Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Advertorials - Shop Sassy Dream & OOTD


1. Shop Sassy Dream

Chinese New Year is just a week away! It's a traditional belief to wear new clothes on this special occasion for good luck and I am certain that most of you have already planned your outfits. But those who haven't and need a place to shop at fast, why don't you check out Sassy Dream's latest collection? Whether you're looking for pretty floral dresses or basic essentials, they have it all. Here are my picks! ^^

SSD Ruffles Romper in Peach

I am in LOVE with this adorable romper. It's so comfy and effortlessly pretty! It's super lightweight which makes it perfect for our humid weather hence it'll be a great outfit to wear for Chinese New Year visiting.  It is available in White, Black and Powder Blue (which I love as well).

SSD Tie Me Up Romper in Grey

 I just love how Sassy Dream offers apparels of different styles to cater to different people. This self-manufactured romper is a lot edgier than most of the apparels offered on their site. So don't stereotype Sassy Dream that quickly, if you're more into tougher looking apparels, I'm sure you'll find them on Sassy Dream as well :)

Unsure of what to wear this CNY? Sassy Dream came up with a few looks you can wear!:)

For more information, follow them on their social media platforms!
Instagram: (@shopsassydream)

Sassy Dream is also available physically at Far East Plaza, #01-80. Now you can try their apparels on before purchasing! The store is refurbished with new designs every other day so don't miss out on exclusive and premium products. Parcel collection is also available.

Operates 12pm - 9pm daily.

Shop now and don't forget to quote "eunicexSSD" to enjoy 10% off! (valid till 16th Feb)



Been quite a while since my last shoot with OOTD and I miss them already!! We always have a lot of fun doing a shoot together and it's always a breeze because their apparels are of superb quality. I never have to squeeze into anything or clip the apparel to make them fit on me better. This just goes to show how dedicated OOTD is in offering you guys the best. 

Here are a couple of my picks from their latest collections!^^ I'm certain that you'll be able to find several apparels perfect for CNY :)

OOTD Frances Cut Out Maxi Dress in White

This maxi dress is probably one of the best self-manufactured design OOTD has ever done. The choice of fabric and prints are so gorgeous. It's such a classy dress, you can wear it for any occasion and not just CNY so it's definitely worth getting. Backorder is now open, don't miss out on it!

Premium Neoprene Edith Rose Bodycon in White

This is the PERFECT dress for Chinese New Year and it's also probably one of the prettiest dress I've ever come across so far this year. I love Neoprene fabric as it doesn't crumple easily so you can be assured that your dress will look great the whole day. I am also a huge fan of halter necklines and side slits hence my love for this dress! There's only one piece left so go get it now!!!

Premium OOTD Frances Neoprene Bodycon

Another stunning dress self-manufactured by OOTD! The worst thing that could happen on CNY is finding out that someone else is dressed in the same outfit as you! The percentage of that happening is pretty high since most of the online shops these days sell the same things. I suggest considering this beautiful dress from OOTD. It's their self-manufactured item so you can be sure that you won't be caught in that awkward situation. And don't you just love the prints? It's almost dream-like!

Premium Annabel Thai Silk Off Shoulder Pocket Dress in Royal Blue

How can anyone resist getting this dress?!?! It's PERFECT! I am in love with it's shiny metallic-like silky fabric. It not only looks great for CNY, it'll work really well for Valentine's Day or Christmas, in fact any special occasion! For just SGD$34, that's worth a buy! There's only one piece left so go get it now before it's too late!

Annabel Oriental Neoprene Peplum Top in Black

I love how you can wear this top not only for Chinese New Year, but for any other special occasion as well. Its high neckline really appeals to me because it makes one look effortlessly elegant. It is made out of Neoprene fabric as well, so that is a bonus! The peplum detail allows you to eat as much goodies as you want without having to worry about a bulging tummy! hehehe 

Premium Structured Poplun Chiffon Flare Dress in Navy

I can see why it's so tough to shop at OOTD now. Because they offer a wide variety of unique and pretty apparels that you can't really find anywhere else! Take this dress for example, I don't see it on any other sites and I'm so glad that I managed to get my hands on it! hehehe. I love the unique choice of fabric and it's structured silhouette. Not to mention, the stunning Navy blue.

Follow OOTD on their social media platforms for more updates!
Instagram: (@shop_ootdsg)

Don't forget to quote "EUNICORN" for 5% off. (Valid FOREVER! hehehe)


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