Monday, January 19, 2015

#EuniceAnnabel21st @SouthCoast

Thank you everybody for the birthday wishes over the last couple of days! But in case you weren't aware, my actual birthday is on the 22nd. hahaha. I'm just celebrating it in advance on different days with separate groups of friends. 

Planning a 21st birthday party is no joke, a lot is expected out of it and I'm not really fond of throwing huge parties. I grew up appreciating simple celebrations so my 21st shouldn't be any different. I would rather spend quality time with individual groups of friends instead of inviting everyone to a single party where I have to make sure no one feels left out.

The first celebration was dinner at South Coast with my dearest GC darlings. I've grown to only trust a handful over the past few years and I'm so glad that I have them in my life - wouldn't be able to stay sane in this industry without them. Thank you all for taking time off your busy schedule to have dinner with me. Like I mentioned in my previous post, as you grow older, you'll learn the importance of time over money. No point throwing lavish parties where you get drunk etc. It's all about building memories with those you love.

My #ClubProng girls. hehehe. Don't ask how we got the name. I'll probably explain some other time;)

Really need a new wallet so thank you Xavier, Hayden, Xeun, Charlotte, Audrey and Doreen for it! A Pink Michael Kors screams Eunice!!! hahaha

And thank you my darling ClubProng babes for the VS passport cover! I've always wanted one but always thought it was too expensive for just a cover, now I finally have it. Love you all!:)

#HaiDiLao gang! Let's go again soon guys. Been a longggg time!

Beautiful Asyiha. Check out one of her latest post here, so sweet of her <3

You have no idea how long we took to get this picture right okay! 
Selfie level: Asian Bloggers.

Xeun and Charlotte <3

Xav and Auds <3


Lydia and Asyiha. Why are my friends so pretty?

Dinner at South Coast @The Shoppes at MBS.
The food may not look appetising but their taste made up for it. 

Fish & Chips.

Pork Chop.

Fai Fai and I <3
(On a side note, I'm getting fairer again!!! Yayyy!!! Thanks to IDS Lyco-White pills! 
Not an ad.)

Gorgeous friends.

A birthday celebration isn't one without the birthday (cup)cakes. hehehe

We headed to a bar after and Joanna finally joined us! Thank you for coming no matter how late it was dear <3

And that was it! Once again, thank you everyone who came. And special thanks to Asyiha and Xavier who went up on stage to sing for me. HAHA. Really appreciate each and every one of you! <3

Thank you my dear readers and followers for dropping me wishes via twitter and Instagram too. I haven't had the time to reply but I do read them, so thank you <3 LOVE YOU ALL! And Happy Birthday to you if your birthday's in January too. (A part of me wish I know you guys too. haha. I'm biased to Aquarius people)

Alright! Gotta go! Thank you all for reading :)

P.S. I'll be doing a Q&N vlog soon! So let me know if you have any questions alright? 
Simply tweet to me @EuniceAnnabel.


  1. Happy birthday Eunice! I really enjoy reading your blog posts and watching your photos and videos. For all the negative news and stuff, your blog is the opposite. May God grant your heart's desire. Stay pretty!

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