Thursday, January 8, 2015

Gushcloud's Royal Blue Christmas Dinner 2014 x 2025!!!

Royal blue happens to be one of my favourite colours (besides pink of course) so it's always a pleasure dressing up every Christmas for GC's dinner party. It's like prom for the Gushcloud community, the one night everyone dresses up to the nines and mingle around. It's an opportunity to meet new members of the family and foster friendships with those we aren't so close to yet.

Last year, we had our dinner at Overeasy and this year, we had the honour of dinning at The White Rabbit. Both of which are sponsored by The Lo & Behold Group. So kudos to them for the awesome venue and delicious food.

Things are looking up for Gushcloud in 2015, the management have installed heaps of exciting things for us influencers to look forward to. My career path will somewhat change as well this year. It's scary to think about it and it's always nerve-wrecking venturing into something new. I will be documenting my journey on my blog so that's something to look out for this year. At least, there'll be some changes to my lifestyle so it doesn't get too mundane. I just really hope everything will turn out well. *cross fingers*

Alright, enjoy my visual-heavy post.

The White Rabbit had rather dim lights so I had no choice but to use flash when taking the photos hence the unsightly over saturated pictures. Bare with me.

Looks like flash only works well on fairer people :(
Tammy & Donna

Mikael, Auds & Reiee

Seth, Bobby & Xeun

Sze li & Val

Val, Sophia, Jeneen & Collette

My girlfriends.
Asyiha & Lydia (Missing mama Prong aka Shine. LOL)

Kife, Lucinda & Jolene

Abbra, Triqka & Sheikh Haikel

Mae, Kay Kay & Eric

Collette, Shi Jia, myself & Sophia

Sheikh Haikel & I

We had three full tables to ourselves, all decorated with blue and silver balloons. How pretty! The only thing I didn't quite fancy was the layout, it was tough moving around to other tables and that kinda deterred us from communicating with the influencers seated at the other end. Maybe next year, we should just throw a casual BBQ party instead. hehehe. Tuck away the heels and fancy dresses, out with the hot shorts, crop tops and flip flops huh? ;)

So that's that for the GC Royal Blue Christmas dinner party.
I told you that it was gonna be a visual heavy post.


Next up, I just want to spread the news that the docu-drama I was working on last year is FINALLY out on channel 5! You've probably already heard about it if you've been following me on Instagram or Twitter. I can't stop raving about it because I just feel so proud to be a part of 2025.

2025 is a thriller, action documentary-drama (as mentioned earlier) that follows the journey of a family who's lives have been thrown into chaos. The plot is set in the near future (explains the title), so expect to watch some advances in technology, say self-driving cars, 3D printers etc. 

I play Kaylin Tang in the series, the spoilt, whiny child. But I assure you that as you dive deeper into the story, you'll be able to watch her grow, take on some responsibilities and most importantly, appreciate those around her.

The first episode was telecast last Saturday. For those who missed it, you can watch it on Xinmsn or Toggle. The latter requires you to be a resident in Singapore or something, I'm not very sure. But Xinmsn is available WORLDWIDE!!! Also, I can't seem to watch toggle via Chrome, it works best on Firefox. I'll leave the links below.

Xinmsn ---- 2025 on xinmsn
Toggle ---- 2025 on toggle

Believe me, the series gets more and more intense so it's definitely worth the watch. Don't forget to tune in to Channel 5 every Saturday at 9.30pm alright? I truly appreciate your love and support! <3

Thank you all who came home early last Saturday just to catch it. It means everything to me! The cast and crew went through a lot on this production and it's one of those stories that has substance. I'm not being biased or anything but I fell in love with the script the moment I read it though there were some scenes I was pretty nervous about.

Episode two is already on Toggle but you'll need an account to watch it. If you do have an account, go check it out. We also did a web series, so watch that too alright? ;)

I shall end this post with a behind the scenes video. Enjoy!

Thank you all for reading! Cheers to an exciting 2015!


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