Sunday, October 5, 2014

LONGCHAMP Le Pliage Personalised

I don't carry designer bags because my mother doesn’t carry them so I've never felt the need to own one. But being in this industry puts some sort of pressure on me to have at least one to carry to events or special occasions. I'm not saying it's wrong to own one or even a huge collection of them, because I know how pretty they are, and some times it's worth spending that much amount of money on them for their quality and durability. I guess as long as one doesn't buy them just to show off, it's perfectly fine. 

Recently, I've had my eyes set on a few designer bags but I won't get them just because I think I can. I'm going to work hard, save money and earn it instead of just spending whatever I have in my bank. After all, the money I've saved so far was earned with the intention of just helping my family out with the household bills and saving for rainy days. 

Last week, I had  a chance to experience Longchamp’s Le Pliage Personalized  service which allows you to pick your own colours, bag accessories and even put your name on their iconic Le Pliage I was thrilled but a little nervous at the same time.

Stepping into Longchamp was quite an experience for me. You see, I'm more of a high street label shopper, I'm always really relax and confident when I step into high street label shops. But throw me into a luxury brand store and I'll retreat back into my shell. I just don't know what to do in those stores. I mean, all the stuffs are expensive so I'm not sure if I'm even allowed to touch them. And half of the time, I'm worried about touching something that's way above my budget. Also, the sales person in these sort of shops are always on my tail, leaving me to wonder if they think I can even afford anything in those stores. I guess it just takes some time for me to get used to it.

However, I was greeted very warmly at Longchamp so that lightened the mood and made me feel at ease instantly. I began the process of customizing my bag by looking through the rows and columns of the original Le Pliage bags. There were just so many beautiful colors to choose from! 

I'm sure that we've all seen this signature Longchamp bag before but after my visit to Longchamp, I now understand why the Le Pliage is loved by so many around the world.

The Le Pliage is a great bag for everyday use and when you're not using it, you can store it away easily by simply folding it. It comes in 12 different colors and 5 various sizes. For now till October 12, 2014 you can customize your own Le Pliage at the boutique. This is great especially for travelling because nothing is worst than claiming the wrong bag at the airport! Apart from choosing the colors, you can also opt for different sort of ways to imprint your initials onto the bag. And that's not all! You will also be entitled to choose the length of the handle and the type of hardware. 

This is quite an awesome gift idea too don't you think? Just think about it. Christmas is just around the corner and I think it'll be sweet to get that special someone something personally made. And there's no harm in getting an early present, you won't have to frantically find a present when the holiday season approaches. hehehe. Also, because the Le Pliage stores away very efficiently, you don't have to worry much about where to hide it! 

Anyway! Here's how the process went :) Very quick and easy! I took only about 5 minutes to get everything done because I already did some research beforehand so I knew what colors to get. But if don't have time to do some homework, fret not! The boutique provides sample swatches of the colors for you to play and experiment around with. This is awesome if you’re the sort who likes to touch and feel the fabric for yourself! Also, the colors that you see on screen isn’t always the same as what it is in real life, so these swatches provided by the boutique helps you to have a better expectation of how your Le Pliage might look like.

I already knew what I was going to get but I thought I'd try some other options out first before finalizing my decision. I thought Red and Navy went well together just as how Red and Candy did. But in the end, I settled for what I had in mind earlier- Dark Purple and Hydrangea

I decided to have my name "EUNICE" embroidered onto the bag with Beige thread. I think it would contrast nicely against the Dark Purple panel and I'd picked the font, Campus out of all the options they offered because it looked very Varsity-ish? So it makes the entire bag look a lot more youthful and dated. You can choose to emboss your initials onto the flap of the bag instead.

As for the handles, I picked the shorter one because I thought it looked a lot more chic and I chose Gold for the hardware- zipper head and button. (Refer to following pictures for a rough idea on how my bag would look like.)

Once the decision was made, the boutique's friendly staff helped me with the order. An iPad was readily available and my order was made in an instant! No fuss at all which is awesome for someone like me who's always in a hurry. All I had to do after was fill in a form with my necessary contact details and the deed was done! Now I have to wait patiently for approximately 6 weeks for my personalized Le Pliage to arrive. If you calculate properly, it'll be just in time for Christmas! So you're thinking of getting it, do so as soon as possible!

This is how my personalized Le Pliage is going to look like! Not bad right? :) I'll definitely use it when I travel.

I think it'll look somewhat like this mini Le Pliage! It'll go well with my outfits and nothing says Eunice Annabel more than PINK AND PURPLE right?! hahaha Okay, I should stop dreaming. But you see what I mean? It's so fun to personalize your own one-of-a-kind bag!

This special service is only available at Takashimaya boutique (Level 1) and is happening now till 12th October 2014. It is launched to celebrate Longchamp's Le Pliage 20th anniversary, what better way to celebrate it then with more colors and combinations! Visit the boutique to find out more!

Do you know that apart from the well-known Le Pliage bags, Longchamp also  has exquisite leather bags and even footwear?! Here are some of the pretty shoes and bags I saw, thought I'll share it with you guys.

Keeping it cool and youthful, I see? ;)

Leather travel size bags in assorted colors! I think the Purple one is gorgeous. They’re actually called Le Pliage Cuir aka the leather Le Pliage.

The Au Sultan Verni is such a cute bag!!! I've always been a fan of patent leather bags.

Possibly one of the most gorgeous leather bags I found in the store, the Au Sultan. It feels extremely soft and smooth yet structured and sturdy. It's just the right size and it's undeniably classy and versatile. 

I just had to take a picture with it. 

Apart from the Le Pliage bag, I also chose this stunning glossy Roseau Box bag. It came in three different colors actually so it was tough making a choice because they were all so gorgeous in their own ways. But I picked Red eventually since it stood out the most. I haven't had time to take it out with me so there aren't any OOTD pictures with it unfortunately and I'm planning to save it for special occasions or events so watch out for it on my Instagram ;) And guys.... this is my FIRST label bag!!!!! hehehehe *Bursting with excitement!*
Walking home with a huge Longchamp carrier like a boss. It felt good :)

Anyway, thank you Longchamp and your lovely team for having me! I can't wait for my personalized Le Pliage bag to arrive. And to my dear readers, I hope this post was beneficial to you! I wanna thank you guys too because without your constant support, I wouldn't be able to work with such huge brands. So thank you! I love you all and thanks for reading.


  1. It really is cool to personalise your own branded bag! <3 I saw your Instagram post and the red was gorgeous ! (: would love to have those amazing footwear but I bet they are expensive! :/

  2. Hi i would love to know the price of the customisation cost.

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