Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Should Horoscopes Matter? #JustMyTwoCents

Every time I sit down for a conversation with a friend and if we happen to talk about her love interest, I always find myself asking the same thing; what is his or her horoscope. It seems to me that someone's horoscope matters, it helps me understand and gauge what sort of person he or she is. I know it's not a right way to judge how someone is but I think we can all agree that horoscopes are true to some extend. I know it is for me, I am an Aquarius and 90% of everything I've read about an Aquarius is true and relatable. 

I just feel that some how someone's horoscope determines whether or not he or she is even worth my time befriending and hanging out with. I believe that there are some people of certain horoscopes that would not click well with me and if I happen to know someone of that horoscope, I tend to keep my distance immediately. But if I find out that that person has a horoscope that is compatible to mine, I'd find myself putting in a lot of effort to build a friendship with him or her. This troubles me because I'm allowing something superficial to help me decide on things in my life, so I really want to know if horoscopes should even matter or not. Or if they're even true to begin with.

This is such a controversial topic and I am certain that many will have a lot to say about this article, but please note that I'm just voicing out my thoughts and penning them down.

Not only does one's horoscope help me determine whether or not I should keep the person in my life, but it also matters when I try to find a romantic partner. Whenever I go out on a date with a new guy, I'd find myself asking him the same question and the moment he mentions something that isn't compatible to an Aquarius, I won't put in any effort and give up. I don't allow the person to show his true personality because before he is even able to do that I've already judged him based on his horoscope. It has come to that point and that is pretty damaging because it doesn't allow me to open myself up to others, and to allow them to open themselves up to me as well, because I've already built a wall in between.

I know most people would say the same thing to me, that horoscopes are only true to a certain extend and we shouldn't fully believe it. But I think I've become too immersed in it that I've allowed it to control who I befriend and such. However, on a good note, ever since then my life has kind of improved because people of certain horoscopes that are compatible to mine constantly surround me, so we have similar thinking and interests. We complement each other and there isn't a dull moment, which is excellent for me because I enjoy being around people. You see my theory is if I hang out with someone of an opposite star sign, which in my opinion are people who are usually too emotional and vulnerable, I would feel down and negative about myself too. This is because Aquarius people like myself are very easily influenced; we morph and take shape from whatever environment and situation we're in. 

I just hope horoscopes won't dictate everything I do for the rest of my life. As it is now, whenever Fai and I have an argument, I'd put the blame on our clashing horoscopes. He is a virgo, which isn't compatible to mine. Virgos tend to be very sensitive, analytical and too particular about details, whereas an Aquarius like me just don't give fuck and we just want to see the bigger picture for everything. We're also very stubborn people and Virgos always try to input their opinions into others, whether right or wrong and an Aquarius just wont stand for that because we have a mind of our own.

With that said, learning about someone's horoscope has some sort of benefit as well. You'd be able to understand why someone reacts and behaves a certain way towards a situation. You'd understand his or her motives for doing or saying certain things, and you'll realize it's just the way people are and you can't change them. All in all, you'd definitely be more accepting of how others are.

Just my two cents on horoscopes, and believing in them. Everyone has his or her own opinions, this is mine.


  1. All I can say that even though horoscope define your friends , dont let horoscope define your life too

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  3. you can read any horoscope and it will be 90% applicable to your life

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