with those red spots. IDS calls the HydraFacial MD a therapeutic treatment, one that is super comfortable, no pain at all, almost like a spa treatment. Just hearing the name made me feel a lot more comfortable already. You see, the word Hydra has a close association to water, and we all know the benefits of water on our skin. Also, when I heard that it was going be a very soothing treatment, I was so excited! Finally, something to pamper my face!
If you wanna read about my first IDS visit, you can do so here. I've been using IDS products for about 4 months now and my favourite products from the range is the Facial Scrub, A+, Oil-Free Moisturiser and Non-Tinted Sunscreen. All of which are products I didn't use at all before my first visit. After using these products, I really do see a huge difference in my skin. Initially, my skin was very dry even though I thought it was normal. It also had multiple dark spots all over which I'd always spend lots of time concealing. 

Today, my skin feels bouncy, smooth and the dark spots have diminished in numbers significantly. I do still have a few stubborn ones and the colour on my forehead is still looking a little uneven, but other than that, everything is almost close to perfect. To combat these issues, I agreed to try IDS's HydraFacial MD and Ultrasound & Lontophorosis treatment, ending it with a whitening mask. So here's how it went!:)
Firstly, my skin was given a squeaky clean wash using IDS's cleanser and my favourite facial scrub.

Then, it was time for the HydraFacial Treatment! It is basically a non-invasive, non-surgical facial treatment to detox and rejuvenate your skin. I was promised immediate results with no downtime meaning I could apply make up right after. This is awesome if you have somewhere important to head to after and you need to look good. Which means, ladies could go straight to work without having to hide any embarrassing red spots etc. I needed to head for filming after at night so I was assured that there really isn't any downtime :)

How does the HydraFacial MD Treatment works?
What happens is a little tool attached to the machine releases high powered mini jets of water onto the skin. This causes microdermabrasion that removes dead skin cells, black heads and white heads. It may sound painful and scary but trust me, it's very soothing and therapeutic. The minerals from the water helps to deep cleanse while the powerful jets of water helps to further penetrate the minerals into the skin.

This is technology that is used all over the world by A-list celebrities. Just search it on google! What you get at the end of the treatment is rejuvenated skin that feels extremely clean and you don't have to worry about clogged pores anymore because it removes everything. 

Next, I did Ultrasound & Lontophorosis Treatment. My therapist swept some vitamins onto my skin before brushing the machine's wand on it. The wand basically helps the vitamins and minerals to penetrate deep into my skin, it's kinda like how we'd tap our skin when we apply lotions but with better results. This is an especially good treatment if you're looking to achieve specific results- in my case, brighter and fairer skin!

Like the HydraFacial treatment, no pain is involved in this treatment at all! Just a little buzzing sensation but nothing extreme. By this time, I was already falling asleep. hahaha

Applying the whitening mask I talked about earlier.

My treatment ended with a cool, soothing whitening mask. I really want to achieve bright and fair looking skin! I'm tired of people constantly telling me that my forehead is darker than the rest of my face. Also, I'm tired to people constantly telling me that I grew tanner when I've been diligently staying out of the sun whenever I can :( Anyway, the entire procedure lasted for about 20 to 30 minutes. I was left alone in the treatment room for a good 15 minutes for the mask to work it's wonders and you got it right, I slept like a log. hahaha

And here are the results!!!!! 
I went to meet Fai for lunch after my treatment and he had a shock when he saw me. At first, he thought that my "make up" looked a little too white but then realised that I wasn't wearing any! hahaha. I was so happy! For the first time, I don't have to worry about concealing any stubborn dark spots because I don't have any anymore! I can't believe that I've been battling them for almost half a year when I could just remove them in 20 minutes. 

At the moment I have 1 or 2 blemishes on my skin because it's that time of the month so it's inevitable but other than that, my skin is CLEAR, FAIR and BRIGHT!!!! This is one of the best things I've ever done for myself and I can't wait for my next treatment! Thank you so much IDS for recommending the treatments to me, happy customer here :) 


Apart from these treatments, I'm also taking IDS Lyco-White Oral Skin Supplements. It is highly raved about in Cleo magazine because of it's ability make one's skin fairer while protecting the skin from the sun's harmful UV rays. Just 3 capsules daily to achieve the perfect skin! More on this in future when I see significant results alright? By the way, it's Halal and Kosher certified so everyone gets to enjoy it! If you're interested, contact IDS Clinic now :)

Alright, that's all I have for now guys! Thanks for reading:)
And yes, I mean what I say in this post and no, it's not an ad at all. I wasn't told to write this. I just thought you should know because the treatments worked wonders on my skin. Stop spending money on concealers, just do the treatments, don't forget the whitening mask and you'll see the difference immediately.

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