Saturday, January 24, 2015

Advertorial - Ninth Store

Ninth Store

"Ninth Store is an online fashion label based in Singapore, specialising in fashion clothing, bags & accessories for young women. With fashion styles switching so fast, we're here to bring you the latest and trendiest stuffs every week."

Ninth Store has easily become one of my favourite local boutique sites to shop at. They're always at the top of their game, offering the trendiest apparels and accessories. What I like most about them is that they don't really follow the norm and tend to offer apparels that you can't find on any other sites. Here are two of picks!:)

Mesh Overlay II in White

The goddess dress, that's how I'd call it. It's a stunning piece that I wore for my birthday dinner date with Fai and it was perfect. I adore how soft the chiffon fabric was, and how it made me feel like royalty. I also enjoyed the high side slits and halter neckline! Definitely worth it because it costs only less than 25 bucks and it's a classic piece so I foresee myself wearing it again for future events.

Wore it to my birthday dinner date ;)

Striped Cut In Top - Dark

Another versatile item that goes well with almost anything! I picked this top for it's cut-in, halter neckline once again, I'm a huge fan of tops/dresses like that. It's also available in white which made me torn between the two. Currently, it's one of my go-to tops when I'm in a rush because it's so easy to style. In fact, I don't even have to do much cause it's perfect on it's own.


Congratulations to Ninth Store for moving into their new office! And they're sharing the joy with you especially if you're in need of a studio :)

Their latest collection features several event-worthy dresses and jumpsuits! Perhaps you'll be able to find your CNY outfit there!

Follow them on their social media platforms for more updates!

Ninth Store's items are so popular, they get sold out really fast! But fret not, all time favourites are now back in stock! Yippeee! They also launch a new collection every week, so don't forget to check them out in time.

Self collection is now available at Space Invasion (The Cathay) and their Woodlands office.

Enjoy FREE shipping if you spend above SGD$20!
Quote "EA" upon check out to enjoy 10% off too :)

Happy shopping!:)


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