Friday, May 15, 2015

Advertorial - Ninth Store


Ninth Store is an online fashion label based in Singapore, specialising in apparels, bags and accessories. "With fashion styles switching so fast, we're here to bring you the latest and trendiest stuffs every week." - Ninth Store. Having worked with Ninth Store on many occasions, I too think that they're one to watch out for, since they're apparels are always unique, edgy and tough to find else where. Here are some of my latest picks!

Alexia Bralet

I love bralets and I can't imagine my wardrobe without them. I think they're essential items that every girl should own since they go well with everything! This Ninth Store bralet is currently one of my favourites since it features a unique mesh detail that exudes sexiness and edginess at the same time! It's ultra comfy and stretchy!

Back Off Top - White

I'm sure everyone already knows that I'm not afraid to show lots of skin and that I have a thing for bare back tops, so it's no surprise that I chose this top as one of my top picks too! This Back Off Top is a highly versatile piece that can be worn simply with your favourite denim shorts, or elegantly with a fitting midi skirt. Highly recommend investing in it! However, since it is currently out of stock, you may join Ninth Store's Waiting List as they will be restocking this item next week :)

Before you go, don't forget to check out this video! It marks Ninth Store's official Nineties Studio debut! Their studio is open to anyone and everyone, so go on down with your friends, family and even pets, and capture wonderful photos together! Props are also available for free!

Quote "EA" to enjoy 5% off your total bill! :)

Follow Ninth Store on their social media platforms for more updates!

Happy Shopping!


  1. What's your height and weight stats? And diet and exercise routine?

  2. Holymoly!! You are so gorgeous Eunice <3

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