Friday, January 2, 2015

Our Anniversary Staycation @Hard Rock Hotel Singapore

My relationship with Fai's the longest I've ever had, we just passed the third year mark a few days ago on the 25th December 2014. Yeap, we made it official on Christmas day itself which kinda helps the both of us save up on gifts for each other. hahaha.

We're not the sort that celebrates our anniversary lavishly, we both like the idea of keeping things sweet and simple so this year, we spent our time together on a staycation at the Hard Rock Hotel Singapore.

Picking the right hotel for a staycation is crucial. I personally dislike staying in a hotel located in mainland Singapore, especially those near town. The whole point of a staycation is to unwind and get-away from city life, so if you notice, Fai and I love to pick hotels in Sentosa island. There, we don't have to worry about dressing up or keeping with traffic etc. because it's an island after all right? So I can strut around in my beach wear and not have a care in the world at all about bumping into familiar faces.

I've been to Hard Rock Hotels in other countries before so upon arrival, I was expecting the same standards but was surprised at how much more effort was put into the customer service to make our stay a pleasant one. We were greeted warmly at the front desk and were served glasses of thirst-quenching drinks while we waited to get ushered to our room.

As with all Hard Rock Hotels, you can expect a signature Rock and Roll vibe resounding throughout the lobby - with their walls plastered with paintings of legendary musicians and rock music playing softly in the background.

We were taken up to our room after a few minutes and I was in awe with how pretty the interior of the lift was. I was already imagining how awesome it would be to have a photo shoot right there and then. hahaha. Step out of the lift, and you'll be greeted with portraits of famous faces on the walls - think Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Aaron Carter, Rihanna and many more. Each floor of the hotel is dedicated to several musicians of similar genres. Fai and I spent a couple of minutes one of the nights to explore the different levels, it felt almost like a museum.

The best moment of the entire staycation had to be the when we first entered our room. Knowing that we were at the Hard Rock for our anniversary, the staffs had the room decorated with rose petals. They were scattered all over the floor, it was so pretty and we were both so touched. That is what I call customer service. We also received complimentary Hard Rock Hotel Singapore t-shirts and I kid you not, they were of excellent quality and fitted us well.

We got the standard room but that's good enough because it was already so huge! Because it was the Hard Rock, the room had to be nothing short of a typical musician/celebrity's personal room. It had the signature vanity mirror with lightbulbs around it, pictures of bands from the past up on the walls, miniature chandelier at the corner encased in glass. It was just how I expected it to be. In fact, I would love for my own room to look like that. So selfie-ootd-worthy. hehehe.   

More visuals of the pretty rose petals <3 

We also had a breathtaking view from our window. We could look out and watch the cruises, the cable cars -which would all lit up at night. In the day, we could watch families having fun at Adventure Cove (which we visited as well, but I will talk about that in a separate post soon).

And when we thought all the surprise was over, someone rang our door bell. The Hard Rock team had prepared some sweet treats for us and they had them delivered straight to our room. So sweet!

Fai and I spent our time watching movies, sleeping (yes, we slept A LOT on this staycation, the bed was too comfy), exploring RWS and visiting Adventure Cove. We also put aside about 2 hours everyday to catch up on work :( That's basically all you can do on a staycation.

The best part of the hotel to me was the pool. It was my second time there however, a friend of mine held her birthday there before. The Hard Rock Hotel pool isn't the typical sort, it's surrounded by sand mimicking a beach so you'll feel as if you're really on an island. The pool area is HUGE and there's a separate section with huts around it, a place you could throw a little party/gathering at.

I loved the t-shirts so much, I got more of them for my family from the Rock Shop. hehehe.

Thank you Hard Rock Hotel Singapore for the wonderful stay, Fai and I had an awesome time. I can't wait to travel more with my other half in 2015, we're already planning a trip in end Jan, and this time, I'm going to make it happen. 

Thanks for reading :)


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