Thursday, October 9, 2014

SUBWAY: Buy One Get One FREE Day!!!

Subway is definitely one of my favourite places to eat at! The first sub I ever had was Subway Melt®. I was still in secondary school at that time, and I remembered feeling a little nervous purchasing it because the queue was always really long and I didn't know how to go about ordering a sandwich since there were so many steps to follow! I didn't want to hold anyone back so I ordered whatever my schoolmate ordered, and I fell in love <3 

It’s apparently healthier to have a Subway sandwich than a McDonald's burger, and since there are so many varieties to choose from at Subway, it instantly became a place I'd head to after school for lunch. Though it’s a little pricier, I don't mind at all because it's so yummy and nothing is better than enjoying good, healthy food right? 

I am a huge Subway lover and if you're just like me, you're gonna love this piece of good news ;)

Mark 10th October 2014 on your calendar, you'll wanna head down to the nearest Subway brunch and start queuing, because its going to be Subway's 3rd consecutive year running the national Subway’s Buy One Get One Free day!! On this very special day, everyone is entitled to a free second 6-inch sub, when you purchase one 6- inch sub! You could eat them both but if you don't have enough tummy space for two subs, put that sub to good use and give it to someone else.

This year, Subway is collaborating with some of the world's best upcoming artists such as Tom Whalen, So Youn Lee, and JP Cuison. They will be designing limited edition "Say It With A Sub" bag! You could pack your extra sub intended for someone else into these bags and give it to them as a gift. Tell that person how you feel with the bag of your choice! Some of the captions on the bags include the following:

- We need to talk..
- I don't know what I did but I'm sorry anyway
- I hope you accept bribes
- Can I leave at 4pm today?
- This is what an apology tastes like

-My other half for my better half

My other half for my better half

Such a cute caption! Since Fai loves Subway as much as I do, I would give the free sub to him and it would definitely make his day! :)

More ways to use the creative captions: Think its time to tell your crush how you truly feel but never had the words to say? Say it with a Sub bag! Your boyfriend hasn't been happy with you lately? Choose the "I don't know what I did but I'm sorry anyway" bag!

I think it’s an interesting way to communicate with others and put a smile of their faces. Subway's Buy One Get One Free day will definitely be a day filled with happy people!

Subway's Buy One Get One Free day only lasts for one day! Make sure you get it right, its the 10th October 2014!! It'll be such a pity if you miss out on it. Also, the Say It With A Sub bags are limited edition so make sure to get in the queue quick to redeem one of them.

However, if you want another design, and want to do some charity at the same time, here’s a way!

Head over to Subway Singapore’s Facebook page ( for a link to an online charity auction!
You can bid for any of the signed artwork by these artists from now till 17 October.
All proceeds will go to the Business Times Budding Artist Fund (,  a charity which supports The Little Arts Academy’s arts training programmes for children and youth from financially-disadvantaged backgrounds. Isn’t it such a good cause?

For more information, keep your eyes peeled to Subway's site,

Have fun and thanks for reading! :)


  1. Ahh tomorrow is the day haha yay. Would try to get down to a subway outlet and get that bag! (: loving the captions <3

  2. oooo subway, I used to eat so much from them during university!! haha ^^

    恵美より ♥

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