Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hello lovelies! Arghhh it feels to good to finally be back on track with blogging. I promise to update this space more often and I also hope that I'll start to be a little more consistent with my vlogs. I've been getting a lot of requests for an updated makeup tutorial and an "Ask Eunice Annabel" video as well so you can expect those to come your way soon. 

If case you're wondering, filming is ending in just about 2 more days? I can't believe 2 months just flew past like that! I still remember audition day, I was a nervous wreck and I wanted the role so badly. I've had so much fun filming 2025, especially with such an amazing cast and crew. I've learnt so much from them and I can only hope to be able to work with them again in future. I've been asked what the show is about a thousand times, so I'll say it here once and for all - 2025 is an action, sci-fi drama series which will be aired next year January on channel 5. I think that's all I can disclose for now, you have to watch it for yourself to know what its all about! hehehe.

Once I'm done with filming, I am planning to take up driving classes, I'm going to focus a little more on blogging as well. I also plan to travel a little, I really need a good break because as you all know, I had a little breakdown a couple of weeks ago. I blame it on stress so... well, thank you all for checking in on me and even writing in to me, I am much better now. Happier and more certain of what I want to do in life. All is good and look! I'm finally going to write about day 3 of my Sunsilk experience in New York 2014!

I've compiled all the little clips I took in New York on day 2 and 3 into this vlog below. Just think about doing two major shoots on two consecutive days, that's exhausting but I had a hell lot of fun! Whilst I was editing the video, I was reminded of how lucky I was to be picked to fly to New York. I am so grateful for Sunsilk and this reminder has helped me make a little decision (okay, quite a major decision) a couple of weeks ago, which I was talk about more in another post. For now, I hope you'll like it, so sit back, relax and enjoy! :)

If you've missed out on the other Sunsilk x NYC 2014 post, here are the links!

Now that almost everything's been covered, here is the last Sunsilk x NYC 2014 post! :)
I woke up in a hurry on the third day because I'd used up almost all of my energy the day before. If I remember clearly, we only had a few hours of rest because Audrey and I woke up in the middle of the night to eat our instant Mac and Cheese. hehehe. I knew that that was a bad idea! Thank God I brought along my floral chiffon shirt which felt super comfy and was effortlessly pretty, I didn't have to think too much about what to wear thanks to it. In case you're wondering, I got it from http://ootd.sg/ :)

Even though we were running late, we still managed to take some outfit shots! hehe. 
We got onto the big black van and were off to Brooklyn! The way the sun shines down in NYC is beautiful. It really isn't too hot, neither is it humid there, which makes taking a walk in New York an enjoyable thing to do. The funny thing is the entire world shares the same sun, so why it is so different in Singapore? :(
My Rumi Neely inspired selfie. hehehe
After quite a long drive, we got off the van and arrived at our destination. As you've seen in my vlog, the drive there was one of the best rides I've ever rode. The view of NYC from the Brooklyn Bridge was spectacular, and I felt as though I was in one of those Hollywood movies. Anyway, here's a couple of pictures of me getting ready for the second shoot! I'm warning ya, there are A LOT of selfies. hehehe
Apparently, this is the best way to set your hair while it cools down after you heat it up with the curling tong. But come on! I'll never be able to set it like that so I was enjoying every moment I had with this Marilyn Monroe updo. To be honest, the entire set up made me feel as though I was getting ready on an ANTM set. hahaha
Check out the rack of really bold coloured apparels! I just wanna wear them all! hehehe
I was VERY happy with my outfit for the second shoot. hehehe. Not that I didn't like my previous outfit (the blue dress), but this one felt way much more comfortable and I could eat as much as I want without having to worry about my tummy bulging out. And I really wanted to eat as much as I could because outdoor shoots are always twice as tiring as studio shoots, so I knew that I needed as much carbs as I could get. Also, how can anyone resist the food in NYC?? I'll never get to taste their bacon or jerkies anymore until I travel there again, so I just wanted it all!
My outfit's super cute isn't it? I couldn't decide which pair of shoes I liked more. The cobalt heels or polka dot flats? Which would you choose?
Once again, I am glad that Audrey came along with me on this trip! With her around, I could get more pretty OOTD pictures and behind the scenes photos. hehehe. Thank you Auds <3
I don't know when the Sunsilk video is going to be out. The team did an amazing job last year and if you haven't watched my previous Sunsilk video, go check it out on my Youtube channel. I can't wait to receive the new one, I tried to make it a little better than the old one, so we shall wait and see. hehe. Here's some behind the scenes pictures of me interviewing Sunsilk's Volume Expert Teddy Charles!
We left the holding area when everyone was done with hair and make up, and we were off to the park next to Brooklyn Bridge for our shoot! <3 Sherri and I did a little video back in NYC which we will release in a couple of days so watch out for that ;)
Candid shot of myself looking out into the Hudson River! It doesn't look like it from here but the water is ice cold. Now I understand why millions died in Titanic. If its already so cold in NYC in SUMMER, then it must be goddamn freezing in the Atlantic Ocean, there is no way anyone could have survived. For this, I appreciate our warm waters in Singapore. No wonder Ang Mos love to head to Bali or Phuket so much! hahaha
With Jamie!
Did a shoot with Yuko too! t's always a lot of fun working with her because she's so enthusiastic! Seeing her so happy makes me happy too! 
With Jamal! He's Sunsilk's Shine Expert. A victim of full, frizzy hair, Jamal will fix all of your problems! I've attached two videos Sherri took at the bottom of this post. It's extremely beneficial for everyone because it covers ever single hair woes we'd usually get. So watch it and learn from the experts!
I had a lot of fun shooting outdoors, in fact, I've always preferred outdoor shoots anyway! It's always a different environment with a lot more space and props to play with so the pictures will always turn out a little better? hehehe. I mean natural sunlight is always the best anyway.
These bikes were HUGE! My feet couldn't touch the ground at all so trying to pose for a picture on it was tough, I thought I could fall any minute. That almost felt like modelling boot camp. hahaha
Next, we were taken to the almighty bridge itself for some final shots! Up till now, I can't believe I was actually on it. I mean, I've always seen it in movies and it's such a huge icon and now I can that I've been on it. Dreams really do come true when you work hard towards it.
The view from the Brooklyn Bridge is gorgeous, it overlooks the crazy skylines of NYC with the Hudson River sparkling in the foreground. No matter how tired I was, I didn't want to just wait around with my eyes closed, I made sure to take it all in because I know that things like that only happens once in a blue moon. And in times like that, I really wish I live in New York so that I could visit all these beautiful spots everyday. Life would be so much more interesting and relaxing don't you think? Singapore's over populated and there isn't enough time and space to sit back and watch such views don't you think? That's why we're all always so stressed out.
Mandatory selfie shot. hahaha. Just look at the run rays, it's so beautiful right!
Another tourist shot with some gigantic Sunsilk balloons! hehehe. The team gave a huge pink one away to a couple nearby. The man apparently proposed to his lady on the bridge and everyone, stranger or not, stopped to take photos of them and cheered for them. You see what I mean? We don't get to experience things like that in Singapore.. sighhh...
Some more visuals. 
Some more pictures of the lovely people on set taken using my DSLR. I'm so proud of my baby. hehe
Sherri <3
Karla & Soledad <3
Thomas <3
Teddy <3
Jamal <3
Brit <3
Miles <3
The day ended with us walking back to our vans while the sun sets behind us. In that very moment, it hit me that my time in NYC was coming to an end. I've worked with this group of people twice already and it was hard saying goodbye the first time, and believe me it was even harder the second time. What I miss most about them is their "Never say die" attitude. To them, everything is possible and they'll work towards making things work and I guess that's what I admire most about New Yorkers. And that's why I'd die to live there. 

Being around optimistic people keeps me motivated and that's the sort of environment the people there live in. There is no way New York is an unfriendly place. Wherever you heard that from is bullshit because from what I've seen, New Yorkers are always willing to lend a helping hand and they're always smiling. If they're not, it's only probably because they're in a rush since everyone moves fast there anyway. But trust me, they should be one of the reasons why you'll want to visit New York some day. At least once in your life. They say that you'll never come back the same and it's true, once you see New York and breathe in it's air, you'll know what living is all about :)

Thank you Sunsilk for everything! I love you and I can't wait for more adventures :)
And here are the videos Sherri did. She basically interviewed almost all of the Sunsilk experts during the studio shoot and they answered a lot of really good questions. So you'll definitely wanna watch it.

Alright guys! I hope you enjoyed this post :)
Believe it or not, it's time for me to get ready for filming! I'm gonna be working from 10pm to 5am. Hopefully I'll be able to stay awake. hahaha. Thanks for reading and I'll be back again soon. Love you all! <3


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